50+ Funny Family Puns That All Your Family Members Will Love!

Nothing in this world is more important than our family. These family puns are all about love, joy, and laughter. They make you feel more connected to your family members. These family puns establish our solid roots and make us want to read more of them. Happy reading!

Funny Family Puns

If you have a family gathering anytime soon, these family puns are the perfect way to have fun. You can read them out to your family members and laugh heartily at their humor. Trust us; these family puns will be the star of your party! We hope you enjoy them.

  • I was about to test some new family puns that were also dad jokes. So, as a warning, I told everyone,” Try this on for sighs.”
  • My family has one thing in common with space and time. It’s all relative.
  • My grandma loves eating fruits, especially elder-berry.
  • When E.T. reached home, his mother was waiting at the gate. She said,” Where on Earth have you been?”
  • My cousins cross the playground to get to the other slide.
  • A computer is so disciplined that it always listens to its motherboard.
  • My grandmother has made a beautiful sweater for me. It’s pretty knit.
  • My grandfather worked in the adhesive factory. He recently resigned because he could not stick with it.
  • Baby corn loves everyone in the family, especially Pop Corn.
  •   The mother kangaroo was irritated because it was raining outside, and her kid had to play inside.
  • My sister threw a gender reveal party, but everyone was disappointed because they already knew she was a girl.
  •  My son thinks he is adopted. I said,” Of course, you aren’t. What makes you think I would have chosen you?”
  •   Before a woman died, she expressed her wish to be cremated at Wal-Mart because she was sure her family would visit her at least twice a week.
  •  I asked my father,” Dad, do you know what a solar eclipse is?” No sun.”
  •   At the dinner table, my grandfather asked,” Can anyone tell me what the opposite of ladyfinger is?” When everyone nodded to say no, he replied,” Mentos.”
  •  Dads are not always snoring. They do that only when they are sleeping.
  • A kid next door burnt down his house. With tearful eyes, his parents said to their family and neighbors,” That’s arson.”
  •  My grandmother wanted to have a space-themed birthday party. So, we all sat down to plan-et.
  •  When my brother refused to sing in front of the whole family, Grandpa said to him,” Don’t be so shy. Just duet!”
  • Coffee goes through a very tough time in our family. It’s not easy to tolerate getting mugged every single morning.
  •  When my cousins gave their parents a basket of dry fruits, they said,” SO this is what we get for raisin you!”
  • Every morning, my Grandma would shout,” There are no vegetables in the fridge. Nobody carrots about the lack of peas in this house!”
  •   When there is a will, there is a relative.
  • Every year, I get various gifts from my family members on my birthday. However, the same gift I receive every year is that I get a year older.
  •  When it struck 13 o’clock on the wall clock, my Grandma said,” Time to buy a new clock!”

Family Puns

We look forward to you sharing these family puns with your loved ones. Family puns’ intricate joy and wit make them lovable to everyone, kids and elders. So if you want something to evoke pure laughter at a family party or outing, these family puns are here to help you!

  • My uncle died because nobody could figure out what his blood group was. Till his last breath, he kept telling us,” Be positive,” but it’s challenging to get over the sadness of his demise.
  •  I was supposed to cook dinner for my family. But, unfortunately, those stupid fire trucks just ruined it!
  • My father said he’d slam my head on the keyboard if I didn’t get off my computer. I didn’t bother listening to him because I think he is jokinfjreoiwjrtwe4to8rkljreun8f4ny84c8y4t58lym4wthylmhawt4mylt4amlathna.
  • All our family members said my father, traffic police, stole at work. I refused to believe them at first, but then I came home, and all the signs were there.
  • I wanted to have a family meeting, but no one was coming. So, I turned off the WiFi and just waited for them to come running.
  •  I wanted to be with my kids on weekends, but my wife reminded me that since we live together, I have to be with them all the time.
  •   My grandmother showed us how she could make a car from spaghetti. We didn’t even realize when the vehicle was done; it just ran pasta.
  •   Everybody in my family tree is a prick. Does that make it a cactus?
  • I saw my Dad chopping Onions, and it made me cry. He was a good dog.
  •  I gave a fridge to my Grandpa for his birthday. Watching his face light up when he opened his gift was so fulfilling.
  • My parents always say that their world revolves around me. No wonder I am their only sun.
  •  I married a girl whose father is a priest. So I finally have my Father-in-law.
  • Everybody in my family is fat because nobody runs in my family.
  • Before I set out to sell fish, I had to ask my Grandpa for permission. He was the cod father, after all.
  • My sister was crying so loud that everyone in my family thought she was going through a cry-sis.
  •  My grandfather has a massive case of typhoid. He will know this as soon as he goes home and unpacks his luggage.
  • My mom gave me six coins for lunch at school today. Now we are sitting in the toilet, trying to pass them.
  • Everyone in the lion family sat down to dinner. The Mother lion said,” Shall we prey?”
  • When I told my family that I wanted to say family puns for a living as a stand-up comedian, they all stood up and laughed. That was the best joke I ever told them.
  •  I have always tried to follow my father in his footsteps. Good thing that he is a stalker.
  • The part of your family that you can see through is transparent.
  •   Stephen King named his baby Joe. I am not joking, but the baby is.
  • My grandfather loved to go to the mountains. One day, he asked me how he could climb the Mountain Dew.
  • If you want to know what can happen if you spend too much time with your family, watch The Shining.
  • The snowman’s daughter became a stripper because her family has always been cold towards her.

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