80 + Dark Humor Puns that Will Make You Laugh Uncontrollably

Are you afraid of the dark? No problem, we got you. These dark humor puns are so dark and twisted yet funny and will make you laugh whenever you are in the dark. Make sure you are alone while reading these dark-humor puns. Else, you would not like talking these out loud 😉

Funny Dark Humor Puns

It’s a challenge not to laugh at these darkly twisted, dark-humor puns. Stop your laughter if you can. We load another set of dark humor puns while you come back from a long break of laughing 😉

-Her dad could not understand why she had two phone numbers with “Dad” and “Daddy.”

-Dark humor is like a good partner. Not everyone has it. 

-His vegan family was amazed when he said, “my work is with animals.” Years later, they found out he was a butcher. 

-He: “My girl’s only fans are doing so well. “
His friend: “Gosh! That is so amazing”.
He: “Thanks, dude! I just do not know how I am going to tell her”. 

-The graveyard is such a crowded place. People are dying just to get in. 

-He was so cross by the older relatives doing “you will be next” to him during weddings. In turn, he started doing the same to them during funerals. 

-Do you know the way to any nearest hospital? He asked a stranger. The stranger replied, “Yeah, just stand in the middle of this road.” 

-What is the difference between a wine and a dead body? I do not have wine in my fridge. 

-By mistake, instead of passing kajal, I passed eyelash glue to my girlfriend. She has stopped seeing me. 

-What does a White man have that a Black does not? Privilege. 

-My uncle told me the family used technology for every little thing, and I was so close to unplugging his life support. 

-His crush told him how she sees him as her brother. Nervously, he replied, “like a stepbrother, right?”.

-My girlfriend wrote, “This ain’t working” on our microwave. But it is working perfectly fine.

-Think of an alphabet. Think of a fruit, animal, bird, and country by that alphabet, and close your eyes. Pretty dark, isn’t it?

-You know your therapy was worth every penny when you do not care about your dead therapist. 

-What is the place where you go and never come back the same? Plastic Surgery OR. 

-He started behaving like He was getting attacked by ghosts. Later, found out he was getting attacked by his own heart. 

-A kidnapper and a Priest walked into a club. He ordered tequila. 

-I love robbing orphan kids. Even their parents can not save them. 

-In a parent-teacher meeting, the kid shouted, “my teacher is ugly” his dad made him understand it is wrong to judge people by their looks. How impressive!

-The couples who got married in covid would not last long. I mean, they did not even have any taste. 

-I love it when bad people are drug and cigarette consumers. Trash cleaning itself. 

-He: My grandfather did not fight a world war just to end up getting covid. 
Me: Wow, your grandfather fought a world war?
He: No, he did not like what I just said. 

-My friend lost his tongue in an accident. He does not talk about it. 

-My neighbor lost her hearing. Whenever I need a listener, I rush to her. 

-Can death be sexually transmitted? Yeah, just ask anyone with HIV. 

Dark Humor Puns

-We wait while you enjoy this set of dark-humor puns. Do you think black is the darkest thing? I highly doubt it is darker than these dark-humor puns.

-Everyone was stunned when he shouted, “I apologize,” at his mom’s funeral.

-My girlfriend wanted me to give her a big surprise on valentine’s day. So I introduced her to my wife. 

-My mom always wanted to go to med school. So after she died, I donated her body to science. 

-My mom fought depression just to end up committing suicide. 

-My girlfriend and I were waiting for our dads. I do not understand why she would call my dad her dad. 

-If you want to kill someone, kill a pessimist because he must have already seen it coming. 

-Dark Humor never gets old, just like modern marriages. 

-I casually said, “one does not want to see how people make donuts.” So my friend went to see the kitchen. He definitely did not want to see it. 

-What is the difference between a Mercedes and kidnapped children? I do not have a Mercedes at home. 

-So I brought my girlfriend into the woods. She kept saying she was scared. I mean, look at me! I would be coming back all alone. 

-Nobody believed to be when I said I was the Iron Man, so I invited all of my friends to my ironing shop. 

-I have a joke on the eraser. But it is pointless. 

-What is the difference between a Dad and a Mom? One leaves and never comes back. 

-My daughter is so heartbroken. She recently found out her boyfriend is her brother. 

-I was digging in our garden and found a skeleton. I asked my husband about this, and he said, “Honey, you will figure it out tonight.” What does this mean?

-She wanted a divorce, but she was really religious, so she could not break her vows. She ended up poisoning her husband. 

-A black man asked a white man what he was drinking. The White man replied, “Privilege.”

-What is a good thing about pedophiles? They drive slowly around schools. 

-What is the most expensive haircut one can get? Chemotherapy. 

-Your sister’s thighs are thick as fu$k; you can smack them and ride the waves. 

-He: What is gaslighting?
She: You already know what that is. 
He: No, I do not.
She: Yes, you do. 

-She named her phone Titanic just to hear it saying, “Titanic is syncing.”

-Last night I dreamt of having sex on a beach. But looks like it was just a Fanta sea. 

-Do you know about the guy whose arm and a leg on the left side was amputated? It is all right now. 

-He wetted his pants on the 7th floor. It was wrong on all levels. 

-It was intense when the teacher was teaching tenses, and no one could understand. 

-What is the relationship between Science and Religion? Science makes Airplanes and Buildings. Religion connects them. 

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