150+ Funny Witch Puns and OneLiners Jokes

Witches scare everyone, but why be afraid when you can laugh out loud at them? Here are the best Halloween witch puns that will make you laugh out so loud that your fear will go away. 

Witch Puns

  • Witch better has my liquor.
  • What about some sweets Witch ladies.
  • Witches are insane.
  • Wanna come with me.
  • Bow your head down, witches.
  • Essential witch.
  • Cheers, witches! The Party mood is on.
  • Anything you want to say, my witch
  • Witching you on this cool scary Halloween.
  • Neville wanna bewitch out you.
  • Neville mind to dance witch you.
  • Neville meant it.
  • Neville does that.
  • Neville sleeps within.
  • Neville be safe here.
  • Neville let my ghoulfriend feel alone.
  • You’re Neville alone in Halloween night witch.
  • Neville late!
  • Fully dressed up witch colors of Halloween.
  • Why here? Alone? Don’t you know this party is just for witches?
Let’s rock together!
  • Fed up witch bad witch!
  • Order some witch!
  • Clean It from witchin.
  • Filled witch much excitement.
  • Witch power you can do anything!
  • He is a busy witch that witches.
  • Bewitcha in sometime.
Witch Puns
  • Everyone wants to get witch and famous.
  • He comes under the witch list.
  • Make yourself witch enough to buy anything.
  • Where is your witchness?
  • Witch or not?
Heart matters!
  • Occupied in witch people.
  • Witchness is important in life.
  • Witch is your part?
  • Witch glass will you take?
  • Put a mark witch a pen.
  • Avoid that witch class people.
  • This party stands for witch people.
  • Witch location party is organised on? .
Halloween, is a dark scary night of witches
  • Witch kept inside the pocket.
  • Be a witch and famous amoung all.
  • Creepin in the right position.
  • Creepin it together.
  • Have some food, drink a bit and feel the horror.
  • Do you feel scary?
The scary place to enter into.
  • Feel the fear.
  • Go inside the Halloween and haunt whatever you like.
  • Come, Come, You need to haunt here.
  • Creeping some beer witch myself.
  • Let me enjoy with my ghoulfriends.
  • Cast spell over people.
  • Put a magic spell during Halloween.
  • Have you met my ghoulfriends?
I don’t have ghoulfriend, I have ghoulfriends.
  • That scary witches are here!
  • My eyes stuck on those witches.
  • Whatever I brew, It’s all for you.
  • Wonder to see this brewtiful day.
  • What a brewtiful dress it is?
Damn! You look brewtiful today.
Witch Puns

Witch Jokes

  • It’s designed brewtifully.
  • Can’t take my eyes off from her brewtiful face.
  • That witch, brewtiful from witchin.
  • Brewtiful enough to compete these girls.
  • Brewtiful by face, Brewtiful by nature.
  • Blessed with brewtiful hairs.
  • Brewtiful life, living with husband.
  • Back from those beautiful moments.
  • Wanna be a part of a beautiful journey?
Life is beautiful on Halloween night.
  • Witch game is over?
Hope you are fine, witches!
  • Have some champagne witches!
  • Witch one is ready for dance?
Invite my ghoulfriends on the stage.
  • Shake a leg with ghoulfriends.
  • That too scary.
  • Witch one you like the most?
  • I’m busy witch my people.
  • Witch kind of stuff it is?
  • Ready to go witch him.
  • Are you looking for some scary places?
  • Haunting is good, especially , on Halloween night.
  • Be a part of scary games.
Witch Puns
  • Come! Be witch me.
  • Fully witch in the group.
  • Maybe I would be that much witch.
  • Hold on! Haunting is yet to do.
  • That ghostess service is fantastic.
  • Ghouls just need some fun.
  • Booty within heart.
  • Have you seen her booty?
Rock the stage with booty witches.
  • On a haunt of my exes.
  • What a bootyful costume!
  • Booty lies in heart.
  • Hanging out witch ghoulfriends.
  • That’s Faboolous!
  • Eektastic for Halloween night.
  • Believe in love at first bite.
  • Take a bite of this yummy choco.
  • Carry blood of demons.
  • Only one bite is required.
  • Be a part of this Fangtastic Halloween party
  • We have matching blood.
  • Have some scary moments together!
  • Treat yo’ self a queen witch.
  • Creep it with you.
  • Life have many gourd plans.
  • Clean your spirit first.
  • Wohoo, She deserves Mummy Award.
  • Am I scary? What do you think?
  • Look that Hallowqueen.
  • Gourd is enough.
  • O gourd! Help me out.
  • Gourd is all time gourd.
Witch Puns

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