65+ Best Food Puns and Quotes

Who does not enjoy a good pun about food? Especially people with a love for food never fail to appreciate a good wordplay about their favourite dish. Just like a plate of hot noodles fills your stomach, a few good puns fills your heart with laughter.

Food Puns and Quotes

  • What to you say to a pepper which is always interfering in other people’s matters? “Stop getting jalapeno business!”
  • Which Hollywood actor is the most popular among desserts? Robert Brownie Jr.
  • What would you call a cow which does not have any legs? Ground Beef.
  • Which country would someone who is fond of eating go to most frequently? Viet-nom.

_What would you call a macaroni which is always in a mood for flirting? Mackin’ cheese.

_How do you make a vegetable stop talking? You say, “Bitch peas!”

_Which dessert does Adele like the most? Jello! From the other side.

_What did the DJ say at the party of vegetables? He said, “Lettuce turnip the volume.”

_Which book does someone with a love for eating like reading the most? The lunchbag of Notre Dame.

 food puns

_What would you call a cheese that belongs to someone else? Nacho cheese.

_What would you call the father of a baby corn? Pop corn.

_Why could the sesame seed not stop dancing? It was on a roll.

_What would you call a dishonest noodle which cheats on others? Im-pasta.

_Why is telling a joke to eggs never worth it? Because they get cracked up very easily.

_What was the one good quality that the mushroom had? He was a fun-gi.

_Why was the lettuce red with embarrassment? Because it had seen the salad dressing.

_Which is the one day of the week that an egg fears the most? Fry-day.

_Why were the two bread slices missing from the previous night? Because they had e-loafed.

_Why should you not trust the peanut butter with any secrets? It tends to get spread.

_Why do the people of France prefer eating snails? Because they despise fast food.

_What sound did the nut which had caught a cold make while sneezing? Cashews!

_Why are you always under surveillance in a farm? Because the corn has ears while the potatoes have eyes.

_Why does a pepper hate a cold weather? Because it tends to get very chilli.

_What kind of lettuce is never served on a ship? Iceberg.

_How did the spaghetti bid farewell? It said, “Pasta la Vista!”

_What do you do to a fruit which has died? You berry it.

 food puns

_Why was the organisation of vegetables under pressure? Because confidential information was leaked.

_Why did the kid not get upset after he has dropped his hot dog on the ground? He thought, “It could always have been worse.”

_What would say to a cheese which acts crazy? You would say, “Are you out of your rind?”

_How do eggs express their love for each other? They shower quiches on each other.

_What do you call a drink which appears way too spaced out? Absinth minded.

_How did the butcher manage to save up enough money for the education of his son? He met ends meat.

_Who is the most popular celebrity among fruits? Melon Degeneres.

_What does the bread call his wife? His butter half.

_How do you remind an herb that he is running late? You tell him, “It’s about thyme.”

_What would a foodie say to a bowl of popcorn? He would say, “You are adora-bowl.”

_What does a banana do at the fitness training class? A banana split.

_Where did the lemon perform on the stage? Under the limelight.

food puns

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