180+ Dad Jokes That Are Funny And Entertaining

Dad Jokes are just proof of how humorous and clever our dads can be. Be it oneliners or smart word plays; dad jokes are the best in every way. How do you identify a dad joke? It will make you groan, but you also can’t help laughing your heart out.

Funny Dad Jokes

These dad jokes will make you laugh so much. These funny dad jokes make you love your father more. We have an emotional bonding with our fathers, but sharing a funny dad joke now and then just brightens our mood.

  • My nephew plays soccer because it gives him the kicks!
  • I love elevator jokes. They have so many levels.
  • “Why did the coffee go to the police station?
“It was mugged by someone.”
  • “Do you think this pool is safe for swimming?
“I don’t know. It deep ends.”
  • A robbery happened at the Apple store today. The police spoke to me because I was an iWitness.
  • The man keeps pressing the spacebar on his laptop. He’s an astronaut.
  • The bee complained of sticky hair. I think it used a honeycomb.
  • Baby Corn was looking for its father. It asked everyone,” Have you seen my Pop Corn?”
  • “Why couldn’t the sprinter eat breakfast before the race started?
“I think he is fasting!”
  • I am so excited for Sundae school this week. They will teach us how to make banana splits.
  • I would rather go to the post office than study the alphabet at home. It has more letters.
  • I am so happy with my new car. I think it was made in a satisfactory.
  • I think it’s time for mathematics to stop whining and solve its problems by itself.
  • I am suspicious of the trees in my backyard. They have been very shady lately.
  • I went to the beach today. I think the ocean waved good morning to me.
  • One of the ships fell ill at sea. They took it to the ship doc.
  • Zero met eight at a party and said,’ Wow, nice belt!”
  • February will not March at the parade this year, but April May!
  • He told us a joke about pizza. Everybody thought it was very cheesy.
  • The atom told me a story. I couldn’t believe it because it always makes us everything.
  • I am quite sure he told us a dad joke. It was very apparent.
  • A seagull came flying over the bay. I thought it was a bagel.
  • 25 letters came to the party tonight. I don’t know y one of them was missing.
  • My father regrets buying velcro tape. It turned out to be a total ripoff.
  • The lawyer’s work was done. He said,” I’ll sue ya.”
  • The snowman is having frequent outbursts. We think he had a meltdown.
  • I will tell you a chemistry joke, only if you promise not to react.
  • It took ten tickles for us to make the octopus laugh heartily.
  • My friend told us a joke about boxing. It was good but we didn’t understand the punch line.
  • A ninja went to a shoe store. He asked,” Can you show me some sneakers?”
  • My maths textbook is very sad. It is having trouble dealing with its problems.
  • The tissue refused to dance for us. We had to put a little boogie in it.
  • I am very proud of my fingers. I can always count on them.
  • We saw him floating in a pool of orange juice. It was just a Fanta sea.
  • Ireland’s capital will make great profits. It’s Dublin, after all.
  • The taxi I got in can also swim easily. I think it’s an Uber pool.
  • My left shoe wanted my right shoe to shut up. It said, “Shooooooooe.”
  • “Which shoe is best to wear while climbing a hill?
“The one with high heels.”
  • “Why did the fish throw its friend out of the pond?
Because it was selfish.
  • My friend studies law and he wanted tuition classes. I suggested he go to a constitution.
  • I found a bee who just arrived from America. I think it’s a USB.
  • The doctor waited in his chamber for a very long time. Because he had a lot of patients.
  • “What do mermaids use to wash their fins with?
“I guess, tide.”
  • “What did the shrimp hear when he saw the fried rice?
“Hello. Please don’t wok away from me again.”
  • “What car does an egg have?
“A Yolkswagen.”
  • A plumber and an organist met at a party. Both said to each other, “Nice pipes, my friend.”
  • I watched an action movie made by spaghetti. It is titled Mission Impastable.
  • I cannot sleep without two covers. It’s not true, I just made a blanket statement.
  • It was the pot’s birthday. I made pancakes for the occasion.
  • “Where can you grow a chef of your own?
“In Bakersfield.”
  • My egg refuses to celebrate Christmas with us. I think it’s eggnostic.
  • “Why did the salad run off to a music studio?
“It was out of beets.”
  • “What is the name of Michael Jackson’s denim store?
“Billy Jeans.”
  • Two billboards were talking to each other. I think it was the sign language they were talking in.
  • The dinosaur had no cash. He paid for lunch using Tyrannosaurus check,
  • “Why couldn’t the toilet paper cross the road?
“It got stuck in a crack.”
  • My cat is singing songs today. I think he is in a good mewood.
  • The policeman’s tummy kept rumbling. He said, “Stop. You’re under a vest.”
  • An egg told a joke to its friend. It replied, “Dude, you always crack me up!”
  • “Where did the whale go to get its weight checked? .”
”To the whaleweigh station
  • My hen keeps counting her eggs. I think she wants to be a mathemachicken.
  • “What do you call Batman when he gets hurt in a fight?
“Bruise Wayne.”
  • My cat was hungry. I gave her a meowsandwich.
  • The can crusher had to leave his job. It was ‘soda’pressing.
  • “When did the man go to his dentist?
  • The pony had a sore throat. I think it was a little ‘hoarse’.
  • A frog parked its car on the road illegally. They got him ‘toad’
  • The buffalo’s son was leaving for school. The father said, “Bison.”
  • I saw a welldressed man on a cycle and a poorly dressed man on a unicycle. I guess the difference in attire showed clearly.
  • The melon can’t run away, even if it wanted to. Because it cantaloupe.
  • “Why couldn’t the bicycle stand by itself?”
“It was two tired.”
  • “What’s the best day to have fried chicken?
  • The doctor asked my vegan friend. “How are you?
” He replied, “I feel completely well from my headtomatoes.”
  • “What’s orange and sounds like a parrot?
“The carrot.”
Dad Puns

Dad Jokes

If you are a father, we are sure that some of these dad jokes will make your kids crack up like never before. Before going to bed, tell one of these dad jokes to your son/daughter and see how they instantly start giggling and enjoying their time with you.

  • The canned goods company fired me. I lack concentration.
  • I was very worried about the kidnapping. He woke up and said he was okay.
  • I was this close to catching the fog but I mist it.
  • “Why was the scarecrow praised by everyone?
“Because he was outstanding.
  • I love eating seafood because I can see it and eat it.
  • “Why can’t you use a pencil with two erasers?
“Because it’s pointless.”
  • I love this book on antigravity. It is so hard to put down when you’ve started it once.
  • The door did not like my joke. Probably because it was not a knockknock one.
  • My friend was addicted to soap. It was a tough time but he is clean now.
  • My father refused to put a bell at the door. He just received the ‘Nobell’ prize.
  • I cannot trust the noodles in my kitchen. I think they are ‘impastas.’
  • “What happened when the strawberry tried crossing the street?
” A traffic jam.”
  • “What do you need to be an organ donor?
  • I made a belt out of watches. I could not wear it and it was a big waist of time.
  • “What would the garlic do in summer?
”It would take its cloves off.”
  • The robot wanted breakfast. I gave him computer chips.
  • “Where do baby trees study?
“Elementree school.”
  • “Peter Pan is always flying. Because he will neverland.
  • The mountain told us a joke. I thought it was hillareas.
  • “Why can Santa park his sleigh for free?
“Because it’s always ‘on the house’.
  • The cloud was going to a party. I asked,” Are you wearing thunderwear?”
  • My mother warned me not to have fast food, but I still had a hot dog on wheels.
  • “How are you so sure that it’s a dogwood tree?”I can always recognize the bark.”
  • My Maths teacher wanted to have a short holiday. I suggested that he go to Times Square.
  • I was singing in the shower. My mother thought she heard a soap opera going on.
  • Every time I try to be healthy and eat a salad for lunch, my chocolate bar Snickers at me.
  • Everybody praise the welldressed fish at the party, They all thought it was very sofishticated,
  • The stairs are so busy. They are always up to something. 
  • “Why did the squirrel like me?
” Because I was being a complete nut.”
  • I asked my dog if there was any food in the house. He said nothing.
  • “How does the lemon answer a call?
”It goes, “Yellow!”
  • The ant smelled nice. I think it was wearing deodarant.
  • “Why was the butter humiliated?
”Because someone spread a rumor about it.”
  • The taco asked everyone to pray before having dinner. It said, “Lettuce pray.”
  • They have pampered the cow too much. It just gives spoiled milk now.
  • “I knocked on the fridge before opening it. There was a salad dressing in it.
  • We covered the sauce bottle with a blanket. It was very chilly outside.
  • “Do you have a bookmark?
” I am Jack, not Mark.”
  • The chicken was evil. I only laid deviled eggs.
  • I have two watchdogs in my house. They are named Timex and Rolex.
  • I broke up with Ruth five days ago. I have been ruthless since.
  • The robot wanted to take a break from work and have fun. I took him to the circuits.
  • I couldn’t understand there was lighting outside. It struck me later in the night.
  • The witch started her vehicle. It went,”Brooooom……brooooooom!”
  • The apes are about to start a new company. I have no interest in their monkey business.
  • “Which tea is sometimes bitter and sometimes sweet?
  • My father had asked me to bring 6 cola bottles. I accidentally picked 7 up.
  • “What do you call letters when they go for a swim?
  • It’s easy for celebrities to stay cool. After all, they have so many fans.
  • Sunday was sad for me, but the previous day was a sadderday.
  • The pillows refuse to acknowledge their relationship. I think they are into something very pillowkey.
  • The bride came down the aisle. The flowers rose.
  • I went to my kitchen and found the utensils spooning with each other.
  • My friend is a chiropractor and he only listens to hippop music.
  • The sheep wanted to buy a car. He got himself a lamborghini.
  • The psychiatrist went to the washroom but nobody could hear him using it. Because the P was silent.
  • I will not consider the opinion of an elephant. It’s completely irrelephant.
  • The computer asked its father,” Where were you, Data?”
  • The cow was busy reading the moospaper today.
  • The doctor declared that only the weekends were healthy days. The rest were weekdays.
  • It took me three hours to get a haircut. There was a long barberqueue.
  • I was supposed to meet her at the gym, but it never worked out.
  • No matter how hard he tried, the maths professor could not get over his X.
  • The prisoners are taking cellfies on their phones.
  • He told me a joke about paper. I thought it was tearable.
  • The guitarist went to a restaurant and asked, “Hi. Can I have the strumboli, please?”
  • “How was dinner at the moon last night?
”Great. The food was delicious but there was no atmosphere.
  • I can always trust Spiderman with my car. He is a great Parker.
  • The baker was always poor, he always made so much dough.
  • “What is age, if not a number?
”It’s a word.”
  • I can’t buy a car sold by Apple. Likely, it will never support windows.
  • The quarantined man loved my dad jokes because they were all inside jokes.
  • I have been glued to this amazing book. I have to stick to it till the end.
  • My father had lots of dad jokes to share with us. He kept them in the dadabase.
  • Orchestra isn’t suitable for kids. Too many violins.

Daddy is an affectionate way to call a father. When we adore our father, we like to greet him with fondness, that is when fathers are called daddy. Share some hilarious and humorous daddy jokes with your companion to make them giggle for hours. Given below is a list of some funny daddy puns.

Dad Puns

Dad jokes

  • There are a lot of mushrooms in our souls, for a fungi daddy like you.
  • Yoda most amazing daddy in the world.
  • Raising me was a grape job which is done by you.
  • Wishing you a fan-stache-tic Daddy Day.
  • I adore you very matcha daddy.
  • I am totally clueless what would be done by me without your presence in my life daddy.
  • O-fish-cially,  my daddy is the most amazing daddy in the world.
  • My daddy is so terrific.
  • Lettuce take the pleasure of Daddy Day.
  • Why do people call priests father?
  • because it would be disreputable if they are called daddy. 
  • Why did the parentless individual choose to be an escort?
  • They wanted to call an individual daddy.
  • The origin of the catcall “yes Daddy” is possibly from Alabama.
  • What would a boomerang that never returns be called?
  • what situation arises when your child accidentally learned from you to call all men daddy?
  • you unexpectedly find the actual one.
  • What is the dissimilarity between calling an individual daddy or dad?
  • It depends on how a person comes from the balls of that individual.
  • I raise a question to a priest if he took part in NNN. He answered “how can it be possible for me, with all these individuals calling me daddy?
  • Why do orphans like to involve in sexual activity?
  • Because finally, orphans get the chance to call any individual daddy.
  • What would your brother in Alabama be called by you?
  • Surely your daddy sells illegal drugs because you are dope.
  • Why did the parentless individual traverse the road?
because he assumed that mammy and daddy were not on that side of the road.
  • Why do I only go on romantic meetings with orphans?
Because they don’t have any daddy issues.
  • What do the emotions of a girl’s own daddy and her new procurer daddy have in common?
  • Both of them concern about how their daughter will be revealed.
  • What would a hot Mac Book Pro be called by you?
  • A Mac Daddy Pro.
  • I punch my kid because he was not a good boy and did not commit what was said by daddy.
  • I tell puns about daddy, but I have no children. I am a fake pa.
  • When does a gag become a daddy gag? 
  • After becoming apparent.
Dad Puns

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