96+ Giraffe Puns that Are Head and Shoulders Above All Others!

You don’t always have to look over something! These giraffe puns are made for everyone, and giraffes are cute and calm creatures. You ought to love these giraffe puns and will want more!

Funny Giraffe Jokes

Giraffes are quite unique in the way they are. And these giraffe puns will make you laugh LONG enough! If your friends are having a rough day, these giraffe puns will make their stomachs hurt. 

  • Blowing out the candles has always been an issue for giraffes, since they have to really stoop low to get the job done.
  • The moment you let the giraffes get their heads in the cloud, will stop working hard enough to build their careers.
  • How does a giraffe wish a young giraffe on his birthday?
Congratulations on reaching new heights.
  • Why do zebras not like giraffes?
Because they look down on them.
  • When they don’t feel well, giraffes go to the giraffe-sick park to take a rest.
  • The giraffe ministrations were in high spirits on his birthday.
  • I always knew that the giraffe was up to its neck in it.
  • After an argument with a giraffe it took him more than a week to apologize as it’s a really long way for them to swallow their pride.
  • When a young giraffe starts acting boastful on his birthday, the mother giraffe always tells him to get off the high horse.
  • All the giraffes went to the Himalayas to the giraffe monk who finally understood the higher calling.
  • What do you call the laughter of someone who looks like a giraffe?
Giraffe Puns
  • Just what happened when an elephant and a giraffe walked into a bar?
Neither could fit in.
  • Where the little giraffe had a pain, or was a pain, in the neck no one will ever know.
  • A boat made for giraffes to go rafting in the Rapids it’s called a gi-raft.
  • Why should a giraffe stretch the truth when it can stretch its neck?
  • What do you get can you put the hedgehog on a giraffe’s head?
A really long toothbrush.
  • When the chef giraffe was making a meal for the king, thought it was a tall order, but he did get the highest praise later.
  • Am I a giraffe that you can’t see eye to eye with me?
  • When it comes to giraffe, it has to be a tall order.
  • Anything that’s green and hangs from trees doesn’t necessarily have to be giraffe snot.
  • The giraffe’s girlfriend left him because he became practically intallerable.
  • Although giraffes are said to go up to 18 feet, you can only see 4.
  • The giraffe knew that it wasn’t a patch on the other animals.
  • Do you know how the first year off was made?
Actually Chuck Norris uppercut a spotted horse.
  • Believe it or not, that giraffe join as an extra staff at the office but rose and then a king order, to finally reach the position of CEO today.
  • Most giraffes get an easy promotion in their jobs because everyone else looks up to them.
  • Do you know that the giraffe takes a long time to swallow anything at all?
  • When Dracula met the giraffe, he said he would love to get to gnaw him more.
  • This giraffe it’s a journalist everyone is proud of since he sticks his head out to show the truth to everyone.
  • Everyone remains quiet when the giraffe talks because whatever he says goes over their heads.
Giraffe Puns
  • Most of the time the disturbing ones are a pain in the neck for giraffes.
  • Can you guess why a giraffe snake is so long?
Because its head and body want to remain far away from each other.
  • The giraffe’s presentation was so good that they said it was a necks-level presentation.
  • Fast food isn’t something that giraffes like, simply because they can’t catch it.
  • The lion and the giraffe met in the zoo for a joint operation.
  • Giraffes never have to use substance because they’re always naturally high.
  • I met a giraffe who’s a very popular attorney, and happens to be the long neck of the law.
  • A shoe that has only giraffes in it has to be called a footlong.
  • It is really pathetic or a giraffe to wear a necklace especially since they take a long time to take the necklace off.
  • Most giraffe jokes are too long and boring.
  • I love this giraffe as my employee post op the only issue is with his necktie. They each cost at least $5000.
  • When a giraffe achieves something fantastic we see: “Girraffic!”.
  • Winner giraffe chokes, you may need to give it at least 100 heimlich maneuvers.
  • A giraffe is really unique because it stores it intelligence way up there In its head.
  • Guess which beer brand giraffes love the most?
  • When giraffes in pigs have breakfast together they eat just bacon and legs.
  • For a giraffe to drink hot coffee is pathetic booster it turns cold by the time it reaches it’s belly.
  • Guess what the old giraffe band was called?
High INXS.
  • Giraffes always look down upon activities such as violence.
  • Fun fact. Do you know how giraffes kiss?
They gnaw at each other.
  • Just imagine a set of doctors operating on a giraffes knee with nowhere to put its head in.
  • Some of these jokes are giraffing me crazy with laughter.
  • A romantic giraffe wizard is known as a neck-romancer.
  • What do you call a jam that giraffe love?
Giraffe special jam.
  • Want to get banned by the zoo?
Simply try to play with their giraffe.
  • The giraffe had to spend more time at the library because it was pursuing higher studies
  • How do you address royal giraffe?
Your Highness.
  • Giraffe who doesn’t have a bow tie must have necked it in.
  • If a little goes a long way, how far will the giraffe go?
  • A plane in the neck is what you get when a giraffe accidentally eats a toy plane.
  • Why do you have to put a giraffe in a fridge?
Is it feeling that hot?
  • The long and short of it is when you get to see a giraffe and a meerkat playing together.
  • Do you know why most restaurants do not serve giraffes?
Otherwise it would be a tall order.
  • Whoever thought that a giraffe’s neck is actually a long slide?
  • Anyone up for the highballs?
Yeah. The giraffes.
  • It takes all the seven dwarfs to land up kissing one giraffe.
  • How do you give giraffes the capital punishment?
You hang ‘em high.

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Giraffe Puns

Hilarious Giraffe Jokes

Tough to swallow these giraffe puns?! 😛 But wait, we’re on a mission to make you laugh an entire year with more giraffe puns. These giraffe puns will surely make you enjoy the time that you’re wasting. 

  • From the time a giraffe’s gut says something, to it actually doing it, huge gap.
  • Gi-Rafters really need more headspace than legspace.
  • It’s funny to note that Ronnie Pickering invented the giraffe.
  • Do you have any idea how giraffes get jobs so easily?
By neck-working, of course.
  • That particular giraffe was head and shoulders ahead of his class, which allowed him to graduate earlier than the others.
  • What can a giraffe have but no one else can? .
Baby giraffes
  • When the bartender asked whether the giraffe wants a long neck, the giraffe replied: “Do you really think I have a choice?”
  • The lion took the giraffe to the maul.
  • It’s always neck and neck competition between giraffes.
  • Only crosses giraffe with a hedgehog you’ll almost invariably ghet a 12-foot toothbrush.
  • I respect giraffes so much that I keep looking up to them.
  • When you’re riding a giraffe at full speed and there’s a horse in front of you and a line just behind you, do you know what the best thing to do is? Just get off the merry-go-round.
  • The joke about his neck was so long that the giraffe could not complete it.
  • Whenever you see eight long legs and two long necks, you can be dead sure there are two giraffes.
  • Name a thing that is green and hangs from really tall trees. Dates is the answer.
  • When the lion said that the giraffe was late because they were supposed to meet at sunset, the giraffe retorted: “I can still see the sun, midget!”
  • When two giraffes are racing it’s called neck to neck.
  • You can still believe a giraffe with this sore throat. Imagine a millipede with athletes’ feet.
  • Do you know why giraffes sing in the rain?
Because they really enjoyed the shower
  • What is the worst thing that could happen to a giraffe?
Having a sore throat.
  • To write a report on a giraffe, you need a tall ladder first.
  • No giraffe is hired at that hotel because they’re truly high maintenance.
  • What can be the most dangerous book?
A pop-up book on giraffes.
  • Do you know that every joke about the giraffe and it’s neck has to be a long one?
  • What kind of voice does a giraffe have when it has a sore throat?
A really raspy, hoarse, and gi-raffe voice.
  • Do you know which fruit giraffes love?
Prickly pears.
  • Never cheetah giraffe if it is in love.
  • The longer the neck, the more time you get to think about all the mistakes you made in life while sinking in quicksand.
  • Do you know about the giraffe that learned karate?
Funnily, he looked like an idiot.
  • Why do you think a giraffes tongue is so long?
Because they love tasting things.
  • Go-rafting is one of the best adventure sports.
  • Two creatures really good at making are ostriches and giraffes.
  • Giraffes need not have their heads in the cloud. They’re already high enough.
  • Never tried to clean a giraffe or you may have to claim a long way up first.
  • That’s what the giraffe said when it got drunk?
I’m high on life.
  • I have a giraffe student who’s really good at maths. You should see the gi-raphs he makes.
  • Seeing a cat eating fish in the tree, the giraffe said: Did you have to put fish in my dinner?
  • Do you know how the giraffe head in the Cherry Tree? It simply stood still next to the Cherry Tree.
  • The G-raph on the tallest animals begins with the giraffe.
  • The giraffe in my band said he was ready for the concert and that he practiced the G-riff very well.
  • What should you get if you crossed a kangaroo, a tortoise, and a giraffe?
A turtle neck jumper.
  • What is the silliest possible name you can give a giraffe?
  • I never realized that I loved giraffes so March until April.
  • When it comes to storytelling, giraffes really know how to spin tall tales.
  • You get wildlife preserve when a giraffe and lion collaborate to make a jam.
  • What is the one thing that giraffes and cheetahs have in common?
  • What did one giraffe say to the other at the bar? Wanna get high?
  • It was high time to hightail to the West, for the giraffe was about to be caught for theft.
  • Lions here to giraffes because they just looked down on them.
  • How do you put a giraffe in to the refrigerator? You don’t unless you’re an idiot.
  • When the girlfriend asked the giraffe whether he loved her, he said, “You bet giraffe I love you, babes.”
  • News playing hide and seek with the giraffe. It’s easy to spot them anyways.
  • What should happen if you had crossed a Labrador with a giraffe?
You’d be crazy to even try it.
  • When you have a number of doctors operating on a giraffes knee, it is called a joint operation.
  • On reaching his full height, the giraffe tank everyone in his family were reaching success.
  • The tagline for any giraffe food will always say: ‘A little will always go a long way’.
  • Why does the giraffe long neck have to bother you?
  • What’s the latest talk of the town?
The giraffe neck.
  • The giraffe said that it’s not a stretch to say that he loved his wife.
  • The young giraffe’s family was ever so proud of him for beginning his new business in gi-raffic designing.
  • When I asked the child to name 10 animals now we could see in Africa, he simply replied, “One elephant and nine giraffes.”
  • A giraffe always avoids an argument by saying that we are never on his level.
  • You take a shower in the rain because it really wets the brain.
  • I would have told you that giraffe joke, but it’s just that it’s too long.
  • What is the silliest and funniest nickname that you can give a giraffe?
  • If you’re anything over 7 feet tall, you have to be a giraffe.
  • The giraffe who races so well against horses it’s called longshot.
  • A giraffe wins a race only when the tail crosses the finish line.
  • What did one giraffe instruct the other to do to catch the zebra?
Get Shorty.
  • Just imagine a giraffe going head over heels in love!
  • Can you actually imagine why a giraffe has a long neck?
Because you and I don’t have it.
  • King Richard the Lionheart’s younger brother is called Giraffe Longshanks.
  • These giraffe-themed one-liners where all made by giraffes. No wonder these one-liners are so long.
  • A giraffe never sticks its neck out for anybody.
  • Some giraffes are really good at drawing on walls. The giraffiti they make will make you see new heights.
Giraffe Puns

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