80+ Funny Customer Service Jokes that Will Make You Laugh!

There is no doubt about the fact that customers matter a lot to any business out there. The reputation of any company depends on the customers and it should be the motto of every business to gratify their customers. Here, we have mentioned some cool customer puns for you.

Customer Service Jokes

  • For what reason did the customer become lost? Since he took an incorrect churn.
  • What number of CSMs will be needed for screwing in the light bulb? None, since it was automated by them.
  • How did the CSM get dressed up for Halloween? A damsel in success.
  • What is the favorite boy band of a CSM? One Retention.
  • Why was a crown given by the CSM to their customers? Since they became an integral part of the company’s Loyal Family.
  • What happens to be the preferred Customer Success KPI of a pirate? Annual Recurring revenue (ARRRRRRRRRR)
  • For what reason the CSM fell in love? Since beauty is in the Promoter’s eyes.
  • What was told by one Detractor to the other one? Hey, would you like to get out of here?
  • How can you differentiate between an apathetic customer and an ignorant one?
    Don’t care and don’t know.
  • The Pizzera begged apology when the customer told him that the pizza received by him had no toppings on it and that it was simply bread.
  • However, the customer soon told that the thing was fixed when the pizza was opened upside down.
  • What was given to the pizza shop owner by the angry customer?
    A pizza his mind.
Customer Service Puns
  • When a lady asked for help from the support guy to fix an issue with her printer, he asked her whether she had been running the printer under Windows. 
  • The lady replied that her desk had been close to the door and the man sitting next to her was beneath a window and was working fine.
  • I started loving the people even more after working for some time in the customer service industry … TOLD NO ONE EVER!
  • After making a review of the document a manager praised his legal advisor telling that the fresh terms and conditions drafted by him were too complicated and lengthy for their customers to understand. 
  • A man had been selling parachutes and a customer asked him what would happen in case the parachute did not work properly in the air. 
  • The man said that there was nothing to be concerned of since the person can always return and exchange it for a fresh one. 
  • Following poof customer reviews, a manage said in the board meeting that in case it becomes worse they might be compelled to produce better products and offer enhanced customer service.
  • The waiter asked the customer how he was able to find the fish.
Customer Service Puns
  • The customer replied that he found the fish accidentally; he simply moved several peas and it was right there.
  • A poster at the front of a grocery outlet said that the customer happens to be the king and a king will never bargain.
  • Press 1 for leaving a message, press 2 for getting technical assistance, and press 3 for sending a mild electric shock to the customer relations manager.
  • The bad thing is that we are hated by our customers. The good thing is that we have much few customers right now than before.
  • Thanks for holding and this call might be tracked for quality purposes. However, in case we truly cared regarding quality we would have hired more guys for answering the phones.
  • If the customer is correct at all times, then for what reason is everything not free out there?
  • There happens to be 2 important rules to management. 
  • First, the client is always correct, and second, they ought to be penalized for their haughtiness.
  • My buddy, who had been an intern, was provided with $40 to buy some lunch for the chairman of the bank. When told to buy something for himself, he ended up purchasing a shirt.
Customer Service Puns

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