100+ Funny Science Puns Laughs for Scientists

Scientists are usually found to be very serious and indulged in various research and experiments. But usually, every word associated with them becomes nerdy and boring. You need to make science fun too by adding a little humor to it. Here are some words associated with scientists that you can use as puns.

Funny Science Jokes

  • The surroundings was so fact that I had no plan how to actually deal with it. So I sat down and observed what was happening.
  • The electron kettle has stopped functioning and I need someone to fix it for me and this is how we met
  • I proof-er beer over tea. But she was a tea kind of a person. 
  • They lab the people to a vacated location so that every one was safe from the chaos. That is how the panic began.
  • The matter was too tiny. They quarrelled for it uselessly and made a big deal out of it in such a way that there was no escape.
  • You have not even matter. How can you be so sure that she is going to like the gift?
  • The mass was shut and they had to cook for themselves that night. We did not. Rather we ordered something. 
Science Puns
  • The motion was aborted because some one had leaked the information. The culprit is being searched for.
  • The magician performed his matrix and all of us were surprized. We paid extra money for a frw more tricks.
  • I do not have time to sit and talk about last night. I will get back to you laser and discuss about what happened in details. 
  • The nobel rang and children rang out to play in the recess. Noting could stop them.
  • He was in joule for the bank robbery. They let him out last week on bail. 
  • The entire solar system is was having some issue. We had to reset a lot of things again. 
  • There was no solution to the issues he was discussing about with us. At the end all us gave up and went to sleep.
  • Acid that I will meet him soon but he came that very day home without telling. i welcomed him with nice coffee. 
Science Puns
  • I am going to the beach to flask in the sun during the summer break this year when we go to our vacation.
  • I flask was easy, I do not know why it took them so much time to finish it. I think they have always been a bit lazy. 
  • You and I have a covalent bond. People all around the campus knew this and were jealous and talked about it a lot. 
  • When I first saw you, I am so sure there was some chemical reaction between you and me. I can hardly forget that time.
  • This is not the way to talk to a senior member of the group. You should not shout atom like that in public place. 
  • I was sitting atom the class, behind you but you did not seem to notice at all unless I threw a paper ball at you.
  • I chemist the call. I need to call her back before she gets annoyed and starts fuming. 
Science Puns
  • She came and sat on my lab and started licking my face. She is the cutest cat you will ever see any where. 
  • She clicks perfect photons. I was told this by a lot of people and this is the reason I invited her to my wedding. 
  • The scientists repeated Gregor Mendel’s experiment in their lab and when it was successful, they screamed- woo-pea. 
  • The scientists were very precise about their culture. No matter what, they would always take care of it with all their affection. 
  • Culture is made with a lot of effort and needs the right kind of conditions to grow and reach a particular stage. 
  • They could not control the group from doing what they wanted to do and hence the experiment was ruined.
Science Puns

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