55+ Best Death Puns and Quotes

Death is natural which will happen to everybody either sooner or later and that are several reasons to laugh at death on occasions. Death need not be a sad affair after all. It will be a fantastic way to cope with death using humor. Here are several intriguing death puns.

Death Puns and Quotes

  • My father expired when we were not able to remember his blood type. While dying, he insisted us to “be positive” although it is quite hard for us to be without him.
  • Smoking is going to kill you … Bacon is going to kill you … However, smoking bacon will help to cure it.
  • I always feel good once my physician asserts that something is absolutely normal for my age and I also feel that dying will also be normal at some point for my age.
  • I came across an advertisement for burial plots, and it can to my mind that it was the last thing I required.

_How is it that I appear to purchase the plants at all times without any desire to live?

Death Puns

_This funeral happens to be a grave affair.

_We always knew her for telling some killer puns.

_The person was dying to enter the funeral business.

_I convey my thanks to the funeral director for not letting us down.

_A funeral ship is referred to as a sea hearse.

_It is a serious mistake to speak badly of the people who have died.

_The ghosts are known to ride elevators for lifting their spirits.

_Have you heard the news regarding the graybeard? You will come across individuals who are dying to enter there.

_A mortician’s job will be to make you feel as though you are dead gorgeous.

_Autopsies happen to be a dying practice.

_Let us party just like a mortician and get hold of a cold one.

_Recover soon since headstones happen to be costly.

_The favorite currency of a corpse happens to be cryptocurrency.

_While walking into the funeral house the ghoul asked whether your corpse is tender.

_The difference between a corpse and a shirt is the fact that while one of them happens to be a casualty, the other one happens to be a casual tee.

Death Puns

_You cannot consider a corpse to be extremely funny; rather, it is dead serious.

_The skeleton puns of mine are extremely funny. 

_The favorite streets of the ghosts happen to be dead ends.

_Although your partner has died, they are going to be your boo at all times.

_It is a rather undignified behavior to exhume a corpse.

_In case you make any haste on decapitation, you will be getting a head of your own.

_Is it really a fact that Dr. Jack Kevorkian happens to be a dieabetic?

_I wish to have plenty of flowers at my funeral. It is on the list of my bouquet.

_It is a morbid thing to auction a corpse.

_There are lots of old individuals in the church because they are all packing for the final.

_I do not want to assert that your perfume is excessively strong. I just want to say that the canary had been alive before you reached there.

_The individual who was responsible for creating AutoCorrect has eventually died. Resturant In 100% Peace.

_Oxygen is thought to be a poisonous gas since anybody inhaling it will be dying within 80 years.

_According to Confucius, the person running in front of a vehicle will become tired and the one running behind the vehicle is going to become exhausted.

_I cannot understand why sharks tend to attack human beings. Are they not able to listen to the music?

_The name of the Asian pilot who expired in an aircraft crash had been Sum Ting Wong.

_I was advised by my doctor to kill individuals. Of course, he simply told me to reduce the stress and anxiety in my life.

_I simply love how the person will be asking in horror movies regarding whether anybody is there or not. As though the murderer would say that he is in the kitchen and whether you’d like to have a sandwich.

_Cannibals are known to devour clowns because they taste rather funny.

Death Puns

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