101+ Detective Puns to Make Your Day Brighter

Here is a list of detective puns for you that will make you laugh out loud. 

Funny Detective Puns

For children of all ages, teenagers, and adults who don’t want to grow up, you will find a fantastic variety of humorous, ridiculous, and corny detective jokes right here. These humorous detective puns are family-friendly, clean, and suitable for kids of all ages. These detective puns are sure to make kids laugh out loud! LoL!

  • You behave like a detective too much, my girlfriend stated, and I want to break up. I said, “Good idea. “That way, we can cover more ground.”
  • When the investigator stumbled over a pretzel left by the criminal, what did he say? Well, there was a twist I wasn’t expecting!
  • In New York, a turtle was seen strolling along an alley. When a group of snails robbed him. The turtle was questioned about what transpired by a police investigator who had come to do an investigation. The turtle said, “I don’t know; it all happened so fast,” with a perplexed expression on his face as he glanced at the investigator.
  • The PI detective crossed the street for what reason? He had to follow Jenny’s U-turns precisely.
  • Which investigator looks at crimes using electricity? Holmes Ohms. That is the reason his partner’s name is Wattson.
  • My girlfriend complained that she was tired of my acting like a detective. Additionally, “we should divide up, “I thought it was a good idea since we could cover more land.
  • Little Johnny is asked by his teacher what he wants to be when he grows up. Johnny declares, “I want to be a detective and carry on my father’s legacy.”That’s really nice of you, the teacher remarks. “I had no idea your father worked as a detective,” He’s not, Johnny says. He is a jewelry thief.
  • How can a detective keep cool during a scorching summer? He is engaged in a cold case.
  • Why did the detective cover his left eye with a patch? It’s his personal detective.
  • What is a ghost investigator known as? The Inspector.
  • Who was the first energy investigator? Holmes Ohms.
  • In the real estate industry, what is a detective known as? Watson Homes.
  • When the detective got a particularly long letter, what did he say? “I’ll figure this out,” she said.
  • In an hour, I have an appointment with a private investigator. Please let me know the location of Cognito.
  • A detective in Paris is talking to the hunchback of Notre Dame about a homicide that happened the night before. Well, who do you believe committed the crime? I suspect, says The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  • Where were you on the night of the murder, the detective asked?” At home, sir,” suspect. “That’s where the murder happened, stupid,” said the detective.
  • Why did the investigation into the Flint water disaster take so long? There was never a main detective chosen.
  • What is a cholo detective known as? Holmes, Sherlock.  
  • A guy had an interview with the CIA. Interviewer: We’re looking for someone with a suspicious mind, who is always on the lookout, cruel, and ready to strike. They should also have a keen hearing sense, detective skills, and, most importantly, a killer instinct. So, do you believe that you qualify? Man: “Sir,” May my wife apply?  
  • What would an excellent detective’s name be? Mr. E. Please be understanding because my 9-year-old daughter came up with this.
  • I met a detective who was constantly dressed as a cat. I asked him why one day. I am constantly in pursuit, he said to me.
  • What was the suspect’s response to the Arctic detective?” Where were you on the night of September to March’s night?”
  • At least none of my buddies have ever heard the joke I think I created. The duck became a detective for what reason? Why? In order to QUACK the case!
  • OFFICER: The victims were cut to pieces and offered as sacrifices on an antler-made altar. Detective: God, please. Officer: Probably yes
  • What did the physician tell the bloated detective? Sherlock, no shit?
  • My wife thinks we should divorce since I continue to pose as a detective. We can cover more ground that way, and I remarked that it was a nice idea.
  • I performed surgery on a detective today, and the case was already resolved.
  • Where do detectives put their cars to rest? Undercover.
  • What do you call an investigator who suddenly becomes constipated? The doctor? Never mind, Sherlock.
  • Have you heard about the Scotland Yard officer who misplaced his smartphone? He solved the puzzle.
  • What was the name of the detective’s dog? Snoopy.
  • A tree is removed…Do you have any clue who did this to you? He asks the tree as the lead detective shows up. I have no clue. I’m puzzled, the tree retorted.
  • What do you name a detective-founded real estate firm? Holmes Homes.
  • The detective quickly ascertained the nature of the murder weapon. The case was brief.
  • What is a crocodile that is a detective known as? One who investigates.
  • The victims were cut up and offered as sacrifices on an altar made with antlers and officers. Detective: God, please!
  • When a detective visited my home, he inquired about my age between five and six. I mentioned kindergarten. 
  • What is a detective electrician known as? Ohms, Sherlock. 
  • Three men who were undergoing detective training were being questioned by a police officer. He gives the first guys an image for 5 seconds, then hides it to see how well they can identify a suspect. 
  • “How would you identify your suspect, asks the detective. That’s simple—we’ll catch him quickly because he only has one eye,” responds his wife.
  • My wife asked where the photograph was. “Well, um, that’s because the photo I provided is his side profile,” the policeman explains.
  • He asks the detective, “This is your suspect; how would you recognize him? “Feeling a little confused by this absurd statement. The detective grinned, fluffed his hair, and said, “Ha! He just has one ear, so it would be too simple to trap him!” 
  • One day the detective observes the image carefully for a while before starting, “The suspect wears contact lenses.”The policeman is shocked and unable to speak since he is unsure if the suspect is wearing contacts or not.” Well, that’s a fascinating response. I’ll check his file while you wait, and then I’ll get back to you on that.

Hilarious Detective Puns

Take your time reading any puns where the setup or punchline is a question with answers. We sincerely hope that you will find these Detective puns amusing enough to share with others.

  • Why do detectives stand so awkwardly? Since they always have a gut feeling. 
  • Why do ducks make excellent sleuths? The case is always quacked. 
  • How did the detective identify the victim that the engineer killed? He located his engine. 
  • Someone broke into the neighborhood police station yesterday and took every single toilet. Detectives are still lacking all information. 
  • Dad the Coroner: He passed away at exactly 11:45 p.m. Detective: You sure about that? Coroner: Despite all the bodies lying about, it’s challenging; I’m still going strong.
  • A murder occurred. The investigator originally had the artist on suspicion…mostly because he was shady.
  • A homicide was being looked into by two detectives at a building site. The proof wasn’t hard and fast.
  • The man manning the “Guess your weight” booth was discovered by the investigator when he was investigating the crime scene at the carnival.
  • The individual was detained by the detective because he was a criminal’s accomplice.He was accused of assisting the culprit in getting weighed. 
  • Where do detective pirates work? Yard Scotland. 
  • What do you get if you cross a detective with a mason? Concrete proof. 
  • Why do seals make such adept sleuths? They always have airtight casings for this reason. 
  • Who is the most well-known skeleton detective in the world? Holmes the Bones. 
  • Why do distillery employees make such good sleuths? They are always seeking further evidence. 
  • A detective spoke while perched on a precipice. “I’m going to find out what’s going on!” 
  • In Mexico, a detective is looking into a crime scene. He receives information from a police officer. Because the killer apparently had dementia and thinks of the train as his lover, he killed the train conductor out of resentment.”Wow! “the investigator replies as he raises an eyebrow at the alleged train. That locomotive is impressive.
  • What is a ghost investigator known as? An inspection.
  • When the unfortunate detective fell into the bottomless hole, what did he say? “I’m never going to figure this out,” the speaker said.
  • A family of chicken detectives existed. The group was known as “the clue clucks clan.”
  • Why was the mystery unsolved by the detective? He is completely clueless.
  • A team of racist Irish detectives is known as what? The Mac cleus family.
  • The detective estimated that the killer had a 60% probability of shooting the victim from this location and a 40% chance of shooting from that location. This brings my probabilistic report to a close, since I despise detectives.

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