55+ Best Eve Puns and Funny Quotes

Ever since the creation of the universe Eve and Adam were the first creatures that came into existence and they have played an important role in the history of world. It can be said that both were defined in different manner. While Adam was the male and Eve being the female, they did create the universe further. Let us have a look at some puns on Eve that are here to make you laugh.

Eve Puns and Funny Quotes

  • What did get said after making Eve?

The final draft came out well 

  • What was the biggest day in the holy book of bible?

It was the day when Adam was created because there was no Eve 

  • What was the oldest computer that created in the time of Adam and Eve and what happened when Eve used it?

The computer was also an Apple but with little memory, it has just one byte and after that it crashed 

Eve Puns
  • Who was the fastest runner in among women ever?

It was Eve, she was the first in Human race 

  • What was the favorite festival for the first women on this world?

It was Christmas Eve 

  • What was Adam’s reaction when he first saw Eve?

Adam’s first reaction after seeing Eve was “Wo-man!!”

  • If god made Adam and Eve, what was the creation of Satan?

Satan made Adam and Steve 

  • Why did Adam only see Eve and was very loyal towards her?

Because she was the only women in her life

  • What would happen if Eve were Chinese?

If Eve was Chinese, she would have eaten a serpent instead of an apple 

  • What is the major difference between Eve and today’s women?

Eve was the only women who did not read Apple’s terms and condition 

Eve Puns

  • Why did Eve spend a happy married life with Adam than the women of today’s era?

Eve had a happy married life with Adam because she did not have to listen to complain of her mother’s cooking 

  • Which female would be the best security guard at the Apple Store?

The guard would be Eve 

  • What happened when Adam and Eve were offered an Apple?

Adam surely eat the apple and blamed it on Eve, this is the reason why men have Adam’s apple 

  • What happened to Eve when she was offered food by Adam?

Eve was not hungry, therefore, she was in a fruit dilemma 

  • Did Eve ever have a Date with Adam?

No, she had an Apple with Adam 

  • When was Adam created?

He was created a little before Eve 

  • Why did god got regret after creating Adam before Eve?

God regretted because, he could not get any advice 

When was the first time when Eve was introduced to insurance?

When Eve and Adam needed more coverage 

  • What did Eve had that women in today’s world don’t have?


  • What did god give Adam when he requested god after his creation for good news first?

God created Eve when Adam asked for the good news first after his creation 

  • Where did Eve had her very first date with Adam?

Eve had her very first date with Adam in the garden of Aden

  • Why did Eve have an argument with Adam?

Because Adam confused her clothes with food  

  • What happened when god realized that he created Adam and forgot to install logic in him?

God contemplated for a while and then later that day he created Eve 

  • What was the best part about the day when Adam was created?

The best part was even if the day when Adam was created was a bit bad there was a very good Eve-Ning in store for him 

  • What did Eve have that was not in Adam?

The ability to make a decision, and not an Adam’s Apples 

  • How Adam spent his day when he got bored?

He spent the day waiting for Eve to come 

  • What was the one thing Adam did not like?

Adam did not like any one trying to Eves-drop his conversations with god 

Eve Puns

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