48+ Funny Day Puns and Jokes that Will Get You Laughing

What can make a day better than reading some of the best and funniest puns? You are just at the right place. Some day puns can really make all your days in life even better. Here you will find a list of some of the best puns of the day.

Day Puns

  • I came to know about that man whose entire left side was cut off. But now he is all right.
  • That man assaulted that woman with butter, cream and milk. I wondered how dairy!
  • I bought a reversible jacket for my brother. He is really excited to see how those jackets will turn out to be.
  • I prefer the whiteboards to a great extent. I actually find them re-markable.
  • The doctor said to one of his patients, “I am afraid that you DNA is backwards.” The patient replied by saying, “And?”
Day Puns
  • Yesterday I was reading a horror story that was written in Braille. I could feel that something wrong was about to happen.
  • My brother bought a brand new pair of shoes from the market.  The shoe store might have laced it with something because my brother kept tripping over and over again after wearing those shoes.
  • I just burned more than 2000 calories. It was the time when I left the brownies in the over and I slept off.
  • Two silk worms raced until they ended up in a tie.
  • I really want to thank you for telling me the meaning of the word ‘many’. 
  • Things turned out to be a little tense as soon as the past, present and future walked into the bar.
  • The highest type of flattery is also called the plateau.
  • My little sister accidentally swallowed some food colouring today morning. Although the doctor said that there was nothing to be afraid of but she said that felt like she has dyed a little inside.
  • I realised that becoming a vegetarian was perhaps the big missed steak.
  • It is better not to disturb someone who is working on a puzzle. Because there is a high chance that you will get to hear some weird crosswords.
Day Puns
  • I heard about the woman in France who jumped into the water from the bridge. People said that he was in seine.
  • That man drove his car right into the tree. He realised then how Mercedes bends.
  • I know some of the sign languages. I find the pretty handy.
  • The girl said that she split up with her boyfriend because he acted like a detective all the time. But the boy said that it was good because in that way they will be able to cover more ground.
  • It would be better if you do not trust the atoms. They make up almost everything.
  • I said to the kid not to try writing with a broken pencil. 
  • My wife was cross eyed and I divorced her. I came to know that she was seeing some other man on the other side.
  • I heard about a mannequin who did not have many friends because all he could think about was dresses.
  • I came to know about the kid-napping at the school. But now he woke up.

Day Jokes

  • My wife said that she would divorce me because I was always behaving like a transformer. But I told her to leave me and I promised her that I would change myself.
  • The book fell on my head but I had to blame for myshelf for it. 
  • My ex-girlfriend misses me a lot. But I bet that her aim is improving day by day.
  • For the fancy dress party, we dressed up as peanuts, almonds or cashew nuts. Everyone considered us to be nuts.
  • I was reading a book on anti-gravity and trust me it was difficult to put it back down.
  • The patient was about to get a brain transplant but then he changed his mind.
  • My sister was addicted to soaps but now she is completely clean.
  • My mother never believed that as road worker I would steal anything ever until she saw all the signs.
  • I made a joke on a paper? Well, it is tearable!
  • My friend was writing a song on the tortillas. It was more like a rap.
Day Puns

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