45+ Best Hermione Granger Puns

When it comes to kids and their fantasy world, how can one not talk about the magical world of Harry Potter and the characters in it? The Harry Potter world has been a part of a lot of us since a long time. They are everywhere in movies, books and franchise and everything else. The most infamous witty character in the Harry Potter story was Hermione Granger. Here are some Puns on Hermione granger that will make your day. 

Hermione Granger Puns and Funny Quotes

  • What did Hermione say to Malfoy when she wanted him to visit her house? Hermione asked “Would you like to Syltherin in my Gryffindor?”
  • What was Hermione’s go to wisdom word on Knowledge when she talked to her fellow mates? Hermione always said that a little knowledge is a grangerous thing!
  • What reaction does Ron always give when he hears Hermione puns? Ron always candidly says that these Hermione puns are grangerously cliché!”
  • What happens when Hermione rescues Ron and Harry from every problem they face?She always brings them out of granger!
  • What did Ron say to harry when they met for the first time? Ron asked harry to stop behaving like a granger, we are already friends by now 
  • What would be the remake of stranger things if it was made by Hermione and her wit? If Hermine made the remake it would be granger thing 
  • What would be the scarier thing than a problem in life of harry? When he realizes that it is a major granger danger 
  • How did Ron express Harry about the peculiar incident that he faced in Hogwarts? He told Harry that granger things have been happening around in this school of magic 
  • What does the teachers in Hogwarts preached the student in night? The teachers suggested the students to stop moving out of school at night and avoid talking to grangers who could be a possible threat 
  • What is the best idea of philanthropy according to Hermione in the world of humans?It is when grangers come together and help each other in the time of crises  
  • What does the writer JK Rowling say to the reporter when he asked about the idea behind the novel? JK Rowling told the reporter that the truth is granger than this fiction if they understand 
  • What did Hermione get as an advice from then millennials? “KEEP CALM and MARRY RON “
  • Why did the all the humans who did not die when they were not wizards? Because Hermione donated her blood now and often to them as she was a mudblood 
  • What happened to Hermione when she came under the spell in the first part of the Harry Potter movie? Hermione was Petrified 
  • What did Hermione say to her son when he said she was a witch? Hermione replied “Emma Watson?” She would name them Hermitwo and Hermithree 
  • What would Hermione keep the name of her kids if she was a mathematician?
  • What did Hermione’s boyfriend did when he got to know that she was a mudblood?Hermione’s boyfriend ron off 
  • Why could no one find Hermione in tough times? Because they all were looking in the wrong places 
  • How did Hermione managed to stay so messed up mentally in the Harry Potter movie? Because she was a mudblood 
  • What did Harry to Hermione when ever she got into any messy fight? He would ask Hermione to Quidditch 
  • What magic spell did Hermione use to have a early kick in the beginning of the day ?Hermione used “Expresson Patronum “
  • What did Hermione say to Ron and Harry when she was caught by Dumbledore after skipping classes? Hermione said she did not want to get Ex-spelled!
  • How was Hermione so good in the art of witchcraft? Because, she had the habit of wander-ring around to learn the art of magic 
  • What did Harry say when she faced problem looking for Hermione in the whole Hogwarts? Harry would say that he can not s-potter her anywhere 
  • What did Hermione say to Ron when he was departed from her? Hermione would say Ron voyage!!
Hermione Granger Puns

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