51+ Best Drug Puns and Funny Quotes

At present, many individuals are known to become addicted to drugs for one reason or another. However, it is important to get rid of the addiction at the earliest for the benefit of the person. Drugs are not desirable for any person to have addiction to and in the following paras, we have mentioned some captivating drug puns that ought to enthrall you.

Drug Puns and Funny Quotes

  • Some shoes were purchased by me from a drug dealer. Although I am not sure what he used to lace them, I have been tripping the entire day. 
  • Bacon is going to finish you, and the same goes with smoking as well. However, smoking bacon will help to cure it.
  • What is a dictionary on drugs called? HIGH-Definition.
  • I am in the habit of using Viagra for curing my sunburn. Even though it does not help to cure, it helps in keeping the sheets from my legs at night.
  • Slumber happens to be my drug … while my bed happens to be my dealer the alarm clock is actually the cop.
  • Have you heard of the drug addict angler who succeeded in catching a duck by accident? Now he has been hooked on the quack.
  • It isn’t peer pressure; it is simply your turn.
  • Would you consider masturbating whilst smoking weed to be weedwhacking, masturblazing, or highjacking?
  • I am aware of the fact that smoking is detrimental for my health. 
  • However, I was told by my mama never to quit anything.
  • Cigarettes are not good for you and the same is true when it comes to women. But I am not going to go gay.
  • I once acted in a film named “Cocaine”. I just had a single line.
  • You happen to be so short that you do not become high once you smoke weed.
  • I consumed a Viagra last day which was caught in the throat of mine. I ended up having a stiff neck afterward.
  • What is white internally and black externally? The nose of Whitney Houston.
  • In case somebody would be selling drugs right here, weed know.
  • For what reason was the duck arrested? Since it had been selling quack.
  • What is smoked by the crabs? Seaweed.
  • Researchers are concerned of the fact that the legalization of weed in Canada might lead to an entire nation of polite and amicable individuals.
  • For what reason is Columbia not considered being a superpower yet? They are known to produce coffee as well as cocaine.
  • How can you differentiate a hooker from a drug dealer? A hooker is able to clean her crack and sell it once again.
  • Last night I watched a documentary on LSD, and it actually modified my perception completely.
  • We shifted the treadmill outside such that I was able to smoke.
  • I am aware of a person who happens to be a brake fluid addict. According to him, he will be able to stop any moment.
  • About 78% of the paper money in the US has been contaminated with cocaine traces.
  • For what reason was the artificial sweetener snorted by the blonde? Because according to her, it was actually diet coke.
  • For what reason is there cotton in the pill bottles? For reminding the black people that they had been cotton pickers prior to the drug dealers.
  • Have you heard of the junkie who had been addicted to Crystal meth and brake fluid? He told that he might stop any moment.
  • According to my mom, the way to the heart of a man is via his stomach. Attractive female, hopeless surgeon.
  • Smoking and marriage are similar in many ways. You commence because you wish to and you go on because you need to.
  • I am very much sure the Twitter happens to be the smoking portion of Facebook.
  • While malignancy can be caused by smoking and HIV can be caused by unprotected sex. Beautiful things happen to be quite perilous.
  • Addicts and alcoholics happen to be the only folks who will be able to look down from the gutter on you.
  • For what reason do rich children come with shiny and white teeth? Since they are known to brush using coke.
  • Even though you may be a crack head, in case your pooch happens to weigh more than you, here is your sign.
  • How can you differentiate a prostitute, a drug dealer, and a sidewalk? The cracks of sidewalks do not leave any smell.
  • Have you heard of the brand new drug intended for the lesbians? It is called  Trycocksagain.
  • Since I am not able to afford aromatherapy, I am in the habit of sniffing stuff randomly and simply hope.
  • What is common between jaywalking, heroin, and prostitution? Even though they happen to be illegal, but individuals do them nevertheless.
  • What mobile game is played by the coke addicts? Nose Candy Crush.
Drug Puns

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