145+ Hilarious Guilty Puns: Giggles of Guilt

There are many instances where a person gets into so many situations in life that they do not realize is right or wrong while being a part of it the very moment.

If one looks at the brighter side the guilt that takes us to an overwhelming trip can also provide us with a subtle amount of humor to laugh at.

Here are some interesting puns that can be added with guilt giving it an amusing side.

Funny Guilty Puns

  • What did the husband do when his wife woke up in sleep and shouted: “leave my husband is here!”?
  • The husband got up in his guilt and ran out of the window  
  • What is the biggest guilt in the world of literature?
  • The biggest guilt is judging the book by its cover 
Guilty Puns

What was the biggest guilt of the culprit that took him to the death row too soon?

The culprit did a huge mistake by asking what was the “PUNishment”

What did the joker was found guilty of in the court?

He was responsible for manslaughter 

What were the two kids found guilty of while they were basked to get ready for their sleep?

They were giving up on rest 

What was the reason the guilty boy used for getting away from the murder of his parents?

He said he should be granted not guilty as he was an orphan

Why was everyone scared of the white guy in the prison?

Because he was found guilty 

What was the reason for the measuring cup that was found being guilty and sent to the prison?

Well, the cup was guilty of littering

How did the courtroom session for the man go, who was found guilty for overusing too many commas in the book?

Guilty Puns

He was received a long sentence by the judge 

The earthquakes were found guilty

They were always at fault 

How did the ingested parasite affect the man

He felt guilty for being having it as it was eating him from inside 

What was the biggest guilt of the women who dated the firefighter?

Things got just too hot 

What was one thing she was addicted to that always made her upset?

She was fond of having so much guilt-tea all day and every day 

What was the most popular food served to the kids most often that made them sulk so much?

Their mother served them guilt now and then that destroyed their gut to core 

What was the biggest guilt that the kids and the mother had when they stopped the father from repairing the electricity? 

The kids forgot that the dad was an actual electrician 

What is the most problematic tour for any traveller in his life?

When the person has to go through a guilt trip 

What could the thief not stop while realizing that the time was up for getting caught?

He started building up the guilt 

what is that one thing that builds up only to bring a person down one day?


What was the most expensive trip that costed the traitor that made up to the cops himself?

It was the Guilt trip 

How do you define an innocent person?

An innocent person is the one who is not guilty of anything 

How did the guilty reach to a point of getting a bail?

The guilty received bail when the judge noticed that the lawyer said “Your Honor, the defence rests “

How come a lawyer can never be in a position to feel guilty even after committing all the crimes?

Because no matter how much the cops tried they lost all the arguments 

What is that one thing that can be seen by the law if it is blindfolded?

The only thing that the law can see even after being blind-folded is the guilt of the suspect 

What was the only beverage that was served to the suspect every day in the court?

The suspects in the trial room of the court were always served Guilt-tea 

I was feeling guilty for eating all the cookies, but then I remembered, I’m just creating a guilt trip for myself!

I feel so guilty about eating that extra slice of pizza, but it was too gouda to resist!

I stole some batteries today… charged with assault and guilty!

I cheated on my diet, and now I’m just desserted with guilt!

I tried to sneak past the bakery without buying anything, but I ended up loafing around feeling guilty.

I feel so guilty for eating all that ice cream, but I guess I’m just a sundae criminal!

I told my friend a secret, and now I feel totally con-FIDE-ntly guilty!

I stole some plants from my neighbor’s garden… I guess you could say I’m feeling pretty shrubbed with guilt!

I feel guilty for stealing a joke, but I guess imitation is the sincerest form of felony!

I accidentally took someone else’s coffee at the café, and now I’m brew-tally guilty!

I feel so guilty for not sharing my chocolate, but hey, some things are just too rich to split!

I borrowed my friend’s pen and forgot to return it… I guess you could say I’m feeling penitentiary guilty!

I ate the last slice of cake, and now I’m feeling the icing of guilt!

I accidentally cut someone in line, and now I’m feeling queue-ilty!

I ate all the chips at the party… I guess you could say I’m a chipmunk with a guilty conscience!

I accidentally clicked “Reply All” on an email, and now I’m swimming in a pool of guilt!

I borrowed my friend’s umbrella and accidentally left it on the bus… now I’m feeling rain-guilty!

I accidentally broke a vase at my friend’s house… I’m feeling shattered with guilt!

I forgot to return my library book, and now I’m overdue for guilt!

I ate the last slice of pizza and now I’m filled with remor-grease!

I accidentally stepped on my friend’s foot, and now I’m toe-tally guilty!

I took an extra-long lunch break, and now I’m clocked with guilt!

I accidentally double-booked appointments, and now I’m feeling calendar-ly guilty!

I took the last donut at work… now I’m feeling jelly with guilt!

I laughed at my own joke before anyone else did… guilty of pre-mature chuckle-ation!

I accidentally sent a text to the wrong person, and now I’m feeling textremely guilty!

I ate all the popcorn at the movies… now I’m feeling corn-fessingly guilty!

I accidentally bumped into someone on the street, and now I’m feeling collisionally guilty!

I forgot to feed my friend’s fish while they were away… now I’m feeling gill-ty!

I accidentally hit “Reply” instead of “Delete”… now I’m feeling email-iciously guilty!

I took an extra-long nap and missed my appointment… now I’m snooze-ingly guilty!

I accidentally bumped into someone’s shopping cart at the grocery store… now I’m feeling cart-astrophically guilty!

I accidentally took two parking spaces… now I’m feeling doubly guilty!

I accidentally used someone else’s toothbrush… now I’m feeling bristle-ingly guilty!

I took the last piece of gum and didn’t share… now I’m feeling chew-ly guilty!

Guilty Puns

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