56+ Best Duck Puns and Funny Quotes

A duck is a very well known water bird with small legs, a short neck, and a big flat beak. Share some humorous duck puns and jokes with your companions to make them laugh hard. Given below is a collection of some funny duck puns.

Duck Puns and Funny Quotes

  • What would an exploding duck be called?

A firequacker.

  • Why was the duck searched by the FBI?

Because he was a familiar quack trader.

  • Why do ducks make incredible investigators?

They often quack the case.

_What would you duck that gets all A’s be called?

A knowledgeable quicker.

_What do you receive if a duck in a cement mixer is put by you?

Quacks in the pavement.

_What do you name a duck that wears plaid?

A lumberquack.

_Why do ducks have feathers?

To cover their butt quack.

_A duck was roasted by me in a fire pit.

Some people probably say I take the pleasure of smoking quack.

_What would a physically challenged duck be called?


_Today my dog was taken by me to the pond and the ducks were continuously annoyed the poor guy.

_What motor oil ducks like the most?

Quacker state.

_What are ducks addicted to?


Duck Puns

_What restaurant ducks like the most?

Quacker Barrel.

_What would a duck be called that can’t swim?

A sunk.

_I have got a pun about a duck that will absolutely quack everyone up.

_What would Donald Duck be called if he became an undercover operative?

A duck-tective.

_Have you any clue about why you have never noticed a tranquil duck?

Because ducks never take owners.

They smoke quack.

_What drug ducks like the most?


_Why did the cops arrest the duck?

Because he was doing business of quack.

_Where does a duck shed tears from?

From their tear-ducks.

_What cafe ducks like the most?


_Why do every time when we run up to ducks, they fly away?

Because of their cold feet.

_What food does a duck receive at the subway?

Quackers and soup.

_What is said by a subatomic duck?


_What would a group of ducks be called that take without authorization from their pond?

Robber ducks.

_What food ducks like the most?


_I saw a duck attack my mate and I attempted to alert him.

It didn’t make things right.

_What addiction does a duck have?

Quack Cocaine.

_It’s fine if ‘fuck’ to ‘duck’ is auto-corrected by your phone.

You’re still utilizing fowl lingo.

_What was said by the duck after he purchased lipstick?

Put it on my bill.

_What was the reason for killing and eating the duck for spying on other people?

Maybe cause it was a Peking duck.

_Where is the best roasted duck served?

Quacker Barrel.

_What was bought by the duck at the shop?

Some quackers.

_What drug ducks don’t hate?


duck puns

_What would a duck on the Fourth of July be called?

A firequacker.

_What did you earn after crossing a squid and a duck?

A quacken.

_How will a duck be turned into a soul singer?

Cook the duck till it’s Bill Withers.

_What is smoked by ducks?


_When does a duck rouse from sleep in the morning?

At the quack of dawn.

_What would a smart duck be called?

A wise quacker.

_What would a duck be called that steals?

A robber ducky.

_Where do ducks go that have a physical or mental illness?

They go to the doctor.

_What TV show does a duck like the most?

The feather forecast.

_What would a duck with a drug issue be called?

A quackhead.

_What is eaten by ducks with cheese?


_What show ducks don’t hate to watch on television?


_What would a bird be called that can repair everything?

Duck Tape.

_What outfit does a duck choose to wear to gatherings?

A duck-sedo.

_What separates a duck?

One of its legs is similar.

_Why did the police take the duck to jail?

Because of selling quack.

_What game do ducks like the most?


Ducks Puns

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