70+ Hedgehog Puns to Amuse You

Undoubtedly cheesy as they can be, sharing amusing puns always makes people laugh, and in this day and age. You’ve definitely heard your fair share of humorous puns before. With this extensive list of the 50+ Hedgehog funniest puns, though, we’re increasing the ante and advancing our deft puns. 

These top humorous Hedgehog puns cover a wide range of topics and are all quick and easy ways to make people laugh.

Funny Hedgehog Puns

The hedgehog is a small, sturdy animal that has been compared to a pincushion with legs. The majority of mammals have soft, flexible fur or hair. Hedgehogs come in a variety of colors with bands along their quills, ranging from white to light brown to black. They have coarse hair all over their face, neck, and belly.

But these facts don’t stop us from making fun of cute Hedgehogs. And they don’t mind anyway. 

  • Why don’t hedgehogs just share the hedge? Be relaxed. Be wary. 
  • You have a slick, edgy appearance like a hedge. 
  • I detest hedging my bets. 
  • Hedgehog-warts is a school for magic hedgehogs. 
  • Can I now take a turn in the hedge? Hedgehog: “I don’t.” 
  • What is a pig impaled in the topiary called? The hedgehog.
  • How do hedgehogs play the game of leapfrog? Very cautiously.
  • I’m so delighted I pricked you, one hedgehog said to the other. Quill, would you be mine? Everything will work out fine. 
  • “I’m stuck on you,” a hedgehog says to another. My bones are quilled. 
  • That hedgehog is as old as the quills at 22, and You are the one, quill. 
  • Hedgehogs have the art of hibernation down to a science. 
  • Rain or shine, hedgehogs sleep all day long. 
  • To cross the road, a hedgehog had to go the entire spine yards. 
  • When two hedgehogs cross paths, it can be, C’mon… then give me a hedge hug! 
  • Do you anticipate that I will believe all of that hogwash? 
  • Where a hedgehog goes to take a bath is called a hedgehog. 
  • Hippie hedgehogs used to smoke Hedgehogweed (also known as Hogweed, a coarse weedy plant) to make themselves happy in the 1960s. 
  • Hedgehoggish is a term for a filthy, conceited, and gluttonous hedgehog. 
  • Scottish hedgehog, New Year’s Eve, is known as Hedge-Hogmanay (Hogmanay in English). 
  • Hedgehog’s preferred holiday libation is a hedgehog. 
  • The hedgehog Hermie spends his entire life there! 
  • Hermie appeared hesitant. Get to the point already and stop babbling! 
  • Hedgehog’s favorite cartoon is Pokemon. How do hedgehogs use a poke? That’s what Pokemon they prefer.
  • Hugging a hedgehog isn’t always simple, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try! 
  • My life isn’t complete without hedgehogs, but they make it complete! 
  • The hedgehog only knows one trick, but the fox knows many, and it’s the best one. Emerson, Ralph Waldo 
  • Although you can’t buy happiness, you can adopt a hedgehog, which is somewhat similar. 
  • Hedgehogs are not just for the holidays—they are for life! 
  • Unless you have the option to be a hedgehog, always be yourself. 
  • Talk about hedgehogs if you want me to pay attention. 
  • The hedgehog replied as he descended from the scrubbing brush, “We all make errors. A. Sullivan Macy.
  • Why was the hedgehog unable to wash his hair? A: He had left his shoulders and head on the pavement. 

Hedgehog Puns

We hope you thoroughly enjoyed our aforementioned cute Hedgehog puns. Well, we have more for you. These are witty, sharp, and funny. You can even read them to your friends or in your class, or in tuition to make your classes less burdensome.

These top 50+ Hedgehog puns will blow your mind no matter if you like a hedgehog or not, but after reading this, you will surely want to pet him. Especially Mamas, they fear. But let me tell you, if their kids recite these puns, her fear might vanish. So, enjoy!

  • How often does a hedgehog’moo’? A: When learning a new language is involved!
  • What is the name of a hedgehog that has a carrot in each ear? A: Whatever you’d like, since he can’t hear you! 
  • When the hedgehog stepped on the grape, what did it say? A: Nothing, it only released a small amount of wine! 
  • What caused the hedgehog to cross the street? A: To show the possum that it was possible! 
  • In the forest, a hedgehog was pulling a rope. When the rabbit noticed, he enquired, “Why are you dragging this rope?” You know… Pushing it is quite difficult, hedgehog said. A hedgehog suddenly appears in front of the two toothpicks as they are hanging out in the woodland. The result is that one of them shrugs and says, “Hmm, I didn’t even realize they had public transportation here.” 
  • Hedgehogs make what noise when they kiss? A: Ouch! 
  • What results from breeding a tortoise with a porcupine? A plodding poke 
  • Which animal will not share the bushes? A hedgehog, that is. 
  • What is a pig that places multiple bets known as? A hedgehog, that is. 
  • When the toothpick spotted a hedgehog, what did he say? A bus can be seen! 
  • What do you call a blue hedgehog who is intoxicated? A: Sonic and gin. 
  • How do hedgehogs make love? A: With caution. 
  • Who in video games has the best poetry? The hedgehog Sonnet. 
  • What is a pig impaled on a topiary called? Hedgehog.
  • Which animal is unwilling to share the shrubbery? A hedgehog. 
  • A pig that places multiple bets is referred to as what? A hedgehog
  • How are hedgehogs said to kiss? A: With care. 
  • Who among videogame characters is the most poetic? The hedgehog Sonnet, of course. 
  • What results when you combine a motorcycle and a bush? A hedgehog, 
  • Daughter: Could we construct a hedgehog home? Father: We can make a hedgehog flat, but not right now. 
  • What is a hedgehog known as when its prickles have been lost? A mole! 
  • Hedgehog child: That worm I just ate for tea wasn’t very pleasant, mom. Hedgehog mother: I did not request a review. It’s not a review, Kid Hedgehog. Your final worm report is here! 
  • What school do hedgehog wizards attend? Hedgehogwarts! 
  • What was spoken by the pet hedgehog just before it escaped into the wild? I desire a life spent in the hedge! 
  • What is the name of a well-known and beautiful hedgehog? Hedgendary 
  • If a hedgehog doesn’t eat worms, what do you name them? I’m a hedgetarian. Oh, hedgehogs.
  • They should just split the hedge, please! Hedgehog crossed the street for what reason? Go visit his roommate! 
  • A cheerful hedgehog to the flamingo, what did the hedgehog say? Flamin-stop! 
  • What are spiky and bouncy? A basketball-playing hedgehog! 
  • What foods consume hedgehogs? Pungent onions! 
  • How do hedgehogs play the game leapfrog? extremely cautiously 
  • What would result from breeding a giraffe and a hedgehog? A very lengthy toothbrush! 

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