75+ Best Harry Potter puns

Potter heads just need a way to slide harry potter references in the conversation. It might not be possible everytime. So a better way will be to replace harry potter vocabulary with the normal one and use puns. Here are some puns that will make potterheads drool. 

Harry Potter puns

  • He knocked at my dumble-door at 5 in the morning.
  • For you, dumble-door of my house is always open. 
  • I kept knocking at your dumble-door, but you did not answer. 
  • After running around with my kid all day long, I knew that snitch was not the only thing that was hardest to catch. 
  • You can be a muggle and still make it all magical for yourself. 
  • I think I should go and talk to her because she look a-dumbledore-able.
  • Dementors are not the only creatures that take your breath away. They should meet you too. 
  • You are siriusly ridiculous if you do not like harry Potter
  • On Monday I cannot function without my Espresso patronum. 
  • If he can handle your golden snitch, he is a keeper. 
Harry Potter Puns
  • I potter the new book of JK Rowling. 
  • When I went to her place, she made a potter tea. 
  • You can go there alone but make sure that there is no granger. 
  • It looked okay from outside but it was a ganger-ous place. 
  • You got to stay far far away from Granger. 
  • You think you are right but you might be Ron. 
  • You think it is shortcut but it might be the Ron way. 
  • Take your time to thing about it or you might jump into some Ron conclusion. 
  • You cannot get everything so weasley. 
  • Just because you are getting everything so weasley, you do not respect it. 
  • You should stop making fun of muggles before you are muggle-ed. 
  • It is high time that you should start taking magic severus-ly. 
  • The snape hid behind the grass ready to bite. 
  • You Cannot just snape at every thing I tell you. 
Harry Potter Puns
  • I despise your this habit of snape-ing at me. 
  • Your eyes are myst-sirius.
  • The way she speaks and looks at people, there is something myst-sirius about her. 
  • It is valentine’s day, I got to buy some chocolate frogs for her. 
  • Chocolate frogs and flowers are all you need to win her heart.
  • Death eater waits for nobody. 
  • Death eater arrived in it full form.
  • My friend will have a scotch and I will take a butterbeer.
  • Plan of night is Netflix and butterbeer.
  • I looked at him and could feel butterbeer in my stomach. 
  • It was difficult to hike because the slope of the mountain came down diagon alley. 
  • As long as I take, you keep giving me a lot of crup. 
  • I do not like talking to him, he gives a lot of crup.
  • You must remain quietus while I am speaking. 
  • If you want to hear what is being said, stay quietus. 
Harry Potter Puns
  • It is better if this thing is confundus. 
  • I wanted to snitch you away from the crowd. 
  • She is such a snitch. 
  • Can I please have some mungo ice Cream?
  • Oliver the way she wears her hair.
  • Oliver the way she waves her wand.
  • The way she know all the spells, oliver it. 
  • As you grow older you see how few firenze you have. 
  • He is my best firenze. 
  • From what all I know about you, all I can say is that you are a riddikulus person. 
  • How riddikulus it is that you do not believe in magic! 
  • It is my responsibility now. Owl take care of it. 
  • The half blood Prince waved to the public from his chariot.
  • She was just so ravencl-awesome that I was all smitten. 
  • They sang the song so well that all I could say was that it shows just hufflepuffection. 
  • She brought me such a nice gift. I absolutely gryffin-adore her. 
  • Can you witch this watch? He will s-muggle the gold across the sea.
Harry Potter Puns

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