92+ Ham-Azing Ham Puns that Are Deliciously Funny

One of the most delectable foods is ham, which is frequently included on most breakfast menus. And to keep this passion for ham alive and growing, we provide you with these incredible ham puns for you that are so deliciously humorous that they will make you smile.

Funny Ham Puns

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  • Why couldn’t the inebriated drug lord from Mexico discover the Bacon Tree?
Considering that he entered a Ham Bush!
  • When the Mexican asked the Jamaican if he liked ham, what did the Jamaican reply?
We call it a Ja món.
  • While dining together, a priest and a rabbi, the priest began to taunt the rabbi. He licked his lips and remarked, “Wow, this ham is very tasty. I understand that it goes against your religious beliefs, but when are you going to ultimately give in?
The Rabbi smiled and said after a little pause, “At your wedding!”
  • Do you know what, the ham sandwiches are analogies. I’m creating one right now.
  • In Germany, where do the pigs reside?
They live in Ham-burg.
  • What are pigs taught in the military?
It learnt Ham-to-ham combat.
  • What do you call a thief of pigs?
We call him a ham-burglar.
  • What results from the collision of a pig and a chicken?
It is called eggs with ham!
  • What lunch dish is a golfer’s favorite?
A wedge made with ham.
  • When does a pig become an ecology?
When he turns trash into ham.
  • The chef made ham and pineapple wrap sandwiches for what reason?
Simply how Hawaii rolls.
  • What do you name a pig that doesn’t have both rear legs?
It is called as a ham-putee.
  • Where does a pig that fights crime reside?
It lives in the City of Got-ham.
  • What occurs when a pig’s nose is picked?
We get Ham boogers.
Ham Puns
  • What do you call a pig who is irate because it is cold?
It called A ham, grrr!
  • What distinguishes a flying pig from a hot potato?
A heated yam and a yeeted ham, respectively.
  • What was the family’s youngest pig constantly forced to wear?
It is the Ham me down.
  • Have you heard that ham sanitizer is being used to clean pigs?
That is just hogwash!
  • I was told by Doc that he had both good and terrible news for me. The bad news is that because I exclusively eat salami, ham, and pepperoni, my organs are shutting down. Good news: I have recovered!
  • Just now, I ate some cured ham. I can’t help but wonder what ailment it required treatment for.
  • I once thought I was a ham, but I later saw a psychologist. I am now healed.
  • I had to give my cat some medicine since it became unwell. I wrapped it with ham to make my life simpler. I had no trouble shoving the tablets in when it was unable to flee.
  • When entering a pub, a ham sandwich orders a drink. The bartender claims that no food is provided here.
  • Instead of ham, what should we eat on Easter? .
We should be eating iHop
  • Avoid opening emails with the subject line “ground pork and processed ham” It is spam.
  • I just opened a box my father sent me that contained canned ham. It was his first effort at spam mail, he informed me.
Ham Puns
  • I tried to learn Morse code so I could transmit dad jokes on my ham radio, but I only managed to memorize half of it. I’m simply a commentator, not an expert.
  • What goes best with ham, do you know?
It is Jam.
  • You have a great ham there. It would be unfortunate if someone inserted a S in front of it and an E in behind.
  • I said to my son, “That’s a great ham you’ve got there,” as he prepared dinner. It would be unfortunate if someone spelled it with an S at the beginning and an e at the end.
  • What distinguishes a ham tossed over a balcony from a sweet potato that has been microwaved? .
A heated yam and a yeeted ham, respectively
  • One day I was at the library when a man entered and requested some ham and cheese. He was informed formally that he was at a library by the librarian. After apologizing, the man asked the librarian in a low voice, “Can I please have some ham and cheese?”
  • How is ham transformed into a bird?
Once it goes foul, let it out for a week.
  • What do Fifty Shades of Grey and Green Eggs & Ham have in common?
Both of them inspire those who barely know how to read to explore new things.
  • Since I believe it is unjust that the pigs are killed after getting their life back on track, I don’t like to consume anything that is marketed as “reformed ham.”
Ham Puns

Ham Jokes

Hams are a major part of a sizzling barbeque night or a summer picnic at the beach. If you are planning for any of the two, I think you should definitely check out these fantastic ham puns for you and your friends. Believe me, even if you don’t eat ham, it is no pig deal. You can enjoy these deliciously cured ham puns instead of that.

  • My girlfriend was eating some cheese and salami on crackers. Unintentionally, she severed a sizable portion of the salami. It was a muenster, I informed her. I apologized after she simply gave me a blank look. I apologized to her for making such a corny joke.
  • What do you call a ham that has no goal in life?
We call it a ham with no ham-bition
  • What did the ham tell to the other ham after it was discharged from the hospital?
It said that after getting cured it feels so much better.
  • What do you call a ham that is always using social media?
We call it the Insta ham.
  • What has a ham-like fragrance and is green. The frog’s fingers of Kermit.
  • When Batman went shopping, what did he buy?
It is to have ham!
  • When entering a pub, a ham sandwich orders a drink. We’re sorry, but we don’t offer meals here, the bartender says.
  • What was the name of the pig owned by Beth, a native of Spain?
It is Beth la ham.
  • A man approaches an orphan at a barbecue and asks if he would prefer steak or phan I ment ham.
  • To Jeff, what did Jim say?
I destroyed your ham.
  • My ham radio gear seems to have developed feelings for me. Although it hasn’t spoken, I have seen it showing several indications.
  • In the desert, two cowboys are missing. One of the cowboys notices a tree covered with bacon. A tree of bacon! I’ve saved us! he claims. He is shot up with bullets as he flees to the tree. It was a ham bush, not a bacon tree.
  • Betty, a woman with dark complexion, visits the butcher and requests some steak. No, Black Betty, ham or lamb, the butcher says.
  • I was questioned by airport security about any unexpected sights. I recently spent $18 on a ham sandwich, a cola, and… With that, let’s get going.
  • Bond places a sandwich order. A club sandwich is what James Bond orders from a deli. The worker informs him, “We have ham or turkey, Mr. Bond. How does it seem to you?”
“Bacon, not bird,” responds Bond.
  • What do you name the friendly exchange between a Korean ham and onion?
Ham with onion say “yo”
  • A spreadable preserve created from bon jambon, a fine French ham jam.
  • I just had to give my cat some medication, so I wrapped it in ham. When it was unable to flee, the process was much simplified.
  • A ham visits a doctor Ham: Hey doctor, tell me whether I’ll be okay. You are cured already says the doctor.
  • My father enjoys bragging about his ham radio setup and his ability to receive Mexico. I wouldn’t say anything because I can get Cold by opening my window.
  • Best wishes, West Ham. The only club with names derived from two things ISIS despises.

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Ham Puns

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