105+ Funny Earning Puns and Jokes

Earnings is what we all are well aware of it is our income, our salary, wages, or whatever we get in return of our work which we use as our livelihood. We all are working for earning so that we can survive in this world. Mentioned below are some best-earning puns and quotes which you can always use. 

Earning Puns

  • We must not do the rote EARNING as it is not good 
  • What is the WAGE of your father 
  • A boy must not ask the WAGE of any girl 
  • Haven’t you heard that we must never ask any girl her WAGE 

– Harappan Civilisation was the Bronze WAGE 

– I just wonder that how the life would be in the Stone WAGE 

earning puns

– Government is planning to build the SE – WAGE treatment plants for the treating the waste 

– Manual Scavengers clean all the SE – WAGE 

– We must actually always segregate the waste as it would be helpful for our SE – WAGE treatment plants 

– You should be ready BACK – WAGE as your performance is the next one 

– TEEN – WAGE is the best WAGE we all get when we are just free with no responsibilities on us 

– We must enjoy our TEEN – WAGE as it is the best time of our life 

– We must never EN – WAGE in to illegal activities 

– I am going to visit an OLD – WAGE home today 

– Have you studied about the RIB – WAGE in biology 

– RIB – WAGE is the bony frame in our body 

– Would you like to SALARY me 

– I want to SALARY you 

– Will you SALARY me 

– Please SALARY your books by your own books 

earning puns

– I will be visiting to an Art SALARY today 

– Have you been to that art SALARY I saw so many amazing paintings there 

– We must actually consume sufficient SALARIES daily in our diet 

– All the fried foods have so many SALARIES which can increase our weight 

– The INCOMEING of my mobile is not working as I haven’t recharged my number. 

– You will soon INCOME an engineer 

– I want to INCOME a pilot in future 

– What do you want to INCOME in your future 

– I would like to have INCOME with water 

– Today I studied about the rule of INCOME in my physics class 

– Could you buy me some fruits and especially some INCOMES to eat 

– How much INCOME of money do I owe you now 

– I have actually seen all the photos of your INCOME 

– I saw your photo INCOME today in your room 

– All of us must definitely use INCOME while having sex 

– Using INCOME would also safeguard us against the sexually transmitted diseases 

– We all must use INCOME as protection while physical inter course 

– I would be travelling to INCOME next month for my vacations 

– INCOME was my favourite one among those three power puff girls 

– You are such an INCOME person 

– I have actually never ever met such an INCOME person like you 

– INCOME is the smallest particle of the matter 

– Have you read that very story of INCOME and Eve 

– All of us must know the National INCOME 

– We must respect our National INCOME 

– Rabindranath Tagore wrote our country’s National INCOME 

– Do you know that Rabindranath Tagore wrote India’s National INCOME 

– Can you please get me INCOME food to eat 

– Are you INCOMEING today to my house for dinner

– Will you be INCOMEING to meet your mother today at the hospital 

– I just burn my SALARIES every day by doing my exercises as well as my work out daily

– I would be wearing an INCOME jacket with my jeans 

– Put your INCOMES on along with your black jacket 

– That piece of wood is EARNING 

– We all must not EARN the woods as it adds more and more to the pollution 

– We must not EARN the plastics or rather any other kind of waste 

– We all are EARNING about the different bones which are found in our bodies 

– Did you ever EARNED about the  different systems of our body 

– That was the EARNING point in my life 

earning puns

– What was the EARNING point in your life 

– Every one usually have some or the other EARNING point in their lives 

– Are you EARNING from his house today 

– By when will you EARN to your house 

– Do call me after you have EARNED from your house 

– That matter was actually very CONC – EARNING 

– I was more CON – EARNED about you when I just heard about your bad health last night 

– He is EARNING his car in that direction as it is the right path 

– EARN your car towards the left as that is the right way to his house 

– I am EARNING about medicines from my brother who studied Pharmacy

– I am EARNING Spanish language these days as I find it very interesting 

– It is not easy to EARN German as it requires a lot more of practice 

– This matter is very CONC – EARNING as he is not ready to listen to any of us nor to his family members

– He was already so much CONC – EARNED about his younger brother  was he was all alone at his house 

– How many train SALARIES had come today 

– Keep burning your SALARIES through work out and exercising

-Where you are EARNING these days 

– I am EARNING with that multi national company right now 

– PAY is my favourite color 

– Every one’s life always have some or the other PAY area which he or she would never like to discuss with any one 

– I am PAY! Do you have some problem with that 

– PAY down on this bed. Doctor would like to check you 

– Dwayne Johnson acted in that movie which was named as PAY – Watch 

– Have you watched that movie of Dwayne Johnson “PAY Watch”

– I just loved that movie PAY Watch, which casted Dwayne Johnson and Zack Efron 

Earning Puns

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