51+ Best Granny Puns and Funny Quotes

Our granny has been our best childhood memory. She is linked to all our golden days of childhood. The love that she provided us has been unmatchable. As we grow up we drift apart from our families  and some older members even pass away with time. But they are always part of our fond memories. We can think about granny by using it in such puns

Granny Puns and Funny Quotes

  • Speed dial of my granny on my phone, I call it instagran. 
  • Whenever we go to our grandmother’s place and I tell her that I am super hungry, she makes her special noodles in 5 minutes. We call it instagranny noodles. 
  • My grandmother has a very short temper. So whenever she gets angry, we call her gran-py. 
  • I told my grandmother that she needs to stop being gran-py about everything. 
  • I took my boyfriend to meet my grandmother. He was nervous but she liked her a lot. He won granny award that night. 
  • As a child whenever I had nightmares about demons and ghosts, I went and slept with my granny. She was my Batgran. 
  • Even in such an old age she does all her work by herself and makes sure that she provides us with best food. She is super-gran. 
  • When I was a child when my parents went for work, they left me with my grandmother. She was my gra-nanny. 
  • I had been standing for a very long time. My gra-knee started paining. 
  • I fell down and hurt my gra-knee. The floor was wet. 
  • My granny did a grape job rasin me from a very young age. 
  • On her 70th birthday, we threw her granny party and she was very happy.
  • Cross dressing has made granny happy and internally satisfied. No matter what society says. 
  • Because he was a granny, my family did not like my being friends with him but I really support him for what he is. 
  • He was granny enough to switch deals when he s no profit in them no matter how much pressure you put on him. 
  • If she was not enough granny, she would have lost a lot of amount in shares and business. 
  • Her granny nature won everyone’s heart as soon as they met her. She is the kind of person you would like to be with. 
  • I initially thought that she is rude but after knowing her granny nature I fell in love with her. 
  • Granny X was the DJ! How can you not expect crowd to go crazy on the dance floor. 
  • Among all, Granny X was my favourite. He has that thing nobody else did. I am all gaga for him. 
  • You could see his granny after listening to the news of his promotion that he had tears in his eyes. 
  • When his first salary came, his granny was very evident from his face. 
  • I asked the granny to bring down the lift. It has been stuck on the above floor since a very long time. 
  • The granny was rude and careless and hence the fired him on the very day he misbehaved with the people. 
  • Granny by Max Potter won many awards and this is the reason I picked up that book to read. It was worth all the time. 
  • She gifted me Granny by Max Potter and that has been the best gift I have received from her till now. 
  • I was very granny about the entire situation because it was so confusing. So I just left the entire thing and moved out for my own peace. 
  • She gets granny about such small thing that makes me worry as to how will she make major life decisions. 
  • The area was so granny that we almost tripped there. Thankfully we came out of it as soon as we could else we would have ended up hurting bad.
  • I told them to keep the mat outside as it was granny. But they brought it in and made the entire place messy. 
  • The government was granny and the worst part was that no one was ready to accept it or do something about it. 
  • In this granny rule, what do you expect people to do. Any one who raises a voice is silenced forever. 
Granny Puns

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