99+ Humorous Crow Puns That Will Make You Caw out Of Laughter

Crow jokes are widely used and provide enjoyment. A crow joke is an invitation to chuckle. Here is a collection of hysterical crow puns surefire to make you giggle out loud. These also make for some amusing bird puns. These bird puns can also be turned into hilarious bird jokes if you so choose.

Funny Crow Puns

Check out this list of humorous crow puns and amusing jokes to get a bird’s eye view and inside jokes from a crow’s life. You’ll undoubtedly laugh as you read it. The importance of birds in our lives cannot be overstated. Crows are likely the bird that we see the most frequently. Therefore, these common birds are perfect fodder for hilarious puns about birds.

Crows complicated their cawnflict intermediaries in subsiding workplace differences.

If you’re wondering what crows prefer with their soup, they like crowtons.

I think you might say that because I spared a small baby crow, he is now micro because he won’t leave.

What is the result of a raven and a crow getting married?

An agreement to murder someone.

What’s the name of the last test you take for bird law?

It uses a crowbar.

What kind of name do you give a crow with soft downy feathers?

He is known as Microsoft.

Which bird is the happiest?

The crow, since he never grumbles without crowing.

What remedy do crows use for digestive problems?

They consume crow biotics.

What type of bread does a crow prefer?


What would an antisocial crow think of a family gathering?

The act was murder

What made the crow unhappy with his job?

First, the HR removed the crow with not at all caws.

What are unsolved killings referred to as when they take place in a crow society?

Cases of murder.

What is the name for a group of crows collecting money?

‘Crow-d financing’

If a bunch of crows is called murder, what do you call a collection of predominantly gaudy crows? A caw caw phony.

Who gives Christmas favors to the crows?

Santa Caws brings gifts for crows on Christmas Day.

What do crows consume to maintain their alertness?

Crows consume caw ffee.

Where do crows drive to unwind and chill out?

Then they grab a crowbar.

What did the anxious crow do?

The crow started caw-tioning.

Where do crows like to relax?

Crows hang out and relax at crowbars.

What is a crow’s preferred sweet treat?

It is a pecawn pie.

What is a Covid 19 virus that affects crows and ravens known as?


Why was the crow furious after performing stand-up comedy?

Instead of paying him a caw fee, the venue gave him coffee.

What is the name of an albino crow?

A caw-Cassian crow is an albino bird.

The crow was on the phone cable for what reason?

It is to utter a far-off caw.

When he almost ran his automobile over a few crows, the person almost witnessed a murder.

When one of my pals, who despises crows, saw a swarm of them, I immediately saw murder in his eyes.

The crows who assaulted the woman were charged with murder, and the cawps are still seeking the likely cals.

When I expressed the police nearby had been a murder in my obverse yard, they hung up the phone. They said they had minimal regulatory over the birds.

What sweet will keep a crow up all night on Halloween?

It is a crow feet apple.

What costume did the crow choose to wear on Halloween?

It is a scarecrow.

A gathering of crows definite to make the caw-nspiracy act from the play Julius Ceaser on Halloween evening.

On Halloween, the little crow opted to dress like his preferred vegetable, a caw-liflower.

For the Halloween costume party, the crow made the decision to appear as the Corvid-19 virus.

A crow was detained on murder suspicion. The judge declared that he had only cawed. Therefore the case was concluded.

The restrictions governing quarantine were broken by some birds. They were accused of attempting to kill someone.

Crows in a group are frequently referred to as “murders.” But, technically, unless there are probable caws, it is merely manslaughter.

Today I went for a walk. A few crows were following me around. I think I have the corvid, pretty much.

Crows continue their education in caw-lleges after high school.

After one of their own was hurt, I overheard some crows talking to one another. They were caws of alarm.

A recent study revealed that trucks hit crows much more frequently than cars did. They reasoned that this was the case because crows cannot warn each other by saying “TRUCK TRUCK” but can instead do so by saying “CAAAR CAAAR.”

On a bench in a park, two crows land. They were detained on suspicion of planning a murder.

What species of crows always congregate together?


Two crows were being reserved as pets by my roommate in our flat. He was imprisoned by the police for tried murder.

A chicken was slaughtered by a group of crows. It was an animal homicide.

Who or what was the criminal crow fleeing from?

It is from the cawps.

What substance do crows use to seal their nests?


On Halloween, what attire do crows wear?

They wear Caw-stumes.

The crow was on the phone cable for what reason?

To send out a far-off caw.

The crow was on the phone cable for what reason?

It is to send out a far-off caw.

Did you know that murder is a gathering of crows?

So, technically speaking, murder can only occur if there are caws.

Did you know that prior to the creation of crowbars. Most crows drank by themselves.

The large feathers at the end of the wing, commonly known as pinion feathers, make up the Raven’s 17 prominent wing feathers. A crow has only 16. Therefore, a pinion is all that separates a raven from a crow.

Crow Puns

It is well known that crows are intelligent and adaptable animals. So here is a collection of humorous crow-related jokes. These crow puns are sure to make you chuckle if you enjoy puns and birds.

What do you describe a group of young toddlers if a group of dolphins is referred to as a pod and a group of crows is a murder?


What hides in the woods is dark and dangerous?

a crow armed with a weapon.

Why are police able to search a crow-driven automobile at all times?

It is Possible caws.

Have you heard the section of the man who murdered some Catholic crows?

It was mass murder.

One for the intellectuals. What is the phrase used when a group of crows decides to meet up later? It was a murder that was planned.

What do you call a bunch of crows that share political views?

We call it a cawcus.

A congress is what we call a group of ravens. Crows are a murder, owls are a assembly, and eagles are a congregation. Does this suggest that a vulture colony is a corporation?

When I contacted the police to report a murder on my front lawn, they immediately hung up. Instead, they advised people to stop calling and claimed they had no control over crows.

What’s the name for ravens attempting to wed crows. It is conspiring to murder someone.

Did you hear about the physician who committed a flock of crows to a psychiatric hospital?

He killed someone.

According to my Chinese neighbor, a crows business has just opened. I asked, “You mean a *clothes* factory? “, speaking slowly. No, a crows factory—come in and take a rook, he adds.

Don’t assume that a group of large, black birds you see is a murder of crows right away. Without plausible caws, a murder cannot occur.

Today on my way home, I witnessed a murder. I’m not sure what occurred, but unexpectedly there were a huge number of crows.

A homicide investigator enters a tavern and places an order for a beer. The bartender says to him, “Hey, look at those birds outside.” Did you know that such a roost of crows is referred to as a murder? The detective responds, “Well, you can’t be sure that’s a murder.” “Unless there are likely crows,”

What distinguishes a crow from a chicken?

A crow can’t chicken, but a chicken can crow.

What flavors do birds prefer in their soup?


Where do crows drink alcohol?

It is at the crowbar.

What game does a crow enjoy playing?

It is the Crow-quet.

The crow was on the phone cable for what reason?

It is to send out a long-distance caw.

What publication does a crow prefer to read?

It is the Caw-smopolitan.

What veggie is a crow’s favorite?

It is called a Caw-liflower.

How do crows move forward when uncertain?

It is with caw-tion.

Why does something happen every time a crow crows?

It is the link between caws and effects.

Which sports car is favored by crow?

It is the Caw-vette.

What made the crow visit the physician?

It is because he had a terrible cawgh.

What did the crow yell when he said there was a crime in progress?

It told caw the cawps.

What is a gang of crows devouring a box of cornflakes known as?

It is a cereal murder.

What type of software do crows utilize the most?

It is the Microw-soft.

What do you call widespread, unsolved crow murders?

It is the murder mysteries.

What do you name the raucous sound that a huge flock of crows makes?

It is the Caw-caw-phony.

What kind of technology does an intelligent crow use?

It uses a Cawmputer.

What would a crow sound like if it had a cold and a fever?

A Caw-ph Caw-ph.

What is the name for a crow that was scared off by a scarecrow?

It is a scared crow.

What game do crows enjoy playing on computers?

It is Caw of duty.

How do crows alert one another when a car is approaching?

“Cawr. Cawr,” was the call.

Until I was arrested, I tried to start a crow farming operation. I was accused of attempting to murder someone.

A pack is a collection of dogs. Crows in a bunch are murderers. What is a Karen’s group? It is known as an association of property owners.

Always purchase crows in groups if you’re going to utilize them commercially. You will undoubtedly succeed if you do it that way.

Have you heard the story of the scarecrow who received a lifetime achievement award? In his field, he excelled.

Why did the drug addict adopt a crow with one leg?

It is so that he could obtain a crow cane from his veterinarian.

The TSA stopped me as I was boarding my flight and informed me that I couldn’t bring the crow on board. “Don’t worry,” I urged. It is carrion.

My pet crow is a crow. Do you recognize my crow?

You didn’t cause it to be micro, I bet.

What differentiates a crow from a raven?

The 17 pinion feathers that a raven has at the tips of its wings aid in flight and are present on both wings. The Crow only possesses 16 of these feathers, compared to the Raven’s 17. Therefore, a pinion is all that separates a Crow from a Raven.

A crow was detained during lockdown for attempting to plan a gathering with numerous other birds. He was detained, according to the police, for attempted murder.

How long does it take a crow to consume a roadside squirrel that has died?

It is because traffic is a factor.

I confess my sins to the crows. I won’t reveal to a murder so my parents won’t hear me.

Crow: A woman on the street is approached by a crow. Please contribute to my charity, Miss. Woman: What’s the point? A crow says: CAW CAW CAW CAW. Woman: What exactly does that mean? Crow: They’re all for a good caws.

Why are crows a common cause of aircraft delays?

Considering how much additional carrion luggage they bring.

Another crow intervened to break up the battle between the two crows. Finally, the third crow yelled, “Stop carrion on like that.”

A woman purchased a rooster so she could hear it crow. The rooster was mute, though, so she was unable to cluck as a result.

I figured I might go for a walk now that the wind had died down a little. Then a crow flew backward passed my window.

A herd of sheep, a group of gulls, and a murder of crows. It is known as Republican Insurrection.

What do you describe a strategy for eliminating a group of crows that are swarming a gravestone? A scheme to kill the murderer of another scheme.

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