231+ Gnome Puns That You Didn’t Gnome Were So Funny!

Gnomes have been a very important part of our lives, be it for guarding our gardens or playing video games. Those short creatures are so funny, and so are the gnome puns we get from them. If you also think they’re cute, you will love reading these hilarious gnome puns.

Funny Gnome puns

Gnomes are whimsical but gnome puns are for real! If you have been a fan of gnomes in story books and movies, you are going to love these gnome puns. Feel free to share them with your loved ones too!

  • She kept waiting for the gnome to return home. If only she’d gnome that he was never coming back.
  • I met a gnome on the road. I asked him,” Do you gnome where the nearest library is?”
  • Our school is hosting the yearly gno-man conquest. There will be special gnome visitors this year.
  • It was ironic that the gnome came first in a high jump contest.
  • I have been staying at my gnome friend’s house for the past five years. It is like a gnome away from gnome.
  • The gnome left engineering because he wanted to study astrognome.
  • I thought my gnome friend was not strong enough to lift the box. He said,” You don’t gno-me. Just watch. “
  • A mother gnome’s love for her kids gnomes no bounds.
  • The gnomes are on a lovely date. They are so gnomeantic.
  • After the gnomes finish doing yoga, they say ‘Gnomeaste’ to each other.
  • My gnome friend’s store is so popular because he provides his customers with gnome money-down deals throughout the year.
  • The gnome has no friends because he thinks he can trust gnomeone.
  • You should never pay for something with gnomes. You will always come up short on the bill.
  • Somebody broke into the gnome’s house last night. The police think it was a gnome invasion.
  • The gnome always took the subway, anywhere he went. The metrognome was always regular.
  • You would never find a gnome priest. All you get is a compact disc.
  • If you love cooking for tiny people, you should make gnome a steak when he comes over.
  • My gnome friend wanted to buy a fridge, so I took him to Gnome Depot.
  • He is a great gnome playwright but unfortunately, he is ungnome to many people.
  • Rock gnomes make for the edgiest bards.
  • Gnomes are always very practical. They don’t have tall tales.
  • If the Worgen and gnome have kids, they will be called microworgenisms.
  • The gnome said to the students,” The answer to this question is either yes or gnome.”
  • I don’t understand why his gnome puns make gnome sense.
Gnome Puns
  • Svirfneblin is a great philosopher. After all, he is such a deep gnome.
  • It’s a little gnome fact that gnomes love to play football.
  • Gnomes love listening to John Williams songs, especially ‘E.T. Phone Gnome’.
  • The gnome got stuck in a washing machine. He looked like a fidgety midget spinner.
  • A physicist gnome escaped from prison., The newspapers wrote the next day,’ A Small Medium At Large Break Free’.
  • The gnome was very worried about his examination. I said to him,” Gnome worries. Everything will be okay.”
  • The gnome and the doll are best friends. They always share clothes.
  • All his gnome puns were very short one-liners.
  • The gnome spilled ketchup on his shirt. He said,” Oh gnome! Mother will scold me!”
  • The Kraken had fifty-five gnomes stuffed in his mouth. It’s a good start.
  • I think it was very offensive of them to call the black gnome ‘Gnigga’.
  • It was thrilling for the gnomes to land on the gnome pages, every time they surfed the Internet.
  • Gnomes love reading Shakespeare. Their favorite story is ‘Gnomeo and Juliet’.
  • Living in an urban neighborhood for so long had turned the gnome into a metrognome.
  • Gnomes love their friend Gnomer Simpson on the show ‘The Simpsons’.
  • Every gnome loves reading Sherlock Gnomes stories.
  • The gnomes were watching ‘Gnome Alone’ when I reached home.
  • The gnome cowboy was singing ‘Gnome On The Range’.
  • The gnome was attacked by a ghost but he is all Wight now.
  • The gnomes built a new house. It was gno-match for what I had.
  • It’s always fun to get to gnome interesting facts about gnomes.
  • I asked the gnome,” Why are you going to Rome?”
Because all roads lead to Gnome.”
  • When gnomes play baseball, they score gnome runs.
  • The gnomes were looking for a nice movie to watch. I suggested ‘A League of Their Gnome’.
  • He is an Australian gnome. His favorite soap opera ‘Gnome And Away’.
  • The gnome was not working. He was just hanging with his gnomies.
  • We are meeting now because my gnome friend will be gnome during the holidays.
  • The gnome said to me,” Be patient. Good things come to gnomes who wait.”
  • The gnome was so relieved to come back home. He understood what ‘Gnome Sweet Gnome’ means.
  • The gnome captain ordered his soldiers,” Be strong. Show gnome mercy to your enemies.”
  • When in crisis, gnomes reach out to Gnome Chompsky.
  • I introduced my gnome friend to everyone. I said,” Say hello to my little friend!”
  • I had pity on that poor gnome because he was gnomeless.
  • Gnomer Pyle is a very popular TV show that gnomes love to watch.
  • The gnome said to me,” Stay away. This is gnome of your business.”
  • The gnome wanted to build a house. He built a geodisdic home.
  • The judge said to the gnome,” I want to hear the entire incident in your gnome words.”
  • The gnome could never be a pilot because he failed to meet the height requirements.
  • The gnome was so old that they had to put him in a nursing gnome.
  • The gnomes went to Disneyland and rode ‘It’s a small, small world’.
  • The gnomes avoided crowds because no gnome is an island.
  • The gnome was searching for something online. He opened Google Gnome.
  • The gnome knew this was supposed to happen. After all, chickens always come gnome to roost.
  • The gnomes went to physics class. The teacher was explaining Gnome’s Law.
  • The gnomes are watching Star Wars Risk: The Gnome Wars Edition.
  • It was the gnome’s dream to become a gnome trooper.
  • The gnome went to London every winter because it was his gnometown.
  • The gnome had nothing to do. He kept gnoming around the corridor.
  • Gnome matter what, the gnome would never give up on his dreams.
  • The comedian finished his gnome puns and said,” Gnome pun intended, though.”
  • You gnome what you did to that gnome was not right.
  • Wherever I gnome, my gnome friend accompanies me.
  • Gnomebody can love the gnome kid as much as his mother does.
Gnome Puns

Gnome Jokes

These gnome puns are so funny to read. They make the gnomes seem more adorable than they already are. Gnomething is as funny and cute as these gnome puns are, get it? We hope you find them hilarious as well!

  • The gnome knew he was not guilty. He had gnomore regrets.
  • They took the gnome to the doctor because he was acting quite ab-gnormally.
  • The gnome went to an Indian sadhu. He asked him to chant ‘Gnome!’ several times.
  • The gnome loved bees. He had many honeygnomes in his garden.
  • If a gnome and a Tauren have a baby, it would be called a mini-taur.
  • The gnomes built a city where humans were not allowed. They named it the ‘Gno-man’s Land’.
  • The gnomes loved Reese Witherspoon in ‘Sweet Gnome Alabama’.
  • The gnome is a famous writer. He has a pseudonym- Gnome-de-plume.
  • Wizrocket is an amazing illusionist. The ‘g’ in gnome disappeared only because of him.
  • I always stay away from gnomish businessmen. They may shortchange me.
  • The music director ordered the gnome to blow his gnome trumpet.
  • I asked the gnome,” Do you want some tea?”
Gnome, thanks.”
  • The gnomes reached the crime spot before Gnomeland Security arrived.
  • The gnome died of mela-gnome-a cancer.
  • I met a Hispanic gnome today. He calls himself Gnombre.
  • The redneck garden gnome is so upset because he recently had a transplant.
  • The gnome scientist is thinking of decoding human gnomes.
  • A gnome becomes a goblin when he muffs a fairy.
Gnome Puns
  • The gnomes wanted to get a gnome video camera to record their concert.
  • The gnomes used a gnoming face wash.
  • The gnome didn’t expect the gnome to be so heavy.
  • The gnome is suffering from Turner’s Syngnome.
  • The gnome wanted to brush his hair. He asked,” Do you have a gnome?”
  • There was a hollow tree trunk in my gnome friend’s garden. I guess he was trying to build a gnome house.
  • As I turned on the news channel, a gnome was saying,” Gnome news is good news!”
  • The gnome was very tired after a long day at work. He just wanted to gnome.
  • The gnome keeps wandering from forest to first aimlessly. I guess he is just another gnomead.
  • All the gnomes were very scared of their boss, the Red Hat.
  • The gnomes live here but they are from Montgnomery.
  • It’s very sunny outside. The gnome would never leave his gnome without a big hat.
  • The gnomes were very excited to see a gnome appliances store in the neighborhood.
  • I asked the gnome,” What are you doing?”
Nothing. Mind your gnome business!”
  • I gave the gnome kid a ‘Choose Your Gnome Adventure’ book for his birthday.
  • I was invited to stay over at my gnome friend’s house. I plan to make the most of it because as they say,’ When in gnome, do as the gnomans do!”
  • No wonder gnomes love their houses. After all, gnome is where the heart is!
  • I was very hungry when my gnome friend brought pancakes for me. I said to him,” You gnome so well! Thank you, buddy!”
  • Everybody is worried about that little gnome because he is very addicted to mobile gnomes.
  • I have known that gnome for ten years, but I still don’t know what his gnome is.
  • They could not enter the gnome’s garden because there was a sign- “Gnome Trespassers Allowed!”
  • Gnomes always follow the GMT- Gnome Meridian Time.
  • Nobody goes to that gnome’s house. The mysteries are still gnome.
  • I asked the gnome,” Why do you think you are human?”
Because I am a gnomeo sapiens!”
  • The gnome was late to work. His boss said,” That’s it. I will hear gnomore excuses!
  • The gym instructor motivated the gnome by saying,” Listen, always remember. Gnome pain, gnome gain.”
  • The gnomes prepared themselves to fight against their gnomies.
Gnome Puns

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