58+ Best Female Puns and Funny Quotes

A female or a woman is an individual who is capable of giving birth or producing eggs. Share some hilarious and humorous jokes with your female companions to make them giggle for hours. Given below is a collection of some funny female puns.

Female Puns and Funny Quotes

  • Time hold ups for no male person because time is definitely a female.
  • A current survey has found that the female who is fat exists longer than the male who mentions it.
  • My imagination woman has a unique mixture of inner and outer elegance and is, most importantly, too innocent to realize that I am not good enough for her.
  • She had a desire to pet a pup. But I didn’t have the desire to pet a pup. So we had a settlement and got a doggy.
  • Never make fun of the preference of your girlfriend because you are one of her choices.
  • A good wife never stays mad at her husband when she is not right.
  • Why isn’t it easy for female individuals to find good-looking, caring, and emotional male individuals? Because this type of male individuals already have boyfriends.
  • Is google a female individual? Because it always comes up with a lot of other recommendations before you complete your sentence.
Female Puns
  • Behind every annoyed wife there is always a husband who is totally clueless about his fault.
  • If a female individual is involved in a sexual relationship with 10 guys, people call her a slut, but if a male individual does the same, He is definitely not straight.
  • Sometimes female individuals make fun of male individuals, but maximum men are the perform-it-yourself type.
  • If a man doesn’t forget your eye color after the first meeting, possibilities are.. you don’t have big boobs.
  • A husband who is a former employee is always the full-time job of his wife.
  • Why was the phrase ‘Ladies first’ invented? For the man to check out the butt of a woman.
  • Female individuals should not have kids after 40.
  • Truly … 40 kids are adequate.
  • A mind of a female individual is cleaner than the mind of a male individual. A female individual changes her mind more frequently.
  • There is only a few female individuals who accept their age and a few male individual acts it.
  • Why do women have a softer voice than men? Because women don’t have an antenna.
Female Puns
  • Never tie a knot with a woman who was the leader of the argument team.
  • Women might never be honest about orgasms. But men have the ability to be dishonest about a whole relationship.
  • Google is clearly a female person. Because it starts recommending other things before completing the sentence.
  • My wife is not very intelligent. I notified her, our youngsters were pretty rotten. She said, “Every youngster scent that way”.
  • What are the similarities between electric trains and boobs of women? They were initially intended for kids but it is the male individuals who mostly play with them.
  • What separates your wife and your employment? After a few years your employment will still suck.
  • Why didn’t the individual file a complaint about his stolen credit card? Because his wife spent more than the thief.
  • I’m making an effort to date my philosophy lecturer, but she is totally clueless about my existence.
  • You can never have a prosperous bond with a female person if you can’t differentiate a smile and a threat.
  • What separates men and women? A woman prefers one man to fulfill her all needs…But a man prefers all women to fulfill his one need.
  • Never misjudge the capability of a female individual to make anything your mistake.
  • What is the similarity between women and police cars? They both are very loud to inform you they are showing up.
  • Women wouldn’t judge you by inches until you judge them by pounds.
  • Arguement is the only way to lose a debate with a woman.
  • Why don’t women open their eyes during intercourse? They can’t see a man having an amazing time.
  • What is the similarity between a grenade and a woman? An individual removes the ring and the whole apartment is gone.
Female Puns

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