56+ Best Game of Throne Puns and Funny Quotes

Even though Game of Thrones has ended but fans are still crazy about everything that is related to it. The Valar Murghulis tribe still wants more of GOT and feel so happy when they can relate something with it. Here are some Game of Throne puns that you can use in your daily lingo and feel nostalgic about the days when the show was still airing. 

Game of Throne Puns and Funny Quotes

  • I think and I know things. 
  • I hodor you. 
  • The way he spoke to me, it was so hodor-able.
  • He was very imp-ortant to the queen. 
  • I was not used to so much attention but then I realised how imp-ortant I was to them. 
  • The way he saved Brain, it was hordor-able. 
  • I Rickon that they could have made a better end. 
  • I had to Rikon about it a lot before saying yes to anything. 
  • When I looked at him last, I knew it was not going to end Samwell. 
  • He has been in their custody for a very long time. I think they should set him Joffrey. 
  • When the king was set Joffrey, he ran as fast as he could and vanished out of everyone’s sight before anyone could Cersie anything. 
Game Of Throne Puns
  • The area is all covered with john snow and temperature is falling. 
  • The winter is coming and the hills will be covered with John Snow. I hope you know it. 
  • I could cersei that they were coming for me. I had no choice but to run. 
  • When I saw her kill the white walker, my heart was filled with greyjoy. 
  • My dad hangs this board outside his door every night that says hear me snore. 
  • All  my life I thought that I was growing strong but now I realise that I was growing wrong. 
  • My wifi connection is not working properly. I called the service centre and they told me that my Lannister the best. 
  • He kept talking to me badly unless I had to tell him that Euron my nerves. 
Game Of Throne Puns
  • They asked me about my past and asked me how I felt. I told them that I have no Ygrittes. 
  • You know muffin john snow is all I told him in the bakery when he asked me to get him small cake with icing on top. 
  • I told him that I could buy him a Bran new wheel chair when he becomes the king. 
  • It was first time I saw him but it was ice to meet him. 
  • He cracked such funny jokes on standup mike. He is such a kingslayer. 
  • My mother told me to pull out the trunk and set warm clothes in the cupboard because winter is coming. 
  • I would have taken her autograph at the event but she said that she was no one. 
  • I could have bought a gift for her but her standards are very high garden. 
  • What did the butcher say to the chef? – our blades are sharp. 
  • Why don’t you Martell what is the matter?
  • Arya coming to the party or should I go alone?
Game Of Throne Puns
  • You should Tyrell what you feel for her before she finds Greyjoy somewhere else. 
  • Take a Mormont and think what you want to do about it. 
  • My mother made sure that no one could touch the desserts before the guests arrived under her watch. 
  • They cannot just Robb you off your reputation. 
  • The White Walker was brought to the party, opened and pegs were made. 
  • It was White Walker, we had to take it neat. 
  • Winter is coming and so are the long nights. So have snacks ready for Hotstar and chill. 
  • Arya sure about the dress and timing?
  • Dany asked you what are we supposed to get for the wedding?
  • That night, Lanissters severed cheesy dragon balls in the dinner. 
  • I GOT to finish the entire season today. 
  • The mother of kittens, first of her name, the queen of my house, the chewer of door mats and the true heir to the world does not compromise with her spot. 

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