75+ Best Fruit puns

Laugh, flirt, tell people that you are grateful, convey them messages and complaint to them in some fruity way. This is funny as well as healthy when you tell them to others. Here are some fruits punch (puns) that will make you and those around you giggle a little more. 

Fruit puns

  • She looked pear-fect in that dress. 
  • Not matter what, shakes-pear is my personal favourite. 
  • I know I have not know you much, but you are pear-fect. 
  • I told you how so berry sorry I am about what I did. 
  • The last I saw her was in her wedding. She was Looking berry beautiful in that pink dress.
  • I told him about the entire situation and he told me to chill because it was not a fig deal. 
  • You might have bad days but all you got to do is take a deep breath in and let it mango.
  • Don’t be sad. You should know that you are doing grape. 
  • My colleague got me fruits when I was hospitalized. He is cherry sweet. 
  • It is difficult to find a husband like him. I found him in a melon. 
Fruit Puns
  • The bride and groom stood together after the ceremony. They made a really great pear. 
  • The kiwi to my heart is food. 
  • It was a berry hot and hectic day. Thank you cherry much for such grape shakes. 
  • Kiwi go out on a date together?
  • I do not like orange but I like orange. But it is strange because orange is so orange. 
  • You stood my me in my bad times, I am so grapeful to have you in my life. 
  • I ap-peach-iate your presence in my life. 
  • I could not afford to eat an apple and there she was, talking over one. 
  • It is all about time. There was one when he could not afford to eat an apple. Today he own one to talk to. 
  • The only dates I am getting are the ones that are eaten. 
  • You are cherry cute! 
  • He does not guava clue that I love him so much. 
Fruit Puns
  • I am a very understanding person but you Cannot simply take me pomegranate. 
  • I never wanted to smoke but there was so much peer pressure that I could not deny. 
  • They are having an orange marriage. 
  • If I can’t orange you a ride, I will drop you home myself. 
  • Your silence is kiwing me. 
  • She can kiwi you with those looks. 
  • There are melons of people in the world but still you are my favorite. 
  • It is easier to peach than it is to practice. 
  • You peach a lot about peace but do you even practice anything. 
  • You are and will always be my number plum. 
  • You are always number plum. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. 
Fruit Puns
  • If I had know that this was happening, I would have come too. He did not guava me any hint. 
  • She does not understand that olive her so much. 
  • He is so plum that he cannot get a simple clue. 
  • Dogs have a special peach in my heart. 
  • The fruit cake that she baked herself was fig-ing amazing. 
  • She might not agree but look cherry cute together and will make a berry good peer. 
  • She should have informed if she cannot orange the fruits. I will do it myself. 
  • My going to the party was berry important. 
  • You tell me not to but I berry about you when you are late.
  • In a melon years this planet will change to something that we Cannot imagine. 
  • His jokes are fig-ing great. 
  • I earlier thought that he is plum and stupid but he is fig-ing funny and grape. 
  • He looked so grape that I could not stop looking at him.
  • You got to have a strong grape over your kids. 
  • In a melon light years, this has never happened.
Fruit Puns

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