100+ Finger-Esting Finger Puns to Start Your Day with A Laugh

These finger puns can help you come up with some new and creative captions for brief postings and assist you in maintaining a sense of humor in daily life. Popular finger puns occasionally employed in one-handed jokes can also be found here. Because many memorable interactions are created through gestures and conversations, take some break and read our finger puns.

Funny finger puns

Even though phrases like “hands down,” “get the upper hand,” or “knowing the back of your hand” can have a serious undertone, we also know that fingers are also an essential part, and they can also provide for some hilarious finger puns.

  • Today I destituted my finger. But on the other hand, I’m good.
  • The thumb spoke to the finger; what do you think he said? I’m in love with you.
  • What’s the name for an additional finger? I’m not sure, but it’s always more reliable than the others.
  • While chopping cheese, I cut my finger, but I believe I may have more significant issues.
  • There are five different kinds of individuals—those who comprehend roman numbers and those who do not are indicated by holding up two fingers.
  • A Roman enters a pub and motions with his two fingers for “five beers, please.”
  • How many fingers does an octopus need to laugh? Ten tickles
  • What is the name for a creative person with brown fingers? Pickasso.
  • At work, a friend of mine lost a finger. He’ll probably receive severance compensation, I suppose.
  • Except for a handgun, nothing is more potent than a finger gun.
  • What does lady fingers’ opposite entail? Mentos
  • My finger bears a scar from an axe. An axident occurred.
  • My finger broke yesterday. Blue foam is all around, and it is not worth the money!
  • While I was baking, I cut my finger. Unfortunately, blood cannot be removed from scones.
  • I first experimented with finger food. Thankfully, I only used five, so I could still hold it.
  • I wouldn’t have rubbed my eyes if I had realized that I had ketchup on my fingers. Heinz’s eyes are 20/20.
  • Where is the “pull my finger” game the riskiest to play? At the colony for lepers.
  • What’s the name of the tree that fingers grow on? A palm tree.
  • The vicar pointed his finger at me while I was in church the other day and said, “Pew, pew, pew.” I quizzed him about whether or not he was substituting like he was firing a laser gun. “Nope, just counting the seats,” he replied.
  • The other day, I was cleaning my finger pistol. and pierced my air guitar with a bullet.
  • I was slicing cheese when I cut my finger. It had a keen edge.
  • Suppose a doctor gets paid to poke his finger in my butt. Does this tell that he is also a prostitute?
  • The other day, I ordered chicken fingers doused in Buffalo sauce. I instructed the chef to throw them carefully. They are tenders, thus.
  • Tolkien keyed the total of The Lord of the Rings with two fingers. That had to be Mordor.
  • She murmured, “Give me back my guitar,” as I stroked my finger down her G string.
  • Why did the baker’s fingertips have a brown tint? He wanted to poop.
  • What transpires if you touch a gypsy on her period? Your palm gets red.
  • If they could figure out a method to make it seem like half the audience vanished, Thanos’ finger snap would have more effect. But, unfortunately, it looks like only DC movies are capable of that.
  • The guy was injured at work and lost a finger. His wife was discussing it with a friend. Did he lose the entire finger, the friend inquired? No, the one next to it, the wife retorted.
  • A man expresses to his wife over the telephone that he was in a workshop accident. He claims, “I had my finger amputated!” The entire finger, she inquires. No, the one next to it, he responds.
  • Why do hands matter so much? First, they are usually necessary for one thumb and the other.
  • What have a child molester and a musician in common? They both enjoy pointing at A minor.
  • A man is seated in the doctor’s waiting room. He spins his wedding band around his finger amusingly as he does this. Unfortunately, no combination will unlock that object; an older man whispers across from him as he beckons.
  • When both lesbians are menstruating, what do they do to pass the time? Finger drawing.
  • What has a pig-like odor and is green? The finger of the frog Kermit
  • How can you tell if a technician has had recent sex? He has one spotless finger.
  • Why did the bald man make a pocket hole? He wanted to comb his hair with his fingers.
  • How painful is it to have a finger amputated? I’d rate it at approximately 9 out of 10.
  • I am aware that I cut off my hands for a cause. Right now, I’m just having trouble identifying it.
  • Recently, I started wood carving, and I cut my finger. Nothing major happens—just a little cut.
  • Yesterday, I got the finger from a man who approached my lawn. I swear I’ll never again attempt to trim my tree limbs without gloves.
  • I cut my finger, Dad. I said, “You should tryactin on that.” What is tryactin, Dad? Try being a man, I say.
  • I made a pun about being able to compute segments in my brain without cutting off a finger last night while I was cooking. Nobody giggled. I guess I wasn’t trying to reach the most people.
  • Rubber gloves’ fingers can be severed, and each one is used as a contraceptive in an emergency—just some handy advice.

Finger puns

The human hand is an evolutionary miracle. We know we can operate items and instruments with a significantly greater degree of accuracy than monkeys and other animals because of the way our elongated thumb can oppose our fingers. The purpose of the hand is to produce precise movements using its grip and grasp. Besides being a very important, they also act as a good source for finger puns. We have collected some finger puns for you.

  • Last night, while taking a quick break at the gym, I noticed a small hole in my trainer. To make a long story short, she complained, so I now have to find a new gym.
  • Have you ever heard the tale of the woman who ate a razor? As a result, she underwent a tonsillectomy, a hysterectomy, had her husband circumcised and amputated her next-door neighbor’s finger.
  • A rookie approaches a blonde detective and inquires how she believes they will be able to identify a victim if the corpse has been beheaded and had his fingers and hands severed. The blond investigator replies, “The question is straightforward: How many headless persons do you suppose there are in this city? All you have to do is check our database against their image.”
  • A lesbian impotent. She bit her tongue, cutting her finger.
  • A man is involved in an accident and loses both of his ring fingers. His wife was stunned.
  • Chuck Norris uses his fingers to cut paper by extending them in a V shape and moving them up and down.
  • What led to the arrest of the guitar instructor? For fingering a child.
  • Others: How many fingers am I holding up? Friend: *hits head* I asked a friend, “On a scale of one to ten, how suicidal am I?” 10 friends Me: He’s okay, guys.
  • What kind of food is a lesbian’s favorite? Finger-Food
  • Do you know why I use my left hand to make a woman’s finger? They are not worthy of rights.
  • Two Romans entered a pub, and one extended his middle and index fingers toward the waiter. The two Romans left the pub in a rage when the waiter returned with two beers. A man remarked, “Boi, you are dumb,” to the waiter.
  • Introductions at all meetings at school: “Welcome Boys and Girls to Grade School!” Middle School: “Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.” “Fingers and fingerees,” high school
  • I installed a touch screen on my laptop since I didn’t want my mother to look at it and make fun of her lack of fingers; you only have to tap the screen to unlock it.
  • Do not hold back your feelings till you are about to pass away. Possibly, you lack the strength to elevate your middle finger.
  • A programmer entered a pub. “Five beers, please,” he said to the bartender while holding up his thumb and middle finger.
  • Middle Finger, I appreciate you constantly standing up for me.
  • What can you get for nothing in New York? The middle fingers and matches.
  • Why did the thumb enrage the middle finger? We are unsure. It suddenly snapped.
  • I recently failed my driving test. The teacher indicated I didn’t do well with signals. It eludes me. The motorists who honk at me are getting the middle finger from me.
  • A man with two dicks visits the doctor while clutching his middle finger. It is because “a bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush,” he responds when the doctor asks.
  • Some people believe that giving the middle finger is a symbol of religion. It represents the crossing.
  • Saying “great” was not the appropriate response when my girlfriend just revealed that the gynecologist had fingered her both anally and vaginally.
  • How much did I like my brother? My brother questioned me. I promised to demonstrate, but I was born without enough middle fingers.
  • When I shouted “COW!” at a cyclist, she gave me the middle finger. She then directly collided with the animal with her bike. I did.
  • I used to work at a pizza shop, but I was dismissed after having my finger trapped in the dough roller; she was also fired.

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