60+ Fork Puns that Will Never Let You Sit Quietly on The Dining Ever!

Well, we are quite fond of running out of forks or struggling with it but giggling over it is a hell of a meal. If you are someone with table manners, this is going to be the last time you saw the utensils in the same manner. These fork puns will get you caught for sure.

Funny Fork Puns

 These fork puns are surely made for you to tease your family while they are cooking. Having your meal would never be boring again, all you are going to do is think about these funny fork jokes. Look at the best fork puns.

-Do you know why I favor forks?

Because spoons are pointless.

– Can you suggest to me the best quality to use when photographing forks?


– Why do you think a fork can be better than a knife in a fight?

Because it’s a four-pronged attack!

– Hey, fork you.

I’m sorry, that wasn’t very knife.

– SPOON- I can’t take it anymore, Frank, I’m leaving you. All you do is sit on the table and make stupid puns.

FORK-Babe don’t go, please forkive me.

– What do you call knife and forks that have been divided into pieces?


– What one say when you’re out of spoons?

Fork it.

– If life is a soup

Then I am a fork

– I can teach you to speak Irish even more.

Say this five times fast:

“you fork can eat jet.”

– I was once trying to eat soup with a fork.

It was a strain.

– A recent survey found that only 20% of people were eating dinner with their children…

The other 80% were caught to be using a knife and fork.

– I was going to break the prongs off my fork

But I realized it might be pointless.

– The utensils always wanted the fork to stand front in the row,

So that it won’t pork.

– A man was trying to fix a socket board with a fork 

What happened next will shock you.

– Once I was at a restaurant and asked for a fork,

This rude waiter told me, He don’t give me a fork.

– While at dinner they only gave us a spoon to eat with.

Seems they give zero forks.

– I wanted to pass time so I started eating cereal with a fork.

– My trainer told me not to touch even a piece of cake

So I picked it up with a fork.

– Why do you think the fork wanted to attend the party?

To have a great tine.

– My friend was never a fan of forks or spoons. I asked why is that

He said They won’t cut it.

– Fork- Hey plate! Why do you always pay for the meal?

Plate- Because the meal is on me.

– Don’t ever try to plug a fork in a socket,

The result might shock you!

– You know what a utensil strength is,

It’s when you try to break a Fork.

– Fork- It’s knife to meet you!

Knife- Ooh for fork’s sake.

– Knife- You’re so smooth Spoon!

Spoon-That’s knife of you.

Fork- It’s still pointless.

– Knife- Why did you stop hanging out with a spoon?

Fork- Because all it does is stir up things.

– The fork and knife had a fight. Guess who won?


Neither, they ended up in a drawer.

– It’s going to be pointless eating food without Fork.

– Guys my truck’s tyre got punctured today.

How did that happen?

Guess there was a fork in the road.

– My chopping board and tuning fork make better music than most musicians.

– What name will you give a fork with threeprongs?

A threek.

– I still don’t get why parents give their children forks and spoons to play with at the dining table.

– I slapped a fork, guess what happened?

It  hertz

– Fork- I’m so forking lucky to know you.

Spoon- Thanks

– Spoon- It’s great that you are so sharp.

Knife- Oh nothing without your grip fork.

Fork- But you carry it so smoothly spoon.

– Spoon- Why can’t we just take a day off?

Fork-A re you not busy in the morning?

Spoon- Oh! Just gotta whisk it.

Fork Puns

The way utensils make noise, they must be having a good time. But who’s the fun guy? Is it the fork or the plate that always rolls on the floor and laughs?

Let’s have a look at the funniest fork puns to know that. These puns are purely made to give a good time. 

Here are your top most funny fork puns.

– What did the fork say when it was angry at the spoon?

FORK it!

– From picking fruits in the morning to eating chicken at night, Fork’s been working overtime.

– How can you learn to eat with a chopstick

Just get a fork!

– Told my class teacher I broke my fork while eating.

She gave me a knife one.

– Fork-It must be tiring getting wet so many times.

Spoon- It’s better than stabbing my head again and again.

– Spoon-I care a lot about my skin.

Fork- You staining beauty!

– Wonder why Ramsay used to ask for forks so many times in his show?

– Spoon- Look I got you a cap.

Fork- You mean just one?

– Spoon – Be knife to others.

Fork- I don’t fork care.

– Spoon – I must return to the drawer as soon as possible.

Knife- why is that?

Spoon- To be away from fork’s thorn.

– Guess the person who uses the word Fork the most?

Ans- Gordan Ramsay

– I got kicked off from my silverware factory job.

They told me to fork off.

– What do you call a war between a spoon and a fork?


– I have realized that food lasts longer if you just eat it with a fork.

– I was too shy to ask for a spoon, So I made everyone made for an hour while I was finishing my soup with a fork.

– The cutlery was dressed in black.

Guess it was a forkneral.

– Why did the fork not invite the spoon to the part?

Because it was spooning a lot lately.

– Chopstick- Eating with me is taken as a skill and people feel proud!

Fork- But in the end, they break you and pick up a fork to finish the meal.

– What do you call a pig that eats with a fork?


– Helen- Say Fort three times.


Helen – Now spell it twice!

Jim- F O R T, F O R T

Helen- What do you eat soup with?

Jim- Fork HAHA

Helen-Really, I eat mine with a spoon.

– Fork- Knock Knock!

Spoon- Who’s there?

Fork- FORK!

Spoon- Fork-who?  

Fork- Forket it I’m leaving.

– Fork- I forking hate traffic!

Spoon- That’s not knife of you to say. 

– Spoon- It was a hell of a knife.

Fork- Forket about that.

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