101+ Funny Cup Puns to Light up The Humor

Cup is mostly used for drinking, and a cup can also be used to store solids for pouring. A cup is an open-top container used to hold hot or cold liquids for pouring or drinking.

Glass, metal, china, clay, wood, stone, polystyrene, plastic, aluminum, and other materials can all be used to make cups, which are typically attached to a stem, handles, or other decorations.

Funny Cup Puns

A cup is also full of humor if you want it. No one likes the empty cup. So, we have bought a collection of funny cup jokes for you to make your day full of laughter and humor. 

  • Can we stop making jokes about cups? They already have plenty on their plate.
  • I know I was worried about not gaining weight, but at the time, I had a lot on my cup.
  • A man converses with a server while eating in a restaurant. I apologize, sir; I just noticed a hearing aid on my cup.
  • Not the manufacturer; that is merely a recommendation of bringing a new cup.
  • A renowned armorer was invited to testify in court to show off his innovative cup design. In the center of a large gallery, he placed it on a stand.
  • Her doctor informed my buddy that she was morbidly obese. As if she doesn’t already have enough to do with her cup. 
  • I’m at the restaurant, still eating off my cup. Do you want a box for that server? Me: “No. It’s not worth the fight.”
  • What do you call someone who apologizes after breaking a cup? Disrespectful…
  • I’m dressing up like a cup for Halloween. Girls enjoy doing the dishes.
  • Tectonic plates collided and exchanged. “Sorry. My cup has broken.”
  • Who turns the plate in the microwave if there is no God? Cup.
  • What was the other cup’s response to the plate? My meal is on me.
  • My girlfriend approached me. She stated: “Tonight’sTonight’s dinner…On me.”I said, “Thanks, but I’d prefer to use a cup.”
  • I stayed at a hotel that offered a continental breakfast, but since Africa was the continent, all I received was an empty cup.
  • The victim of a motorbike hit-and-run is a pickpocket. He receives assistance from a policeman. He inquired, “Do you recall his license plate?“The pickpocket answered haltingly, “No, but here’s his cup.”
  • The ultimate flattery is a plateau. It annoys me when people make crude remarks about being overweight. They already have plenty on their cup. 
  • A guy enters a buffet…”Now you’re speaking my language,” exclaims his German companion as he places a sausage on his plate. In response, his Italian friend exclaims, “Now you’re speaking my language!” as he places a slice of pizza on his cup.
  • Was it possible for you to view the man’s appearance, I questioned? No, but I got his cup number, she said.
  • The officer notices a man driving by with a South American license plate. He is wearing nothing and is eating some sort of Mexican meal. Where are you from? He says as he pulls him over. What do you consume? Are you not cold?” Cupped” he answers.
  • What do two chubby goths go by? Cups.
  • Why should you always put soup on a cup for a Southern Carolina football player? Because he will toss away a dish if you offer it to him.

Cup Puns 

Here’s more to cheer, bear, and tear up with laughter puns for you. You can also share these with your friends and family to make their day as well. Well, everyone is familiar with cups, so why not make them a source of fun?

  • What is a polite guy’s preferred kitchen tool? Cup.
  • Someone broke into my home and stole a cup, which he claimed was valuable. 
  • Husband: There will be visitors Tonight’s ight. What is on the menu? Wife: There are only green empty cups today since I don’t feel good.
  • What is a panda’s preferred cooking tool? A cup, obviously. 
  • There are two kitchen tools on the bed. Want a cup? One turns to the other and asks? No, I’d rather use a fork, the other retorted. I merely took a cooking tool. The whisk was worthwhile. 
  • What kitchen tool is used to keep track of the time? A strainer cup! 
  • What do you say if a stirring tool is acting in a dangerous way? Oh, that’s typical cup behavior. 
  • Recently, my friend has been irritating me. The final cup was when he took the last remaining item I could have used to drink my water last night. 
  • Cup Guy No. 1: Hey, did you know Joe got stabbed a while back? “That’s forked up,” said Guy 2. Guy 1: “(Grinning at Guy 2), Person 2: “What? Too spouty? 
  • What writing implement is Shakespeare’s favorite? It was either a cup, or it wasn’t, I’m not sure. 
  • What is Shakespeare’s preferred writing implement? “Cup Business” is a new cooking program by Tom Cruise.
  • What is your preferred kitchen tool, my teacher? My favorite: my cup.
  • A police officer was attempting to pull his revolver to shoot a fleeing suspect. He looked for a pen but couldn’t find one. 
  • The cup Family is Here! Mother fork, father knife, and a baby spoon. (Be gentle, I thought of this when inebriated) 
  • What cooking cup is a musician’s favorite? Chopin’s blade! 
  • My mouth hurt after my wife tightly closed them with a metal cup with two arms. Why didn’t you say anything, my friend? I was shackled. 
  • When the kitchen tool thief was ultimately apprehended, what did he say? How shall I begin? Are you evaluating a cup’s utensil strength if you stretch it to see if it breaks? 
  • A cup will break if you try to stretch it too far. 
  • One time while working in the kitchen, I took a cup. Although I felt bad, it was worthwhile. 
  • The fork inquired, “How do I develop a firmer body?” I retorted, “Utensil your muscles, or ask for your cup.”
  • A large kitchen cup is something I’ve always wanted to steal.  However, I believe I would be taking a sizable whisk. 
  • Which kitchen tool is ideal for repairing a Bluetooth speaker? A cup for pairing. 
  • I was being talked to about kitchen cups, something I could really care less about. I instructed them to filter it via a caring person. 
  • Using a determined cup, I was able to answer a mathematical equation today. 
  • What do you call a thief who just steals kitchenware and is careless about it? A taker of cuprisks. 
  • The service at the restaurant I visited was appalling. They also ran out of serving pieces. They had no forks to hand out, so I made the decision never to return the cups I stole.
  • It sounds like one of my kitchen tools is playing classical music. I believe it to be a Chopin cup board.
  • Chris Eubank recently suggested that I shoplift some cooking supplies. He advised me to take some cups if I wanted to succeed. 
  • Selling cooking cups is a lucrative venture. Selling booze is another example. 
  • I’ve been playing with connecting different culinary cups to my power drill, and I’ve had a variety of successes. 
  • My wife warned me to quit robbing her of her kitchenware or else. But I’ll have that cup, please. 
  • I gave my friend a cup, and then she just took the whole of it. 
  • My friends and I were scrolling through the feed one day, and we found this amazing cup for our meeting. The cup was named “cul-de-sac.”
  • The stranger things have the strangest thing of holding cups to the monsters.
  • My ex broke up with me last night. And I broke the cup he had given me. The reason was simple. I wanted to break his hold on me. 
  • Two scientists passed away and entered heaven. There, they met and collaborated to develop an entirely new kind of fire-making cup. It was the perfect union. 
  • They say a cup of coffee can make your day, and I say a cup of laughter can make your day.
  • The thing about a boring cup is that they suck the whole of our jaw.
  • I love cups very much. At Least we know how much it can handle our daily dose of stress.
  • My aunt bought a cup from Washington. I was quite surprised because my aunt had never been to cups before. 
  • I love my girlfriend because she has cup-sized cakes.
  • I was watching a show on Netflix, and I immediately realized that they have cups like they have skills. 
  • The teacher went on a date. There he ordered a cup of ice cream and a cup of laughter to practice.
  • Knock knock! Who’s there? A cup. Which cup? Cup from humor. 
Cup Puns

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