49+ Best Herbivore Puns and Funny Quotes

Are you vegetarian? Life is tough right with all those veggies always hopping around you. Well, we here made an effort to make your life a bit funny and interesting. Here are some of the herbivore puns just for you so that next time you eat you can laugh too.

Herbivore Puns and Funny Quotes

  • What should I do to know that the dinosaur is a herbivore or not? Nothing as such, you just need to stand beside him. 
  • What will you call an Institution for semi-aquatic herbivore? Calling it a hippocampus will be no wrong.
  • Last evening a vegan woman approached me suddenly and she said that she knew me for almost nine years.
  • I just cannot believe what she said, I had never heard ever from a Herbivore.
  • Why did almighty take away, the entire herbivores dinosaur from the planet? He preferred his salads a little meteor.
  • Do you have any idea about the fact that we can survive just by eating plants? No, sorry that is something I never herbivore.
  • My brother set me up on a date which was blind with his vegetarian best friend.
  • I was really dumbstruck when I looked at him as I saw him for the first time and I never herbivore.
  • My elder brother told me yesterday that he was going to be engaged next month with a girl she dated for a year and she has a special hatred for meat.
  • I was really surprised of what I heard as I have never met herbivore.
  • A girl today called me suddenly and said that she wants to return the money that she borrowed from me.
  • I was taken aback, as I had never heard of herbivore.
  • The thief who stole all the vegan food from the Jain restaurant ran was on television today.
  • I was surprised to see him as met her herbivore. 
  • What type of smoker will you call a guy who smokes only herbs? Calling him a herbivore smoker will be logical.
  • Guy: Do you know my neighbour Monica?
  • Girl: Tell me something more about her.
  • Guy: The only thing that I know about her is that she is a herbivore.
  • Girl: I have hardly met herbivore.
  • I had a feeling that I have never visited my grandmother’s house. I thought I will not recognize her area once I get in her town but as soon as I reached my memories came back this proved that I had been here herbivore.
  • Want to know why I finally parted ways with my girl? She changed right from the time she turned vegan, like I hardly met herbivore.
  • The herbivorous anthropologist visited with a group of people in forest who were exclusively carnivores. The head of the tribe was called to check whether he knows him or not but the leader said she never met herbivore. 
  • I visited Shillong this winter.  It was a typical feeling when I reached there. It seemed like a had been herbivore. 
  • The beautiful girl walked down the lane and my friends called her up and started chatting, I was surprised as I had never met herbivore.
  • I was very happy to hear about our family trip to a hill station this winter as I have never visited a hill station herbivore.
  • My old friend changed a lot after she settled in Bangalore and became a vegan. Almost like I hardly knew herbivore.
  • My parents asked that did I ever met with the vegetarian girl who recently became my neighbour? I instantly replied “Never even saw herbivore.”
  • Tim has settled in Delhi for five years but he was amazed to see the snow falls in Delhi this year as he has never seen snow herbivore.
  • The policeman showed me a picture of a cute girl who was vegetarian and was missing for the last ten days. I was shocked to see her picture as I have seen herbivore.
  • I was amazed to see people chanting the name of the famous actress in the new movie as I have never seen herbivore in any movie.
  • My friend’s girlfriend has seen me at the vegan club today but surprisingly I had never seen herbivore.
Herbivore Puns

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