56+ Best Dose Puns and Funny Quotes

It is essential to take medications on a regular basis to make sure that you get rid of your illness within a short span of time. In case the dose is not proper, then the level of the drug can become quite low in the blood making us sick further. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the correct dose at all times. Here, we have mentioned some intriguing dose puns for your interest.

Dose Puns and Funny Quotes

_What number of babies dose is it required halting a freight train?

I have no idea and I am nevertheless counting.

_What number of police officers dose it take for changing a light bulb?

 None, since they simply beat the room because of being black.

Dose Puns

_Why am I always recommended by the doctors to consume half a dose?

Isn’t it simply a “uno”?

_What dose is said by a depressed keemstar?

Let’s get right into the noose!

_A truck full of 1,000,000 viagra doses was stolen by the thieves.

The cops are searching for hardened offenders out there.

_I have taken my regular Viagra dose which is going to last for 1 hour.

However, a Chanukah miracle happened after that, and now I have landed in the hospital.

_What number of potatoes dose it require to finish an Irishman?

Nothing at all.

_have you heard of the sucicdal homeopath?

He ended up taking 1/50th of the prescribed dose.

_I am in the habit of taking a dose of yeast just before going to bed along with some Lemon Pledge.

It aids me to rise as well as shine every morning.

_What number of mice dose it need for screwing in a light bulb?

2. The most difficult part is to get them within the bulb.

_A man enters a pharmacy for purchasing Viagra. When he asked the pharmacist to give him 50 mg dose of Viagra, the pharmacist wanted to see his prescription, and the man replied that he will be able to show the picture of his spouse.

Dose Puns

_My better half is suffering from malignancy and heavy morphine doses have been recommended by the physician for the distress and pain. 

It will work for when they were taken by me I could not hear her crying whatsoever.

_Here we will present you with a daily dose of laughter.

When the teacher asked the children what is given by the chicken to them, the kids replied that it was meat. For pigs they told that it was bacon, and for the fat cow they said it was homework.

_It is ironic that all those Pepsi advertisements were done by Whitney Houston.

Then she ended up over dosing on Coke.

_What are 10 CCs of avocado called?


_A person visits a doctor after his toe swells up becoming black. He was diagnosed with a dose of gonorrhea, and he questioned whether the ailment was rare. The physician informed him that it was as rare as the lady patient he treated the last day suffering from athlete’s cunt.

_In case you are struggling with a bad cough, it will be imperative to consume a sizable dose of laxatives. In that case, you will also be quite afraid to cough.  

_After I split from my girlfriend, I was caught by her with her buddy.

However, it is all good since my spouse dose not know anything about that.

_The party drugs taken by the children are becoming weirder than before.

Just now came to know that they have been breathing significant quantities of nitrous oxide after consuming a big dose of exlax. 

Its street name happens to be Shits and Giggles.

_How can you differentiate a priest from a pharmacist?

It is the way they provide a day-to-day dose of D to a kid.

_Donald Trump happens to be the politicians’ candy corn.

Part orange, part white, and sickening in significant doses.

_last night my grandma fella sleep while consuming piri piri chicken.

She actually had a dose of cheeky nan.

_for what reason dose Kurt Cobain dislike his brother?

Since he is constantly calling shotgun.

_What dose NASA imply?

Need Another Seven Astronauts.

_For what reason dose a duck come with tail feathers?

For covering his butt-quack.

_What number of dead kids dose it need for painting my room?

It is going to depend on the number of bullets possessed by you.

_While I end up masturbating things cum; however, once an old person dose nobody cums.

_What dose a man who happens to be homeless call his mom?


_What is an owl that dose magic called?


_What number of Germans dose it require for changing a light bulb?


_What dose it tell on the grave of Stephen Hawkins?

Rust in peace.

Dose Puns

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