100+ Funny Garlic Puns that Are the Best that You Have Herb-Ed Of

The lusty and pungent allium garlic is a comforting flavor in all its forms and in kitchens everywhere. But, even though they are the best spices of all forms, they are also an excellent source for producing puns. So, do not wait; check out our garlic pun collection. We promise that these puns won’t make your breath smell like garlic.

Funny Garlic Puns 

Due to its potent aroma and mouthwatering flavor, garlic is an extensively used cooking ingredient and grows in many regions of the world. But throughout ancient times, garlic was chiefly used for its therapeutic and health assistance. So let us not jump into the history part right away; instead, let us read these excellent garlic puns curated for you. 

Last night, I went to an Indian cafe for some garlic bread. However, they only had naan.

Did you hear that amid the city, a car stuffed with garlic, ginger, and lemongrass ran a red light, harming dozens of people?

Again, there was an apparent disregard for everyone’s safety.

What did the garlic reply when the onion asked who you were?

It told me I’m a “stinking rose,” and vampire-slayers wear me under their garments.

I suggest you eat a clove of garlic with each meal to stop the Coronavirus from affecting you. Although it won’t do anything to prevent you from getting sick, folks will keep their distance of six feet from you.

What do we call a dog that only eats onions and garlic as his daily supper?

We call it a dog whose barks are more awful than its bites.

I intended to prepare some garlic butter mushrooms to add flavor to a meal. Then I understood that nobody had thyme for that.

I really asked my now-wife out just after she asked if I wanted garlic bread. She’s a champion.

Is it true that garlic powder is made out of garlic, then baby powders are made of babies?

What will the garlic group do when they start sweating so much during the summer?

They start removing their cloves.

What Do You Call a Restaurant That Serves Only Garlic?

We call it the vampire slayer Buffet.

” You’ve run out of garlic naan bread, ” said the restaurant waiter. “I fail to see the issue. To me, it appears to be a naan issue.”

Our dad discovered the garlic festival as we were traveling from Vermont. Well, we won’t discover any vampires in there, he announces.

How did the hipster get mouth burn?

Long before it became cool, he consumed garlic bread.

How can a gluten-free vampire be killed?

A garlic bread.

What currency do cloves use?

They use garlic bread.

What sort of socks is necessary for planting garlic?

A garden hose.

What did the vampire hear from the garlic?

Want some pizza from me? You’re a wimp!

How many vampires attended the contest to consume the most garlic?

I have no idea; there were innumerable.

What is the term for an individual who was raised on garlic?

Garlic bred.

How was the gardener’s denim repaired?

A vegetable plot nearby.

What place does a clove of garlic go to drink?

It is a salad bar.

What do you name an Irish vegetable?


How is garlic toast made? Raise your glass in celebration of all that it has accomplished.

The other day, as my best buddy and I disagreed with a Pizza Hut, he came over, took the coleslaw and garlic bread from our table, and left. He should stop picking sides, please.

Garlic Puns

Did you know that the term garlic, which initially meant “spear leek,” is where the name garlic derives from? So garlic ranges back a long time in history. But let us not go to the history part.

I think the new formulation of garlic into puns is a much more numerous and less stinky way of intaking garlic into your life. So why do you have to wait? Just jump straight into these puns and have a good time.

Garlic is now a part of my magic routine. I begin by crushing it, add some basil and pine nuts, and combine everything with a bit of parmesan cheese and olive oil to make pesto.

Garlic, I hope you rest in peace. You’ll be minced.

What do you call a restaurant that primarily serves garlic and is popular among bookworms? We call it Allicine wonderland.

My kids wanted garlic bread, so I went to the neighborhood Indian eatery. As we asked, the naan was served.

What does Van Helsing put in the winter on his driveway?

He put salted garlic.

Have you heard of the diet where people consume only garlic and onions? Even if you consume garlic and onions for a week, you won’t lose much weight, but you will appear smaller since people will avoid you and stand far away from you to talk to you.

How many vampires attended the contest to consume the most garlic?

I don’t know how many, but it is innumerable.

Thanks to the deli llama, I discovered wisdom while eating cold garlic sausage slices made from a particular breed of South American camelid.

What did the garlic say to the underweight onion?

No more puns about light bulbs!

Why was the discarded garlic unclothed?

It is because there were no more cloves left.

The secret to my long life, according to a 100-year-old veteran, is garlic. But, it is not a secret, claims a neighbor.

I once cracked a joke about having garlic breath while kissing. That was unpleasant.

Why did the blonde bother eating her pasta with tic-tacs in it?

To mint her garlic, conferring to the recipe.

According to the recipe, mince the garlic. You’ll never amount to anything, I told it.

Gandhi, a very calloused, delicate mystic with additional halitosis, would squeeze garlic into his mouth to treat hunger pains while going barefoot up mountains to contemplate.

I modified my basil, garlic, and pine nut sauce recipe. And I had a brand-new recipe for pesto-change.

One pizza is ordered. You are happy. Next time, place a pizza and garlic bread order. Before you know it, you’re eating pizza for every meal, and if you skip one, you start to experience withdrawal. That is the dominos reaction.

A man ordered extra garlic in a restaurant but instead received ginger. It was a root shock.

How can garlic cloves entice one another?

It is by removing their cloves.

I slept with a loaf of garlic bread. I now have herbes.

Where do celery, carrots, turnips, and garlic go for making love?

The brothel.

Why do you put garlic in your pants, my wife? So the Dracula won’t devour my behind, I said. Why would Dracula eat your behind, my wife?

Me: The garlic won’t let him even listen to me?

Hey! Are we cheese and garlic bread, respectively?

Because you dive right in!

What place did the garlic clove allot appointment for a drink?

Salad Bar!

Everybody stays away if you eat garlic every day.

I’ve seen recipes that call for one clove of garlic. However, one garlic clove is insufficient for any recipe unless it is a recipe for “How to Cook One Garlic Clove?”

So use two in this condition as well.

If you ever feel down, remember how my friend and his girlfriend peeled 102 garlic cloves for a recipe only to discover it called for 1 or 2 garlic cloves.

Why is it that the vampire dislikes garlic?

It’s because you have to exist to enjoy garlic.

So tonight, I brought three orders of garlic knots to an elderly lady. As I always do, I repeated the order and total, and the old lady informed me with a wink that she was feeling a little mischievous.

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