100+ Fantastic head puns that won’t leave your head

You might try learning some hysterical head puns or jokes about tiny and large heads. Puns with absolutely no heads may be hilarious if you are an expert at it and never mind telling the joke.

And also, puns about losing your head are among the most popular and are well-received. Why are you waiting for? Jump straight into the collection of puns.

Funny head Puns

Head puns and jokes may be a great way to make people relax at a boring party or during a serious talk. They are not only humorous but also incredibly intelligent. So why do you have to wait, and get head over heels for these head puns?

Following the head injury, Ron began seeing a wide range of images. The doctor stated that it was all in his head.

Stella responded, “I haven’t spoken to him for years, I got to know he had lost his mind,” when asked if she had heard from the headless horseman recently.

Richie was cautioned by Riley to avoid the new kid in class since he is renowned for mind tricks. “Thanks for the heads up,” Richie said.

Hola had the responsibility of counting the heads at each school function because she was the head girl of the school.

“Go be the headliner of your life,” suggested Roby’s father. He then proceeded to become a rock star.

She said she was over heals for the prince when he gave her a crown.

You may head out and never attend another class of mine; the biology instructor yelled at the students after they made head jokes in class.

Dora had a concussion and was unable to walk straight; the nurse said, “She is heading in the wrong direction,” as she attempted to approach the entrance.

Everyone had a headache from the stressful day, so the professors told the pupils to head straight to their rooms and take a nap.

One of the students who had been learning about brain surgery was weary and remarked, “It’s too much to wrap my head around.”

In spite of his constant desire to become renowned, my friend totally lost his mind after being the first person to have a brain transplant.

The duty of creating hats was handed to the scientists, and they completely lost their heads over it.

Do you understand the need for two showers in Big Head Gary’s bathroom? After his head, the top shower’s water couldn’t reach the rest of his body.

Why do you need a huge head? Gary took so long to listen with his ears?

due to large head Gary’s right ear is in an unlike time zone than his left because of how giant his head is.

Why avoids Gary with a huge head going to the theatres?

He can already dream in widescreen because of how huge his brain is.
Head Puns

Do you know why Gary the Big Head filled out the form on two pages?

His passport photo is so large that it requires an additional page to close.

Why did Kierra just present herself after agreeing to play in a band?

She gave her consent to every voice in her thoughts.

What transpires when someone is struck in the head with a pillow?

A com cushion.

What did I see when the teacher hit me in the head with a telescope, do you know?

Stars are everywhere.

My mother encourages my dad to make up his mind, so he applies lipstick on his head.

What results from dividing our head into four equal parts?

Our headquarters are here.

A headache would result from sleeping on a memory foam pillow because as soon as your head touches it, you start to remember all of the mistakes you committed.

Turn your head continually to the left and right anytime you are offered food to consume as a helpful weight-loss tip.

My teacher frequently advises me to love with my heart while using my intellect for other purposes. It’s too bad he just passes away from a concussion.

Just get some bunny tattoos all over your head if you start losing your hair. They may appear to be hares when everyone is standing back and looking at your head.

I sense if we die and we lose our head, a kid asks the teacher. It is obvious because it is a no brainer the teacher responds.

The notion is what really counts when you mentally add up heads.

What does a replacement head in football go by?

It’s known as a subhead.

My dad has a beard. His head sometimes resembles a headlight or a head with sunshine as he is walking in the sun.

When I inform my instructor that my father is a pothead, she is pretty astonished. He frequently cooks while wearing a saucepan on his head, in other words.

What do we name a head that always leads the other heads and always goes first?

–He’s known as a forehead.

To be continued on page 2 is written beneath your passport image because of how huge your head is.

What’s the name for a dumb head?

A stupid head.

It’s impossible to “lather, rinse, repeat” with your head that size.

The Headband is a new rock band formed by four heads.

Seriously, how large is your cushion, exactly?

No wait, I guess you could just get a king-sized mattress to sleep on.

What is the medium via which heads converse with one another?

It is the headphones

The head just completed his graduate program and was promoted to head-master.

You have to take a step into your shirts while getting dressed since your head is so huge.

You already dream in “wide screen” since your skull is so enormous; you don’t even need to go to the movies.

Because of how large your head is, you never get wet when it rains. Ever.

Luke Skywalker could fly his spaceship into your ear, so whatever you do, don’t let him see your head.

Many youngsters would stick items up their noses when they were younger. Did you utilize a bowling ball that they never again managed to get out?

The size of your skull creates its own gravitational force.

Your right ear is in a unlike time zone than your left since it is of how large your head is.

Because your head was obstructing the skybox views, you were expelled from the stadium.

Your skull is so enormous that giants could use it as a dart sheet if you painted a goal on the back of it.

Head Puns

Head Jokes

The head puns presented here are very straightforward and won’t completely pass through your head. Anything that flies over or beyond your head is something you don’t comprehend. However, it’s simple to comprehend and chuckle at these head puns.

Wow, your shoulders must be quite powerful. How come?

to keep that enormous head raised.

If you used your skull as a bowling ball, you would always get a strike since it is so big.

People mistake you for a real-life bobble head toy because of how large your head is.

I had to run around your head to practice for my half marathon since it was so big.

You need to be careful to avoid pins and spikes since your head is so large to prevent it from popping.

Both of your ears are in two distinct time zones and it is because of how large your head is.

Every time you fly, the aeroplanes have to cost you for supplementary luggage since your head is so large.

Your head is so enormous that you will never develop a tan on the rest of your body.

I had a huge head when I was a small kid. I was known as “Pumpkin head boy” by everyone. My head eventually evolved into my body. I’m now known as “pumpkin guy” by everyone.

Similar to huge head jokes, forehead jokes put more of an emphasis on the forehead! Laugh at these timeless jokes and roasts.

You don’t have a forehead; instead, your head is more a size 6 or 7.

The most accomplished rock climbers in the world come to you in an attempt to scale your forehead, the tallest wall of them all. Many people have perished after slipping from the ever-moving handholds that are the lines on your forehead and dying from the sharp fall. The greatest achievement in rock climbing, however, continues to be successfully ascending your forehead.

You have to listen to music for 30 minutes longer than everyone else since your ears are miles distant from your brain, where the information must go.

How many times have you stumbled and wrecked your nose as a consequence of the enormity your forehead yields?

Your hair was streaming away from your face at a land speed record.

Because of how large your forehead is, a stroke would appear to be a landslide gone awry.

If you strapped a solar panel on your forehead, you could supply electricity to the entire neighborhood.

The respectable news is that trading billboard space on your forehead might carry to you a lot of cash.

Your forehead resembles the bottom of a stingray that four fisherman are simultaneously attempting to catch.

The respectable news is that you will always be able to take abuses in pace.

My father commanded me to complete his bird painting. The legs, chest, and head were painted. I simply wing it, I’ll be honest.

Why is it a big deal when a baby pops its head out during labor?

Since it is the baby’s greatest accomplishment.

Sean Connery’s head is landed on by a stack of books, and he cries, “I just have my shelf to blame!”

Someone gave me a bouquet of flowers earlier today, but they were all missing their heads. I feel like I’m being followed.

A man who can boil an egg on his head is what you call him. Pan and Man.

The midwife instructed me to hold the infant’s head as she handed me the child. I commend you for having a terrific brain. Well done!

Head Puns

My father used to hurl quarters at my head when I was a kid if I misbehaved. “Perhaps this’ll knock some scents into you,” he said.

My word is lore as a mythologist and the leader of the home.

For Christmas, my wife gave me a scalp massager, but I had no idea what it was. It turned out to be a true puzzler.

I recently attended a close friend’s funeral who passed away after being struck in the head by a tennis ball. It was an excellent service.

I’m amazed that none of you are discussing the medication that has the adverse effect of wrinkling scalps more. It has certainly been making headlines.

After being struck in the head by a boomerang, I lost all recollection. Now everything is coming back to me.

My acquaintance often rests his head on a bag of rice while sleeping. It was a particular pilau, he claimed.

Did you hear about the man who drilled himself to death because he had nothing better to do?

He was so unbearably bored.

During arithmetic class, my head hurt and I had a really runny nose; I believe I had a sin(x) infection.

My doctor responded when I hurled a fuzzy peach at his head by saying, “That’s not assaulting, that’s a sweetener.”

My skull was struck by a drink can yesterday. Fortunately, it was a soft drink for me.

I ordered many old spears online, however, they didn’t come with their spearheads. I was duped.

In his show, a balding magician would place a rabbit on his head and cause it to vanish. The hare disappeared in fine hair.

You may put it over your head in case your canoe flips over in the water because it has capsized.

Is it speed dating if two meth heads get together or simply some meth around?

When I questioned my dad why he was outdoors wearing a TV antenna on his head, he said that he was attempting to get more in tune with nature.

My head struck a low bridge. Viaduct would have been acceptable.

I said, “Well that’s mature,” after my wife hurled a brick of cheddar at my head.

What do Mexicans in the pool wear on their heads?


What beverage is a redhead’s go-to?

It is the Ginger Beer.

I bend over and put my knees to my head. That’s simply how I operate.

Which type of milk would you smear on your forehead?

It will always be past your eyesd.

With a smile on his face and a blue arrow on his forehead, my grandpa entered the room. I said, “What are you meant to be?”

“I’m a boomerang,” said Grandpa.

My forehead was recently struck by an Omega-3 bottle that was thrown, causing severe fish oil damage.

I stormed into the kitchen, yelling at my wife, “Honey! When you enter the grocery, whatever you do, please do not let them take your temperature on your forehead! Your memory is destroyed! As you asked, I went in for bread and milk, and when I came out, I had two cases of beer! “

A whale with a ball on its forehead is referred to as what?

We call it a Nard Whale.

If you don’t understand why Catholics nowadays have grimy foreheads. Why not simply burn them?

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Dogs lack a forehead. Duh, they only have one.

By using just his nose, ears, chin, and forehead to play exquisite piano masterpieces, a paraplegic man rose to fame. His tour manager would remark to him before he entered the stage to perform, “Okay, John. It’s time to take responsibility.”

After David threw a stone deep into Goliath’s brow, what did the giant do?

He moves to lie down.

I told my girlfriend that her eyebrows were drawn on her forehead too high. She appeared startled.

The wife reported having wood glue on her forehead and being unable to remove it. You’re a blockhead, I replied as I turned to face her.

Why was the girl’s forehead covered with lipstick?

She had to decide what she would do and had to make up her mind!

When my dad’s horse ate this odd mutant corn, it developed a horn from its forehead. It was a very distinctive corn.

Glitter was seen on my forehead by my wife. Why do I need glitter at work, my oldest daughter questioned?

I told him to be flamboyant, so I did. I won big when his mother gave me that look.

After watching an Isis video, I couldn’t get the song out of my brain. The following day at work, I was humming it when my Arab coworker responded, “Soon, my brother.”

The officer enquired, “This vehicle is whose. What’s your destination?

What do you do for a living? Mine,” the miner retorted.

When I competed in wrestling, I would put a man in a headlock before tattooing my name on their forehead. It was one of my signature moves.

Head Puns

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