98+ Goose Puns That Will Make You Have “goose” Bumps out Of Laughter

Hello ami-goose. We know geese are indeed fascinating creatures to have as our companions. Likewise, goose puns are an amazing way to entertain yourself during a dull day.

Whether you like geese or not, you’ll appreciate these goose puns that will make you laugh out loud. So, sit back, breathe and relax, and have nice laughter or a little honk-honk, which won’t make you feel bad with these goose puns.

Funny Goose Puns

It’s only natural to wonder what makes goose puns so great. They’re goofy, and they make us laugh out loud and think of the funny youtube videos of people being chased around and bit by a goose.

  • Now, Wait. If you are on your way to open youtube to see some funny videos, you may, in addition to this, want to check out these clever goose puns before you go.
  • The goose was unhappy with her tax bill. She received an enormous tax bill as a result of her returns being de-duck-table!
  • Why doesn’t the geese like reading directions?
Because they prefer winging it.
  • Why are all the geese in my community acting so nicely suddenly?
It is as a result of everyone abiding by their code of con-duck-t!
  • What do you call when a goose is getting burned by fire?
You call it a flamingoose!
  • What religious text do all the geese rely on for spiritual guidance?
They adhere to “The Goosepel”.
  • When a goose began to fly, why did it suddenly collapse to the ground?
It was because everything that goes up will come down due to gravity.
  • What kind of fuel would a goose buy for its vehicle?
It’ll buy a can of goosoline.
  • How does one goose congratulate another goose?
It says, “Congoose-ulations!”.
  • What was the name of the most respected king who belonged to the Goose Empire?
The name of the famous ruler was Gengeese Khan!
  • What indoor goose game did two goslings play when the rain stopped them from playing outside?
  • What did the goose that worked as a designer say when he saw the logo that he planned to design on the goose team jersey! He said, “I designed the logoose on the jerseys wore by the team”
Goose Puns
  • What did the goose say to his friend in regards to his travelling agenda?
He asked “Do you wanna listen to my migrate plan?”
  • What movie is liked by the geese because a goose is shown as god in the film?
The film is ‘Goose Almighty’.
  • What does a goose do when it gets late to office due to road traffic jam?
It honks!
  • Which is the favourite fruit of geese?
It loves to eat mangoose!
  • Which city does the goose likes to visit often?
The city of Honk Konk!
  • What is the language that a goose prefers to speak?
She speaks language of Portugeese!
  • Who is the popular goose performer whose dialogues have become famed?
He is Liam Geesen!
  • How does one German goose wish his friend good morning?
They wish each other by saying, ‘Goosen Morgen!’
  • What did the geese parents name the infant gander?
They named him Ryan Goosling!
  • Who is the very famous goose martial artist, known as one of the most lethal combatants ever?
She is Rhonda Goosey.
  • What did the goose family choose for an appetiser at lunch?
They ordered to bring the asparagoose cream soup!
  • Why was the gander laughing non-stop suddenly?
Because he was diagnosed of acute fungoose.
  • There was a gander who always questioned his own talents and abilities. He had a serious issue with constantly second-goosing himself, though!
  • At the airport, there was a goose that would take care of all the bags. He had full authority over the cargoose!
  • There was a gander who couldn’t properly have his meal! So, he went to the expert doctor and he was diagnosed with some key complications with his esophagoose! 
  • Recent research by palaeontologists has revealed a brand-new fossil of a dinosaur goose. Stegoose-auras is the name they have given it!
  • I was on vacation when I saw a goose that could converse in both English and French. Now we know that it was a Canadian goose, I know it was!
  • The news that prince of the Gander city was marrying another goose spread throughout the Goose Kingdom. We can never stop the goose-iping!
  • One goose will not ever wobble the hand of the other goose, and also they don’t offer one other a high five to indicate their friendship. They’re going to always prefer goosebumps!
Goose Puns
  • The actions of their young gander surprised the entire goose family! His bad behavior had disgoosted the entire family!
  • All the other gander and geese came together to overthrow the wicked goose queen. As they say, “No wicked act goose unpunished,” Then they realized that the old and wise goose was correct.
  • Every goose watching was flabbergoosted as the little duck outwitted the goose in a fight!
  • Everyone comforted the small gander after the father gander passed away from old age on his funeral by telling him, “You have to move on from this as life also goose on!”
  • He laughed at me and claimed these were all false claims when I informed him in regard to the allegations that a virus were bogoose rumours .
  • I attended a dance class last summer where everyone would dance in the shape of a goose. They were instructed to goosen up their bodies while dancing, which is why.
  • The single goose who got out of her relationship with her boyfriend did not lose her job because she has the ability to make the best ex-gooses.
  • The two adult ganders would not talk with each other because both of them already have high overstated egoose!
  • There was a vast meeting for all the geese in the capital city of Lagoose that is present in the Goose Empire.
  • The grandma goose told her grandchildren geese that when she was in her teenage, many other geese were huge fans of the rock singer, Goose Springsteen!
  • We need to be very cautious if we are ever playing the game Duck, Duck, Goose with a goose, because it will still be racing you no matter even if you call it a duck.
  • On my current trip to Canada, I actually had to take a trip on a goose. It was a very raging ride, and I felt many goose bumps on the road!
  • I was really gloomy when my friends questioned that if I could keep a goose as a pet. Goose what, I now have three pet ganders!
  • The family of geese got so frightened when they saw a horror film in the theatre. They all got goose-bumps!
  • To my surprise, I have revealed that geese have an notice in writing pens. This is because they contain the pen-nae!
  • When the neighbor goose noticed that there was a shirt lying in front of her house gate, she asked her neighbor, “Do you have any idea about goose shirt this is?
  • “The Japanese prepare a unique delicacy with the goose. The dish is known as “Honk-atso” and involves frying a goose with panko breadcrumbs.
  • A goose actress once insisted on using a unique spoon to eat all of her meals. I suppose that’s why she was given the name Geese Witherspoon.
  • A foreign exchange goose peer combined from South Africa. So, the other geese asked the new student, “Are you Ugand-er?”
  • There is a film that all my geese friends like to watch, it’s called ‘Goose Pointe Blank’.
  • The goose spiritedly attacked another goose and it got hurt. This astonished the goose, who said, “Why didn’t it duck?”
  • There was a goose who transformed into a magician. During the magic set, she would always make purpose of the spell ‘Honkus Ponkus’!
  • When the gander decided and prepared to become an performer, He made action films and was known as Goose Willis. 
  • I have an acquaintance gander who was exceptional at martial arts. His name was Goose Lee!
  • The interior designer made a project in his client’s living corner. He put few geese eggs near his ceiling and attached a limited number of candles because he was trying for the properties of a goose egg ceiling light at a very minimal price!

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Goose Puns

Goose puns

If today is not going well, don’t worry. Some days are not supposed to end up being sad and miserable. Now see what we’ve got to cheer you up! We got you some short and hilarious goose puns. Get reading instead of making ex-gooses! 

  • I was afraid when I saw my goose being confronted by a snake. Although that was true, astonishingly, my goose killed the snake. I think I have got a mon-goose!
  • Which side of the goose contains the most feathers?
The outside
  • How did the goose feel after he met his crush?
He was flabber-goose-ted!
  • Why did the goose miss the wedding of the duck?
Because they were under feather
  • Which goose movie won the Oscars?
The Lord of the wings!
  • What did the physics professor name his pet goose?
  • What do geese eat which cheese?
  • How does the geese stay fit?
By doing worm-ups
  • What does a goose conductor have in his bag?
Goose change.
  • What do you say a tendon issue in goose? .
A Goose connective tissue
  • What is it known as if a goose turned his car?
Goose turn
  • What do you call a goose riding a bike?
A goose rider.
  • What is the most famous pick up like of a goose?
Girl, Honk if you are horny.
  • Why did the young goose believe everything his father said?
Because he is papa gander.
  • What do all goose really hate?
Being goosed.
  • What are the old ganders in the family of geese called?
  • What is the goose capital of Europe?
  • Which goose is always found in La La Land?
Ryan Gosling
  • What happens when you cross a goose with a chicken?
You get a gooster.
  • What is it called when a goose makes excuse?
  • Why don’t we let a goose drive?
Because they will honk too much.
  • One can never identify a male or female duck because of their unknown gander identity.
  • Why did the goose laugh so hard?
Because the goose pun was very punny.
  • What do you call when a goose dies by road accident?
Died due to goose bump
  • Why do geese use Head and Shoulders shampoo?
Because it is good for the goose so might as well be good for the dander.
  • What do you call a patio covered in waterflow?
A Porch-o-geese
  • What is the favorite game of baby goose?
Beak a boo
  • What did the detective goose say?
Lets goose this case as fast as possible.
  • Why do the geese check the news?
To know the feather forecast.
  • What do you call when it is raining geese and chicken?
It is a fowl weather.
  • Why did the goose get red card for the football game?
Because of playing a fowl play.
  • Why do geese lay eggs?
It would break if they dropped them.
  • What did the german goose say to his friend?
Goosen tag!
  • What did the father goose say to his wife goose and kids when he spotted a hunter in the jungle?
Let us unite and get the flock out of here!
  • What happens if a goose sights a ghost?
You get a handful of sheet!
  • Why did the policemen arrest the goose?
It was suspected of fowl play.
  • What is the favorite hobby of the goose?
To play honkey with his friends.
  • A man had a goose in his hand on top of a building. How do we easily give him way to get down?
Pluck it off the goose.
  • What are purposes of goosebumps?
To keep geese from speeding!
  • How did little Jack find out exactly where the goose is in the giant’s palace?
He had *bean stalking* her.
  • If a very social person is known as the “people person.” Wouldn’t a very social goose be called a “geese goose”?
  • What do you call a goose in the Tv, narrating the news?
He is called the Media Proper Gander.
  • My cousin recently undergone an operation to become a goose. He is a transgander.
  • Ryan Gosling is 36 years old now. We should be calling him Ryan Goose because he is already an adult now?
  • What is it called when an adult goose uses bad words to address something?
It is called Fowl language. 
Goose Puns

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