61+ Best Horse Puns and Funny Quotes

Horse is a large domestic mammal, typically eats plants. Horses are used for racing, riding and to carry and pull weights. Send some hilarious and funny horse puns with your companions to make them giggle for hours. Given below is a list of some horse puns.

Horse Puns and Funny Quotes

  • What would a horse with cash in the bank be called?

Financially stable.

  • How would you relax a restless jockey?

 Tell the jockey to hold his horses.

  • Why did the individual settle behind the horse? Because the person was expecting to get a kick out of it.
  • Why could the pony proceed at a great speed? Because the pony had a powerful horsepower engine.
  • What would a horse that went everywhere in the world be called?

A globe-trotter.

horse puns

_When does a horse converse with others? 

Whinney wants to.

_What does a horse purchase from a shop where bread and cakes are sold or made?


_What TV show a horse likes the most? 


_What is received by a horse from you with a sore throat? 

Cough stirrup.

_What separates a horse and a duck? 

One runs quick and another goes quack.

_What food racehorses consume? 

Fast food.

_Who lends a hand to ponies controlled by monsters? An ex-horse-ist.

_How did the jockey talk to the horse?

his cards we’re laid by him on the stable.

_Why is a racehorse known as Unpleasant News?

 Because Unpleasant News moves quickly.

horse puns

_Everybody hates the new horse that came recently on the farm. It was thought by them that the horse was going to stirrup difficulty.

_Why was the pony an incredible reporter?

Because things are often found out by the pony straight from the mouth of the horse.

_Why did they ask the bronco to leave the pub? 

Because there was not more than one buck in his purse.

_Why is it not easy to communicate with a race horse? Because red horses don’t stand around furlong.

_What would a noisy horse be called?

 A herd animal.

_Why did the horse rise from sleep with tears in his eyes?

Because the horse had a night-mare.

_Why did the horse escape from the marriage cathedral? 

Because the horse got colt feet.

_What is said by the horse after falling down?

He asked for help because he couldn’t giddyup.

_What sport a horse likes the most?

 Stable tennis.

_What would a horse with no outfit be called?


_Do you think my horse is well mannered? 

When we reached the boundary, your horse let me over first.

_What is the definition of  thespian pony?

 A minor horse game.

_What was the reason for the spontaneousness of the horse? 

The horse often did things impulsively.

_Did you know the new partner of pony?

 Her partner was a stud.

_What happened to the owner of the riding academy? His business was not improving.

_Why was the horse scolded by the teacher? 

Because the horse was foaling everywhere.

_Where do newly married horses hang around?

 They stay In the bridle suite.

_What was said by the waiter to the horse? 

He said It is not possible for him to receive the order, that is not his stable.

_What would a horse that can’t lose a race be called? Sherbet.

_What is the laziest horse in the earth?

 A clotheshorse.

_What song a horse likes the most? 

Watch me whip… watch me neigh Leigh.

_People need to be conscious of black elegance.  She is a black horse.

_What is seen by horses before thunder? 

Lightning colts.

_What do a horse and a letter have in common? 

They both start a journey at the post.

_Why was a horse never out of its shape?

 Because the horse was maintaining a stable diet.

_What was said by the gorgeous horse?

Probably it is neighbelline.

_What was said by the horse to his companion that lost a chance? 

Pony up.

_What type of cheese is the best to disguise a little horse?


_What JK Rowling book a horse likes the most?

Harry Trotter and the Hoof-Blood Prince.

_What was said by the cannibal pony?

 I am starving. I wouldn’t hesitate to eat a horse.

_What pair were popular for taking horses without permission?

Bonnie and Clydesdale.

Horse Puns

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