78+ Best Elephant Puns and Funny Quotes

Elephant is a huge mammal with big ears, long curved ivory tusks, and a large prehensile trunk. They are the largest mammals that exist on land. If you are searching for the most hilarious and humorous elephant puns to make others giggle then here is a list of some elephant puns.

Elephant Puns and Funny Quotes

  • The things that have no connection with elephants is irrelephant.
  • Circumcising elephants was my job.
  • The base salary was limited but the tips were great in amount.
  • Taking care of so many elephants at a time needs the talent to multi-tusk.
  • An viewpoint of an elephant holds up a lot of weight. 
  • What is huge and grey in color and covers the face with a mask? The elephant-om of the dramatic composition.
  • The Alps was crossed by Hannibal because it was not riskier than crossing the elephants.
  • Elephants will work hard for a whole day, and they toil for peanuts.
  • What is elegant, grey in color and wears a shoe that is made of glass? Cinderella-that.
  • It is fine to be a witness of an elephant washing itself as elephants generally have their trunks on.
  • Who gives presents to elephants at Christmas? Elephanta Claus.
  • What do you name a dirty elephant? A smelly-that.
  • What would grapes say if an elephant stands on it? It will say nothing, it will come out as wine.
  • What beasts will be last to depart from the ark? The elephant because they have to pack their trunks.
Elephant Puns
  • Once an elephant was drinking water out of the stream when a turtle was noticed by him who was lying quickly asleep on a tree trunk.
  • The elephant stepped over and hit the unfamiliar turtle clear across the stream.
  • A giraffe who was passing from there saw this happen and questioned the elephant, “What was the reason for hitting the turtle clear across the stream?”
  • The elephant answered, “Because it is noticed by me as the exact turtle that sank its teeth into my trunk many years ago.”
  • The giraffe complimented “Wow, you have such a sharp remembrance.”
  • The elephant proudly agreed with the giraffe.
  • What would be earned by you if you traverse an elephant with a rhinoceros? Eleph-ino.
  • What is the common thing elephants do at night? They watch ‘elevision.
  • What would be received by you if you traverse two fish with two elephants? You will get a set of swimming shorts.
  • What musical an elephant likes the most? The Elephant-om of the dramatic composition.
  • What would an elephant with an aerial on its skull be called? An elephant-enna.
Elephant Puns
  • Do you know what the antonym of an elephant is? An elephant-antonym.
  • What would an unimportant elephant be called? Irrelephant.
  • Why do people like to hire elephants? Because they will make an effort for peanuts.
  • What sport does an elephant like the most? Squash.
  • Why are computers never used by elephants? Because elephants are fearful of the mouse.
  • Why don’t every elephant wear anything except shoes? So that they don’t sink on the beach.
  • What did the peanut express to the elephant in words? It said nothing because peanuts can’t speak.
  • How can a colorblind individual tell the dissimilarity between an elephant and a grape? Move rhythmically on it for some time. It is an elephant If you don’t earn any wine.
  • What separates a plum and an elephant? The color of the elephant, which is grey.
  • What is the reason of the death of the cheerleader? She attempted to capture an elephant to do a split.
  • How would someone know if an elephant is under his bed? His head will hit the top.
  • What does a doctor prefer to give a sick elephant? Plenty of space.
  • What is the similarity between a tree and an elephant? They both have huge trunks.
Elephant Puns

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