74+ Best Frog Puns and Quotes

Frogs are cute animals that appear interesting not only because of their looks but also for their nature. People who like frogs should definitely like puns about them. These puns relate to frogs, toads and tadpoles and will definitely light up the mood of a person.

Here are some frog puns:

  • Why can you never disturb a frog? Because they eat up anything they are bugged by.
  • If you give a piece of paper to a frog, what will he do with it? He will rip-it apart.
  • Why does a frog make a great basketball player? Because frogs excel in jump shots.
  • Why does a frog never make any mistakes while parking his car? Because he is very afraid of getting toad.
  • What advice does a frog give to his students about the Bible? He says “Read-it, Read-it, Read-it!”
  • What can you call a lady who has a frog on her head? You can call her “Lily”!
  • Which soft drink does a frog like the most? It likes Croak-a-Cola.
  • Which is the favourite candy of a frog? Lolli-hops.
  • What kind of footwear does a frog prefer wearing? A pair of Open toad sandals.
  • What did the waiter at the restaurant reply when you asked him if he had frog legs? He said that he didn’t and always walked this way.
  • With what does a frog decorate his house at Christmas? He uses mistle-toads.
Frog Puns
  • Why are frogs prone to taking all the wrong decisions? Because they always jump to wrong conclusions.
  • Which does a frog carry off the best? A jump-suit.
  • Which is the favourite genre of music of a frog? Hip-hop.
  • What would you call a cross between some mist and a frog? Kermit the fog.
  • Where did the cultured frog go to spend the evening? To the Hopera.
  • What would you call a cross between a frog and a snake? A jump rope.
  • Where should you go to buy the eggs of a frog? To a spawn shop.
  • What would you call a frog which has no hind limbs? An unhoppy frog.
  • What would you call the act of dressing up as a frog and killing someone? You call it Kermit-ing a crime.
  • Which flower does a frog like the most? Croak-us.
  • What do frogs use to communicate secretly among each other? They use Morse Toad.
Frog Puns
  • What do you call a cross between a frog and a rabbit? Bunny ribb-it.
  • What can jump a mile within a minute? A frog which has hiccups.
  • What do you call a crossover between a dog and a frog? Croaker Spaniel.
  • What was the Halloween costume of the frog? That of a prince.
  • How should you greet a frog? Ask him “Wart’s new”?
  • What do you call a cross between a frog and an alligator? A croak-odile.
  • What do you call something which hops in front of a vehicle? Froglights.
  • How do you ask a frog to get into the car? You say, “Hop on!”
  • Which is the favourite film of a frog? Star Warts.
  • Who did the frog visit when he started having problems in his eyes? The hopthalmologist.
Frog Puns
  • Which car does a frog like the most? The Volkswagen Beetle.
  • What would you call a frog who acts at the secret service? A Croak and Dagger agent.
  • Which is the favourite time of a frog? The leap year.
  • What would you call a frog that has the ability to talk? Quantum leap.
  • Why does a frog always follow the ongoing trend? It tends to jump on the bandwagon.
  • What do you call a room where frogs keep their coats and hats? The croakroom.
  • Why was the frog not allowed inside the bank? Because he intended to robbit.
  • What happens when two toads collide with each other? They become tongue tied.
  • What do you call a pole that is short in height and sloppy? Tadpole.
  • Why can you never trust a frog? Because they are very frog-etful.
Frog Puns

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