70+ Funny Frame Puns and Jokes for One-Liner

The frame is a bounding line or a plastic, wood, or metal structure that supports and surrounds an image, window or door. Send some hilarious and funny frame jokes with your family and companions to make them giggle for hours. Given below is a list of some humorous frame puns.

Frame Puns

  • The frame, engine, wheels and a gas tank of my father’s bike made of wood, was it ridden by him? No, it would not start.
  • What separates a worthless Scottish girl and a laughing auto frame? One is a chaffy girl and another is a laughy frame.
  • It is said by my wife says that I spent cash by ordering a 4-meter large frame for our marriage picture.
  • Well, I guess she needs to look at the larger picture.
  • You’re the most amazing father in the world even though my frame of belief is pretty restricted.
  • Some gay men were hired by me for framing my new house. A terrible job was done by them. There was no straight stud in my house.
  • A remarkable documentary on the airplane frames conference just watched by me.
  • Educator: Frame a group of words with the word ‘harassment.’
  • Student: I have a fondness for a woman and harassment a lot to me.
  • Move backward your night time frames.
  • Last laboring record was: 900 seconds of Frame.
  • It is said by the wife that the woman at the frame store was not American.
  • Why didn’t she has any patience?
  • A carton full of photo frames was carried by my son. He said he thought this would be difficult to move.
  • A new dining table with a frame made of metal instead of a frame made of wood.chosen by my wife.
  • I praised her for choosing an unteak.
  • Dad stepped down the staircases with a dozen of photo frames in his hand and said that he has been framed.
  • I got framed for homicide…
  • My photo presently attaches to the wall in the PD.
  • Finally my certificate is framed by me for having the ability to hit my sperm 15m,
  • And I can’t imagine to what extent I’ve come.
  • What separates Jesus and a frame of Jesus? It only takes one pin to attach the frame to the wall.
  • A photo of a caduceus was framed and wore by me for Halloween party.
  • I was an image of fitness.
  • Why did Mona Lisa make an emotional appeal in court that she is not guilty? Because Mona Lisa was framed.

Frame Jokes

  • What would a mistakenly convicted art be called? Framed.
  • What was said by the picture in its justification? It said it has been framed.
  • How many frames in every second it needs to tighten in an electric bulb? 30 because that is the job of peasants.
  • An individual was framed for an offense.
  • It was such a nice picture of the individual’s mugshot.
  • My best companion was framed by a group of cows for an offense that he didn’t do.
  • I promise I’ll find the homicide by whom my friend was criminalized.
  • Definition of a polar bear.
  • Polar bear is a Cartesian bear in the various frame of ideas.
  • Photographers are very harsh.
  • You will be framed by them, shoot by them, blown up by them and lastly hang by them.
  • A bungalow was accused of homicide…
  • Secretly I believe it was framed.
  • It’s not nice to catch a glimpse of so many images end up in prison.
  • Most of the images have been framed.
  • A pub steps into a physicist.
  • Apologetic about it. The incorrect frame of idea.
  • Why did the cops take the image to prison? because the image was framed.
Frame Puns

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