56+ Best Hair Puns and Funny Quotes

We spend a lot of time in the salon for our hair. However, who knew, even our hair can be funny? At least you can make puns out of your hair too. The ones given below will definitely give you a good hair day and also a pain in the stomach.

Hair Puns and Funny Quotes

  • The teacher did not come. I got shaved from getting into trouble because I could not do my homework.
  • I love to spend most of my time with my family because there are so many hairlarious people in my family.
  • No matter what, always remember that you have a life to live. So, do not dye after reading these hair puns.
hair puns

_You may come across people who are perfectionist in such a way that they use their big frocabulary to describe your hair.

_ No matter how worst the problem is, she straightens them out keeping rest a-sheared.

_I can never deny that I always have a tendency to get involved into hairy problems. Yet I manage to pull through it to remain above the cut.

_While dancing the tangle (tango), do you want your hair loose?

_Since my boss was going through a bad hair day, he cut short my day in the office.

_While dancing, we realized suddenly that we are in a twist.

_You will have nothing to complain, once you start getting fringe benefits.

_We could not mend our friendship because it reached the split end already.

_Did you know that a barber can become an excellent driver? Yes, they know all the short cuts in the city.

_If you are unable to carry out a good hairstyle. You may shave it off. 

_You must get out of the way the moment you start seeing falling hair.

_I went for the job interview but they put forward too many condition-ers before me.

_That old lady was to decapitated at her hair dresser.

_Our new professor was a hairlarious person.

_Want to remove the curls from your hair? Well, that might prove to be fro-straightening.

_It was such a close shave from cutting short their lives.

_I was sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with dye-betes.

hair puns

_If you make a barber your enemy, he will never be ready to have long conversations with you. It is because he will always cut those conversations short.

_I always prefer to have a dye-et cola.

_Avoid fighting with your hairdresser. The situation can become hairy.

_This is natural to happen because no one is ready to dye at this age.

_This hairdo known as pony tail was loved by all the chess players.

_The best part of telling a story is that while narrating a hairy situation, you can always twist them.

_Every one gathered around the bill board that said the salon was cutting down the prices.

_That man almost dyed while cutting the long story into a short one.

_Want a hairy drink? Try the orange frizzy soda.

_Which is the favourite sport of a hair dresser? Of course, its curling and straightening

_You can use a catacomb if you want to groom your cat.

_During the inauguration of the church, they named it the hair way to the heaven. I thought it was a cool and hairy name.

_Most of the million-hairs became healthy from the deals that were cut on the share market.

_The chief of the barbers spoke at the last giving his cutting remarks.

_Wise people know that they should always shave some money for their future.

_Just when I noticed that I needed to dye, my hair started showing up with more grey hairs.

_That boy wanted to play with the scissors because he found it shear exciting.

_I have been hair all my life.

__Even if your life can’t be perfect, at least make you hair perfect.

_He said that he would shave some ice cream for later.

_People who attended the party had dye-et cola.

_The lecturer was so hairlarious that we couldn’t stop laughing at his hair.

_My mother said that she moustache a question but she preferred shaving it for later. 

Hair Puns

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