120+ More Donkey Puns That You Will Adore to Listen

There are about 40 million donkeys around the globe, and they are unique and amusing creatures. Donkey Puns are as unique as donkeys.

Donkeys like playing and having fun; they are highly intelligent, extremely obstinate, entertaining miscreants, and an unstoppable source of humor.

Here are some of the greatest donkey puns to brighten your day.

Funny Donkey Puns

If donkey comedy is your chosen topic of study, these donkey puns will get you started in the right direction.

There will be no half-hearted efforts at hilarious donkey jokes or puns here! In fact, we’re confident you’ll find them all incredibly amusing and will burst out laughing!

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  • What do you name a Spanish donkey that doesn’t have legs?


  • What did the pious donkey say to his ailing companion?

I’ll yell for you.

  • Scientists have finally succeeded in mating a donkey with a coyote!

It was given the name Don Quixote.

  • What caused the limping Donkey to cross the road?

Oh, forget about that.

Sorry for the bad joke.

  • Today I got a new donkey, whom I called Hotei Donkey Hotei.
  • What do you call a three-legged donkey?


  • Where do New Yorkers go to have their donkeys registered?

The Borough Hall

  • Have you heard about the Kentucky Derby-winning donkey?

He was a genuine burro bread.

  • Why did the Donkey resign from his job?

Enough he is hawing!

  • I think of myself as a donkey…

He/Haw are my pronouns.

  • What is the name of a three-legged donkey?

a dummy

  • Why did the donkey decide to become a truck driver?

Because he transports

  • On Blackpool Beach, what does a donkey eat for lunch?

Everyone other has half an hour.

  • Why did the donkey not cross the street?

He witnessed what happened to the zebra.

  • My acquaintance perfectly impersonates the child of a male donkey and a female horse.

It’s the ideal em-mule-ation.

  • What do you name a donkey from Mexico?

It’s a Jack-Ese.

  • What was Miguel de Cervantes’s name for his donkey?


  • I know a three-legged donkey who enjoys singing. But she sounds dreadful; she keeps pounding the wonkey.
  • Have you heard about the woman who is constantly standing behind her donkey? She hopes to have a good time with it.
  • My donkey is quite fearful of crossing roadways. He’ll only cross if he sees a zebra.
  • What did my donkey do while I was in the hospital?

He was concerned about my health.

  • Sellers are not interested in the baby donkey market.

Because it is a tiny industry, the baby donkey market is tough to enter and requires a lot of labor.

  • When a donkey entered a tavern, the bartender said, “Hey!” “Yes, please,” replied the donkey.
  • A Yam-Hee-Haw is a hybrid between a donkey and a motorbike.
  • When my donkey became ill, I took him to the horse hospital.
  • When I need my hair plaited, I always call it a donkey. They are the only mammal that can truly bray.
  • A guy was hospitalized after swallowing one of his son’s toys horses and three of his daughter’s toy donkeys. His children are upset with him, but doctors say his condition is stable.
  • Donkeys are excellent storytellers and always have the finest stories.
  • A guy was perplexed as to what to call a donkey crossed with a zebra, but the donkey revealed her name: Debra.
  • Moving a horse in as a neighbor will always make a donkey happy.
  • Donkeys are extremely clever and possess tremendous bray in’ strength.
  • In the Arctic, a donkey wearing sunglasses is referred to be a cool mule.
  • A man I know was best friends with a henny. He described her as having a steady personality.
  • When a mule and a henny met, they both felt they recognized one other. “Your speed is familiar, but I don’t recall your mane,” the mule murmured to the henny.
  • Donkeys love Christmas and always send out mule-tide greetings.
  • A bro is a donkey that is attempting to traverse the Arctic carrying things on its back.
  • The wheel-burro is a donkey’s favorite garden implement.
  • Have you ever wondered what you get when you mix a donkey with a zebra? Of course, a ze-burro!
  • I had no idea a little donkey was called a burro. I simply assumed it was small.
  • Donkeys are excellent tunnel builders; they truly understand how to burro.
  • I was irritated with my mules because they were partying too loudly. They claimed to be Cele-bray-ting. Donkey
  • I decided to seek advice from a donkey about my loud foals. She claimed they were only attempting to be herded.
  • A guy took one of his colts to a restaurant for the first time, but the experience was disastrous; his stable manners were atrocious, he continued acting like a foal, and the final straw was when he refused the main course.
  • I heard a heart-breaking story of a man who spent all his money on three beautiful female donkeys only to have them stolen the next day. He was left without a Jenny to call his own.
  • I had to call the cops because Main Street is overrun with young female donkeys who are behaving like party animals, drinking Moscow mules and horsing around. It’s probably filly season.
  • My donkey is a huge NFL fan, and he loves watching the Colts play.
  • Donkey Kong brushes his teeth for what reason?

To avoid tooth decay.

  • When you murder an important donkey, what do you name it?

An assassination attempt.

Donkey Puns

You’ve undoubtedly heard a couple of very amusing donkey puns. We’ve already had enough laughs at the expense of donkey puns, thanks to Shrek and Ice Age. Here are some more to make you laugh out loud; you won’t be able to stop laughing even if you tried.

  • What are donkeys if cows are bovine and horses are equine?


  • A man dashed to a crowd gathering at an accident scene. Because he couldn’t see the victim due to the throng, the man shouted, “I am the young brother, allow me through.” The throng stared at the man and silently paved the way. A donkey that had been struck by a car lay in the center.
  • Juan Valdez wrapped it in a burlap sack and brought it across the border on a donkey.
  • The IQ of a donkey was 186.

He, on the other hand, had no pals. Nobody loves a smart-ass, not even in the animal realm.

  • Young Chuck traveled to Texas one lovely day and paid $100.00 for a donkey from a farmer.

The farmer agreed to have the donkey delivered the next day.

  • What was the source of Donkey Kong’s foul odor?

DK was just getting started.

  • What do you call the key to a mafia boss?

The donkey

  • My task was cut out for me. Mule visited the veterinarian because she was unwell and had a sore throat. The doctor informed her that she needed not to be anxious because she was just a little hoarse.
  • “Do you have any horseshoeing experience?”

“No, but donkey was once instructed to go out.”

  • What does a donkey do when he is agitated in traffic?

He honks his horn.

  • What happens when a man loses track of his thoughts?

So, I told him, “Put that donkey down!”

  • What do Bruce Lee and Shrek’s Donkey have in common?

They’ve both stepped into the dragon.

  • What happens if you murder Donkey Kong?

He begins to DK.

  • Two donkeys stand by the side of the road, one asking the other, “So, shall we cross?”

“No way, see what happened to the zebra,” the other says, shaking his head.

  • What happens when you cross a donkey with an onion?

A piece of garbage that will make you cry.

  • My donkey had just finished the last of my French bread.

It’s a hassle in this circumstance.

  • Have you heard of Viet Kong, Donkey Kong’s Asian cousin?

He is an expert in guerrilla warfare.

  • What exactly is an asset?

A miniature donkey

  • What happens when you cross a donkey with an onion?

Most of the time, you get an onion with floppy ears, but every now and then, you get a piece of ass that will make you cry.

  • A donkey riding a unicycle is known as what?

A wheelbarrow.

  • I’ve heard that Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger enjoys performing in Nativity plays. He’s portrayed a shepherd, an innkeeper, and even the back end of a donkey one year…

But he never became a smart man.

  • We got into a confrontation when the lost and found attendant refused to let me reclaim my lost donkey.

I had my work cut out for me.

  • I wasted several hours attempting to connect a faucet to a donkey.

That’s what I did all night.

  • Let’s just say my untrimmed poodle is a ruffian.
  • So, what did the Dalmatian have to say to the masseuse? You struck the nail on the head!
  • When you tell a cow something, be sure it doesn’t just go through one ear and out the udder.
  • My dog has my back and will roughhouse someone for me!
  • What did the cat say to his distressed pal? Are you all OK, feline?
  • When my pet fish is up for something, it simply responds, “Any fin goes.”
  • How did the cat respond to something so insane? You had to be kidding me.
  • She’s a little rough around the edges, but I adore her!
  • What did the frustrated dog say after hours of waiting in line? This is a mastiff squandering of time.
  • How does a fish couple declare their love? Oh-fish-oil is our name.
  • What is the traditional first date for cows? We’re going to the movies.
  • How do you say sorry to a bear? By keeping your heart open.
  • Which fruit is a bear’s favorite? Berries!
  • Moo Year’s Eve will always be a cow’s favorite holiday.
  • The Cub Scouts are every bear’s favorite after-school activity!
  • What did the bear say to his pal on the verge of quitting? Please be patient with me.
  • What happens when a bird becomes ill? They feel beneath the feather.
  • What exactly is a horse community? It’s a neighborhood.
  • The bird laughed so hard at the joke that it burst out laughing!
  • When a bird feels deceived, what does it say? I believe it is foul play.
  • How do you wish a bird a happy birthday? Happy birthday, bird!
  • When the husband bee returns home, what does he say to his wife? I’m back, honey!
  • What is a horse’s preferred brand of clothing? Neigh-ivy, the old man.
  • What song does a frog enjoy hearing on their birthday? Congratulations on your birthday.
  • What is a duck’s favorite hobby? Exploring the internet.
  • How do hens get up at the right time? They activated an alarm clock.
  • What did the dinosaur robber say to his accomplice? Do you believe they’re sarus?
  • Where do owls come from if not Finland? Owl-geris.
  • When owls answer the door, what do they say? That’s it!
  • What do chickens do on their birthdays? By consuming coop-cakes!
  • I just met a whale that claims to be the most truthful creature on the planet.

But I’m not sure… I’m still certain there’s something shady about him.

  • Where do giant sea animals go to get their body mass indices determined?

Whale-weighing station

  • So, I recently purchased a large animal repellent spray, and I truly despise the smell!

It’s intolerable!

  • My buddy claims that she adores all animals. I did, however, point out her disdain for giant African water-dwelling creatures.

I just believe she’s being very critical.

  • People may argue that a restaurant dedicated just to sea creatures is unnecessary…

But I know it will be useful to a porpoise.

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