150+ Feet Puns That Will Sock You Out

Did you know our feet are the most ticklish because of the fact it has about 8000 nerve endings? What are some feet puns to fail to make you laugh? Even so, get ready to kick your socks out and have a blast using some of these foot puns and jokes to amuse your friends and family!

Funny Feet Puns

If we start talking about feet, I think we all will feel ticklish, at least; that’s what happens to me! Let’s put our feet on the ground and read some of the shoe-liest feet puns and jokes to crack later at get-togethers and gatherings.

  • It socks I ruined my new shoes.
  • It socks I broke my exercise routine again.
  • Oh shoes! I forgot to bring socks to wear with my sneakers.
  • We went out to have shoe-shi this weekend.
  • “Let’s feet later in the day!” The high schooler waved goodbye to his friend after his class ended.
  • Feet puns are my biggest feet-ish.
  • “I am having the feet-iest day of my life,” sobbed Harish on receiving a termination letter from his workplace.
  • “Bring enough clothes, as you see feet,” said my mom as we started packing for a trip to France.
  • Morning walks reduces the feet-ility rate in humans by 20%.
  • “Are you feet-ing kidding me?” Exclaimed Roger the fit guy, on hearing another news about a lockdown.
  • “It feet be my pleasure to take you out on a date,” said the shoe to his girlfriend.
  • It feet not bother me if she talks shoe-t about me.
  • The flies kept following me so I shoe-d them away.
  • These feet puns are shoe-liously so funny!
  • I am shoe-liously considering going on morning walks again.
  • Shoe-lf care is what we all crave once in a while.
  • Feet puns are the shoe-liest!
  • These feet puns are socking me out.
  • Do not be shoe-ly, you’ll pass the exam with flying colours.
  • Shoe-ly me, cannot catch a breath after reading so many feet puns.
  • “Shoe-ld I buy you a pair of Nike shoes as well?” I asked my brother. “Just do it,” he said.
  • If you think we won’t shoe-lebrate your birthday, think again because we will.
  • I hope your shoe-lebratory birthday supper fills you up!
  • They shoe-ebrated my birthday with a huge cake.
  • Today’s generation sure is addicted to shoe-lfies.
  • It shoe-ld not bother me if she talks bad about me.
  • Being greedy and shoe-lfish doesn’t get you anywhere.
  • I consider Nike amongst other shoe brands a shoe-lebrity.
  • She wanted to get rid of her shoe-lf esteem issues, so she started going on morning walks again.
  • The shoe-lver lining is that it is finally summer break.
Feet Puns
  • Feet puns are so funny, it is toe joke.
  • “Oh shoes! I forgot to bring my umbrella and it’s raining too,” I said, realizing my new shoes will get ruined on the muddy streets.
  • My new shoes got sock-ing wet in the rain and it socks.
  • I am a sock-er for shoes.
  • How can 52+51 be the same as your left foot? It cannot be right.
  • I got a shoe bite last week, but it’s almost heeled now.
  • “They made me work so much, it destroyed my sole,” I said, while pointing at my heart and my shoe at the same time.
  • We are going to par-toe tonight because Nike.
  • Investing in these branded shoes feels shoe-mazing.
  • Your behavior shoes your personality.
  • I think stepping on someone’s shoes is extremely rude, we should try not to deliberately give someone a toe injury.
  • Solving math problems is where my shoe pinches me.
  • He did all sorts of traveling with just a shoestring budget when he was in college. I guess shoes were enough for him.
  • I never thought orthopedic shoes would assist me, but I stand corrected.
  • The shoe-leather journalist couldn’t stop asking about the coffee stain on my beige shoes. She said she was investigating a murder case, but it was so confusing.
  • “What will I do with a dead man’s shoes!?” He exclaimed, horrified that the inheritance executors took out his late grandfather’s coffin to give his shoes to him.
  • I had plans for shopping, boot my parents are coming over this weekend.
  • I boot the new launch of sneakers is an exciting one.
  • I made a foot-ish attempt to bargain into buying branded shoes.
  • “I will stiletto come with me to the party,” said Sarah to her little brother.
  • My loafer feet puns will never end.
  • I tried picking up the TV remote with my foot the other day; apparently, my laziness is slowly getting out of hand.
  • Shoe bites always take so long to heel.
Feet Puns

Smelly Feet Puns

My foot smells, but my nose can’t, with this flu season up. Feet puns and jokes are one of the methods to brighten a sick friend’s day up. Shall we beat our loafer feet puns already?

  • What does a feet’s son call his father’s brother? Ankle.
  • What is a foot’s favorite food item? A shoe-shi.
  • What is a foot’s usual choice for breakfast? Jam and toe-st.
  • What is a foot’s most preferable type of chips? Dori-toes!
  • What is a foot’s favorite candy? Men-toes.
  • What is a thief comfortable with wearing on its feet? Sneakers!
  • What do you call a foot that has a rubber toe? Rubber-toe.
  • What is the nickname of a thief? Robber-toe.
  • What is a foot with wires inside it called? Robot-toe.
  • What did the feet call its best friend? A best-toe.
  • What does a know-it-all foot say? “I toe-d you so!”
  • Where do feet keep their books? In the book shoe-lf.
  • What is another measurement of light years but for feet? Feet years.
  • What were the feet addicted to reading? Philosophical theories from Sock-rates and Pla-toe.
  • What kind of species possesses four legs but no feet? A table.
  • What game do the feet always prefer playing? Sock-er.
  • What is a shoe made with banana peels known as? A slipper.
  • What kind of shoes are the funniest? Clown shoes.
  • Why was the shoe sad? Its sole was destroyed because its pair left him.
  • What did the boys say when they heard we were planning a trip to Europe? “Nike! That is shoe-mazing.”
  • Why was Sheldon from Big Bank Theory not so excited about borrowing shoes? Because he is a germaphobe and doesn’t want to be in someone else’s shoes.
  • Why did the right foot keep judging the left foot? Because it never tried to walk a mile in the other’s shoes.
  • What did Penny say when she was rolling the dice while playing the board game? “C’mon, mama needs a new pair of shoes!”
  • Why was the foot so irritated? Because the shoe kept pinching it for not running fast enough in the marathon.

If you’re after some more entertainment about human anatomy, we recommend you take a look at this list of Hilarious Toe Puns That Can Make Your Toes Wiggly!

Feet Puns
  • Why were all of them so tense? They were waiting for the shoe to drop.
  • Why were the soles sad? Because their owner only had a shoestring budget, and they were worn off.
  • How can the big foot fit in a human’s shoes? With a shoehorn.
  • Why was Sarah alarmed when Harish told her he was going to drink shoe polish? She didn’t know it meant cheap whiskey.
  • Why were the feet shaking in the shoe? They were nervous.
  • Why was Cinderella the most responsible of all? Because she wore the shoe when it fit.
  • Why was Sarah called a pair of shoes? Because she was snobbish and a goody two-shoes in front of people.
  • How do feet laugh? They sneaker.
  • What do feet say when they get a cold? “A-shoe!”
  • What did the shoes lover say when her friend asked if she needed anything to fix her cold? “A-shoe!”
  • What kind of relationship were the shoes in? A pla-toe-nic relationship. 
  • Why is one of the feet always wrong? Because both cannot be right.
  • Why was the shoe lover so addicted to shoes? It was a feet-ish.
  • What happens when an astronomer’s toe nails grow out? Eclipse them.
  • Why do clowns prefer to wear loud socks? So that his feet don’t fall asleep during the show.
  • What material was the very first shoe made of? Wodeen shoe like to know about shoe history!
  • What is it called when it starts raining shoes? A shoe-pocalypse.
  • What is a shoe’s usual getup? A shoelace.
  • How is the shoe after the nasty breakup? It is still heeling.
  • What is a video of shoes called? Footage.
  • What is a video of dancing feet called? Footage. 
  • Why doesn’t Sarah like wearing flip flops in the mountains? Because she gets cold feet.
  • Why did the foot break up with the toe? Because it was lack-toes-intolerant.
  • Why was the pinky toe dislocated from her feet? Because her feet was lack-toes-intolerant.
  • What is a foot’s favorite snack? Chee-toes.
  • What did Sarah say to her feet when she couldn’t finish the marathon? “You cheetoes!”
Feet Puns

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