85+ Fairy Puns to Make You Believe in The Magic of Fairies

The majority of us picture fairies as tiny beings that fly around on delicate wings while waving a magic wand, but history and folklore paint a different picture. 

When fairies were widely believed in, most people preferred not to refer to them by their actual names and instead used terms like “the Little People” or “the Hidden People” instead. 

Funny Fairy Puns

There are numerous justifications for believing in fairies. Some claim that they resemble ghosts, the spirits of the dead, or fallen angels who weren’t deserving of either Heaven or Hell. There are countless varieties of fairies; some are tiny, others hideous, some are able to fly, and all have the ability to appear and vanish at will. Here are some fairy jokes:

  • What beverage does a fairy-like to drink? Sprite. 
  • The ferry fare was reasonable. Who made the fish’s wish come true? The elf codmother. 
  • Why don’t fairies reside beneath tadpoles? Due to the absence of mushrooms. 
  • What is a philosophical fairy referred to as? ThinkerBell. 
  • It is not a fairy tale, Rapunzel. It’s a scary story.
  • I dislike how poorly all of my fairy photos were taken. All of them seem pixie-dusted. 
  • What do you call a pixie with a dual degree in physics and the history of science? The relativity fairy. 
  • I’ve heard of a princess from a fairy tale who can tell a mean dad joke. Rapunzel is the name. 
  • The tooth fairy instructs kids that… They may make money by selling body parts. 
  • When they come across a magical fairy, a professor, a janitor, and the school’s principal are about to leave for the day. 
  • The fairy promises, “I will grant you your heart’s desire if you perform someone else’s duty.”
  • The other two did not go well at their job,” the fairy inquires of the janitor. How did you manage to achieve such success?” “I have a master’s degree in art,” the janitor claims. 
  • When I was a child, my parents used to tell me stories about silly things like Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. Thankfully, as I’ve gotten older, I no longer fall for that nonsense. 
  • At the age of 95, Cinderella. She had a happy life with the now-dead prince, and now she sits contentedly in her rocking chair on her front porch, enjoying the company of Bob, the cat. 
  • The fairy godmother unexpectedly appeared one sunny afternoon. “Fairy Godmother, what are you doing?” asked Cinderella.
  • Why is the tooth fairy so clever, you ask? A: As a result of her wisdom teeth! 
  • Why was the fairy a football player? A: She was very sporty, that’s why! 
  • What spoke the fairy to the other fairy about? A: It’s nice to meet you, too! 
  • What beverage does a fairy prefer? A: Sprite 
  • Who made the fish’s wish come true? A: The elf codmother. 
  • What do you call a pixie with physics and genealogy as dual majors? A: The relativity fairy. 
  • What is the name of a fairy who dislikes taking showers? Answer: Tinkerbell 
  • What apps are on tooth fairies phones? One: Bluetooth 
  • What is a 2D fairy referred to as? Answer: Pixi-lated.
  • Instructor: Johnny, What about a fairy godmother? 
  • Johnny: No, but we do keep a close eye on an uncle. 
  • A $100 bill is on the sidewalk when Santa, the tooth fairy, an upright lawyer, and an elderly drunk are walking down the street. Who takes it? Obviously, the drunk. The other three don’t exist. 
  • A young boy longs for the far-off islands. Because fairies reside there.
  • Cinderella’s fairy godmother appears as she is sobbing in the garden and promises to give her everything she needs to attend the ball—but only if she agrees to two conditions. You must put on a diaphragm first. 
  • My girlfriend desired a fairy tale-style union. All right. She received a loaf of bread from me, and I was gone. 
Fairy Puns
  • Bluetooth Fairy, you scumbag! When I was a child, I recall my parents talking nonsensically to me.
  • I’ve heard that goods from fairy tales are on sale! That is what I consider fair retail now! 
  • When I learned that the Tooth Fairy is a myth, I was devastated. That implies that my parents were the ones who sexually assaulted me. 
  • Have you heard the story about the fairy godmother who needed more time to make her first chess move? Seeks time to pawn. 
  • What distinguishes a Marxist fairy tale from a capitalist fairy tale? 
  • The opening line of a capitalist fairy tale is “Once upon a time, there was.” The opening line of a Marxist fairy tale is, “Someday, and there will be…”
  • I just paid for a boat ride to a Renaissance fair with a magic theme. The cost was affordable. 
  • The ferry fare was reasonable. How come the tooth fairy is so wise? as a result of her wisdom teeth? Man encounters a fairy. 
  • The fairy grants the two wishes in question. The man says, “I want a beer bottle that never empties. He begins to sip. He stops drinking after two minutes, but the bottle is still full.
  • What about your second wish, the fairy inquiries? “One of those again.” 
  • What is a 2D fairy known as? Pixi-lated. 
  • When my pen ran out of ink, a squid-shaped ink fairy materialized.
  • He promised to help me out by giving me some ink if I let him eat the shrimp I had for dinner. 
  • I knew the deal was a little fishy, but I had to get my homework done. Then we carried it out quid pro quo. She is a very realistic individual. 
  • What is the pixies’ method of tooth brushing? lacey floss 
  • Why don’t fairies reside beneath tadpoles? Because the enchanted forest is devoid of mushrooms. 
  • What beverage does a fairy-like to drink? Sprite.
  •  I want to share something with you. I’m an elf. That’s me, Nuff. All right. 
  • Fairies are nothing but trouble. Why was the fairy a football player? She was very sporty, that’s why! 
  • I detest the poor quality of every single one of my fairy pictures.
  • What was said to the other fairy by fairy? It’s a pleasure to meet you. 
  • Do you know what the name of Tinkerbell’s tooshie is? Untrue story. 
  • Obviously, the Blue Tooth Fairy… I adore you so much, fairy. 
  • It’s going well as I look into the tooth fairy. I was successful in inserting a molar into her procedure. I’m going to identify the tooth that is the cause of everything. An old man is confronted by a fairy. 
Fairy Puns

Best Fairy Jokes

Here you will find a great collection of funny, silly, and funny fairy puns for kids of all ages, teens, and adults who do not want to grow up. Kids will laugh heartily when they hear these jokes about fairy! LoL!

  • I grant you three wishes in appreciation of all your good deeds throughout your life! 
  • Can you speak up a little bit? Does the elderly man ask with a squint? My hearing isn’t as good as it once was. Sure, the fairy responds.
  • I GIVE YOU TWO WISHES! What is the name of a fairy who dislikes taking showers? Stinkerbell. 
  • What makes a judge an ideal tooth fairy? Considering that they are only interested in the tooth and nothing else. 
  • When she corrected his spelling, Peter Pan referred to Tinkerbell as what? A Word Fairy. 
  • Why is the fairy kingdom so foul-smelling? Due to the abundance of toadstools. 
  • Fairies only use their wands for fun. 
  • What do you call the lamp-mounted Tooth Fairy? An hybride. 
  • Who made the fish’s wish come true? The elf codmother.
  • My parents used to tell me stories as a kid about the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and Santa Claus. Thank God, I don’t believe those stories anymore. 
  • The Briefest Fairy Tale in the World Once upon a time, a young man proposed to the village’s most beautiful woman. “No,” she replied after giving him a thorough look. 
  • In a forest, a professor, a CEO, and a janitor come across a magical fairy. “I will give you what you most desire if you work for someone else for a day,” the fairy promises.
  • Silly joke, In a forest, a professor, a CEO, and a janitor come across a magical fairy. 
  • A young child questioned her father, “Daddy?” Does “Once Upon A Time” appear at the start of every fairy tale? No, he retorted, a whole collection of fairy tales start with “If elected, I promise.” 
  • Men are selfish a$$holes. A fairy makes a visit to a married couple in their 60s and grants them both a wish. 
  • The wife declares, “I want to go on a world tour with my dear husband.” 2 luxury cruise tickets miraculously appear in her hand. “Sorry, love, but my wish is to have a wife 30 years younger than me,” the husband apologizes. 
  • Consequently, the husband turns 92 after the fairy waves her wand. The lesson of the tale is that men who are ungrateful bastards should keep in mind that fairies are female. 
  • A gnome that muffs a fairy is known as what? Goblin…
  • I consider myself to be a Pisces, which is by far my favorite kind of fairy. My grandmother had Cancer and was actually killed by a massive tumor, which is a bit tragic. 
  • When I was young, my mother used to read me fairy tales with happy endings before I went to sleep. I suppose that’s just one advantage of having a masseuse for a parent. 
  • Little Johnny’s father queries him regarding his knowledge of bees and birds. You first inform me that there is no Santa Claus, and then you add that there is also no Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy. 
  • The phrase “a wish is a wish” is used. Since my dentist is gay, he must be the tooth fairy. 
  • What is a gay dentist referred to as? Dental Fairy 
Fairy Puns
  • Who in England is the poorest? Tooth Fairy! 
  • Who in West Virginia is the poorest? A tooth fairy. 
  • Who is the poorest person in West Virginia, a joke? 
  • A charming young man asks his girlfriend to marry him one day, but she declines. And the man continues to live a happy life! 
  • At a table are the tooth fairy, a high-priced lawyer, and a low-priced lawyer. In the center of the table is a $20 bill. The lights in the room abruptly shut off. 
  • The expensive attorney, since the tooth fairy and the cheap attorney are inventions of your imagination. 
  • What Fairy Tale Is My Favorite? The canine howled. 
  • The other day, I was playing Wind Waker… Before the boss arrived, I discovered a fairy, and I realized That it was beneficial. 
  • What is a gay vampire known as? An oral fairy.
  • What distinguishes a lottery winner from a fairy submerged in salt water? While the other is a pickled Tink, one is tickled pink.
  • What is the Mexican adaptation of Peter Pan’s fairy called? Tequila Bell. 
  • Who is the South’s poorest man? A tooth fairy. 
  • A fairy is not a fairy when… A goblin is what you find down your pants! 
  • What distinguishes Russian fairy tales from English ones? 
  • The opening line of English fairy tales is “Once upon a time. 
  • Russian fairy tales begin with the phrase “soon, comrades.” 
  • A gay man who performs subpar blow jobs is what? An oral fairy.
  • Guy Bun? Perhaps Douche Knot? Not at all; it’s a fairy tale. 
  • Teacher’s student: Miss, where do kids come from? Teacher: The person you marry receives a child from a fairy. Okay, so if I were to screw the wife or the fairy, who would it be? 
  • My girlfriend desired a fairy tale-style union… I gave her a few bread crumbs and then abandoned her in the woods. 
  • Children only learn that they can exchange body parts for cash from the tooth fairy. 
  • I consider beliefs to be the essence of humanity. However, everyone should give up their silly beliefs in things like communism, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny. 
  • Where does a hockey player’s salary primarily come from? Dental fairy.
  • We’re so in need. The tooth fairy gave us food stamps because we’re so broke. 
  • How do all the fairy tales from Mexico begin? Once upon a time, Juan.
  • When I was a child, my parents used to tell me stories about silly things like Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. 
  • Thankfully, as I’ve gotten older, I no longer fall for that nonsense. 
  • On a desert island, three men are alone. A good fairy appears out of nowhere and promises to grant each of them one wish. 
  • The first man declares: “I’ve been stranded here for a long time. I just want to be at home and miss my family.” He gets what he wants. 
  • “I’ve always wanted to see the world, so I wish to be in Paris,” the second guy quips. He gets what he wants. 
  • The third man declares: “Oh no, I’m all by myself now. I want the other two guys back!”
  • When she corrected his spelling, Peter Pan referred to Tinkerbell as what? 
  • Last night, I slept with my phone under my pillow because I was expecting a call. It was gone when I woke up, and in its place was a dollar coin. 
  • I’m an elf. That’s me, Nuff. All right. 
  • The tooth fairy is a journalist, but how do you know? They keep looking for the tooth.
  • What is the jargon used in Fairy World? Jorgen.
Fairy Puns

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