55+ Best Dog Puns and Quotes

Dogs are the most loved and loyal animals on the planet, and there is not one person who would not go all aww whenever they see a dog, with ages coming and going by dogs have always been the best content epicenter for all the amazing memes in the world.

Puns are usually. Puns are the most legit form of word play in the word play that if combined with dogs makes up some amazing content.

Dog Puns and Quotes

  • Do you what happened when my dog pulled up that stunt?

I barked with laughter 

  • This is the year of the dog 

I am just hoping it won’t be a whoof year 

Dog Puns
  • Don’t hound me, I told you, I would walk the dog on time 
  •  The Dracula’s in the fictional and mythical era had a dog and you know what he they named them?

A bloodyhound 

  • You are all soaked up in water, I am certain it rained cats and dogs 
  • The TMZ office have passed out an advertisement for vacancy for hiring a dog and guess who applied on first come basis?

A puppyrazzi 

  • What competes a spelling bee?

A talking dog 

  • Where did you dog when his tail fell off?

Well, he went straight up to re- tail store 

  • My dog went to a flea circus with me and he created a wreck 

He stole the whole show 

Dog Puns
  • I am certain your dog is not obese 

He is perhaps a little husky 

  • I believe dogs are good at science 

Well. Not all but labs do 

  • My dog went through the therapy 

He kept on complaining that he had a ruff week 

  • What did the dog said when he went into a shock ?

It was fur’real!!!

  • I got the best thing when I crossed a gold dog who held a telephone with him 

I got a golden receiver!

  • My dog always gets me the CD of pink Floyd and insist on playing their favorite track 

Bark side of the moon!

  •  My dog froze yesterday 

We renamed it pupsicle 

  • My dog joined his new college yesterday, do you know what he chose over for majors?


  • Do you know what is the most common thing between my dog and my iphone ?

They both have collar I.D. 

  • Do you know what a dog with a surround system called?

A sub-wooferr 

  • My dog needed a visit to the dentist 

That son of canine was getting lose 

  • Do you know what is the major talent of my dog when it comes to construction ?

He will excel in roofing 

Dog Puns
  • High alert needs to look out for a man 

Who shot my paw 

  • What did a hungry dalmation say ?

Well, that hit the spot 

  • I am not very certain about the problem with my dog 

I hope that the vet will shed some light on the same and get the cause 

  • The dog had a argument with a tree , he ended that argument over just one words


  • How did the polite dog expressed his gratitude ?

Thanks fur everything 

  • Me and my dog share a beautiful bond 

We will love each other furever !!

  • The movie got the eye of my dog 

He gave a pawfect response to every scene 

  • The only reason why dogs will always be better than humans 

They always make your life pawfect and fills your life with pawsitive vibes 

  • I was not very happy in my life but when my dog came 

I felt as if I furtunately hit the jack pot 

  • My dog has lately started enjoying a visit to starbucks 

Every we visit the place he orders pugkin spiced latte 

  • I had a ruff day at work today 

Lets just pug-get about it !

  • My dog has started looking a like a walking garden 

May be he is digging in 

  • I am certain my dog is not bad 

He is just ruff around the edge at times 

  • Poverty is hitting us hard and my dog is also poor as well 

He cant afford a “woof “ over his head 

Dog Puns

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