65+ Best Dumb Puns

Some jokes that makes you may find stupid but also you find them to be funny. For your guilt pleasure, you are just at the right place. Here you will find some of the most dumb puns which are dumb but actually funny and you won’t stop laughing.

Dumb Puns

  • I heard that the dentist and the manicurist were fighting tooth and nails every time.
  • Did you know why did the Indians come here first? Its because their place were reserved.
  • A bicycle is unable to stand because it is two tired.
  • The ambassadors never fall sick because their immunity is diplomatic.
  • A veterinarian doctor suffering from laryngitis is known as a hoarse doctor.

_The cannibal reached late for the dinner because he got a cold shoulder on his way.

_The seagull can fly over the sea, then what do we call the ones that flies over the bay? Of course, its the bagel.

_Do you know what happens to the kings who get deposed? Those kings are throne away.

_Where can the fingers grow? It can grow on the palm tree.

_Name a truck which has got 4 wheels and also flies? Its the garbage truck.

_ A spy goes undercover when he gets cold.

_Why does the lightning always has the tendency to shock people? It is because they cannot conduct themselves properly.

_The little girl is sleeping on the chandelier itself because she is a light sleeper.

_Just imagine what would the prisoners use to communicate with each other? Of course, the cell phones are used.

_The cannibals avoid eating jokers because they are funny in taste.

_Do you know what copper nitrate is? It is the overtime duty of the police.

dumb puns

_How did the crazy men find their way to the forest? They chose the psycho path.

_When the team of snakes lost the match, what did their coach say to them? He said that they failed to venom all.

_You can change the tires of a duck with the help of a quackerjack.

_Guess what is the name of the favourite game of the mouse? Well, it is the hide and squeak.

_What would you call the train that is only loaded with so many toffees? You can call it the chew train.

_How can a boat show its love? By hugging the shore.

_A fish that has no eyes is known as a fsh.

_The main motive of the reindeer is to grow the grass, sweetie!

_What are the helpers of Santa known as? They are known to be his subordinate clauses.

_What would you call two persons sitting inside an ambulance? Well, you can call them a pair of medics.

_A rabbit that is suffering from the fleas is known as the bugs bunny.

_The right time to visit the dentist is tooth hurty.

_The toy store puts in a sign at their door saying not to feed the animals because they are stuffed already.

_Do you know the satan who was dyslexic He is known to have sold his soul to the Santa.

_When some one drops a piano down the mine shaft, what is it called? It is called the flat miner.

dumb puns

_Did you know that Noah would keep all his bees in an ark hive.

_Do you know how does the leopard change his spot? By moving here and there.

_Why do we find the meteorologist nervous? It is because they always find their future up above the sky.

_What would you call a dinosaur who has a brilliant knowledge of vocabulary? You can call him a thesaurus.

_At first I would hate my beard. But then slowly it started to grow on me.

_What kind of milk do you get from a cow that is too pampered? You get spoiled milk.

_Where can you see a giant snail? You are most likely to find them at the end of the fingers of a giant.

_What do you call a bed without three season? You can call it a bed without spring.

_Why do we see the cows wearing a cowbell? It is because the horns on their head do not work.

dumb puns

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