55+ Best Golf Puns

Golf is a sport played on grass, where every golf player makes an effort to hit a small white ball by a thin, long stick into nine or eighteen small holes. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or professional you can enjoy playing golf. Given below is a list of some Golf puns.

Golf Puns

  • How many golf players does it need to alter an electric bulb?

Four golf players.

  • Why did the golf player require new socks?

The reason is there was a hollow place in one sock.

  • Do you know a letter that a golf player likes the most?

It’s tee.

Golf Puns

_Have you any clue about the golf ground of ghosts?

 On a cadaver of golf.

_What is a dance step a golf player likes the most?

The bogey.

_What made Tarzan spend time in Golf?

Because he was improving his swing.

_What is the mutual thing between intercourse and golf?

It doesn’t matter if you are bad at intercourse or golf, you can take pleasure in both of them.

_What is the justification of the golf player for not completing his home task?

He wouldn’t cease to move around in a casual way.

_Where can you possibly find a golf player on the weekend?


_What is the flower every golf player likes the most?

Myosotis scorpioides.

_What is the bird every golf player likes the most?

Birdie(basic scoring terms)

_Golf player: According to the physician I can’t be able to participate in golf.

Caddie: Oh. The doctor has participated in golf with you, too?

_There is hardly a difference between golf and taxes:

You run for the land and you fetch up in the hole.

_At what time is the lesson too wet to participate in golf?

When your small self-regulating carriage for golf players and their tools capsizes.

Golf Puns

_If you play golf on the day of the election.

Be certain to launch an absent-tee poll.

_Why does every golf player show detestation toward cake?

Because the golf player might fetch a piece.

_What is common between golf balls and eggs?

Both are white, both retailed by the dozens and 7days later you need to purchase more.

_Golf player: I would go to heaven and planet to score better on this course.

Make an effort to go to heaven. Because you have already changed positions on our planet.

_Golf is a game where you participate and play.

When you are no longer in your proper shape to participate in softball.

_There is only one issue with golf. And that is..

The position of slow groups is never behind you and the position of fast groups is never in front of you.

_The easiest shot in golf is.

When you hit a golf ball into a hole for the fourth time.

_Do you scratch? 

Certainly, I do. Whenever a ball is hit by me, my head is scratched by me in order to find where the ball went.

_It takes more than two balls to play golf like me.

_Why do golf players keep an extra set of pants with them?

Just in case there is a hole in one set of pants.

_Golf player: That old ball can’t be mine.

Caddie: It’s not been a short time since we began.

_If you assume it is not easy to come face to face with new individuals?

Choose the incorrect ball on a golf course.

_If someone is not good at golf?

It is a fore-gone outcome.

_When a golf player plays worse than you, that person is a good companion.

_How badly do you wish to be good at golf?

I have a strong desire to be a good golf player.

_A golf player who never admits his cheating, is not honest.

_What do you name a golf player who has earned an outstanding score?

A faker or untruthful individual.

Golf Puns

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