81+ Best Ice Cream Puns for I’m Such a Softie

It is hard to find a person who does not enjoy a scoop of delicious ice cream. It is not only popular among children but equally among adults. Puns about ice cream are very funny and lighten up the mood of people easily. Here are a few ice cream puns:

Ice Cream Puns

  • Ice cream always makes me ‘melt’.
  • Ice cream is the ‘coolest’ snack.
  • Refusing to have an ice cream is ‘un-cone-stitutional’.
  • I would prefer a ‘Game of Cones’ to Game of Thrones any day.
  • ‘Sundae’ is my favourite day of the week.
  • Having an ice cream is the best way to ‘chill-out’.
  • We were always ‘mint’ to be together.
  • Ice cream is my ‘flavourite’ dessert.
  • Anything is ‘popsicle’ when you are enjoying an ice cream.
  • Ice cream’ for ice cream whenever I want it.
  • I like to have ice cream ‘cherry’ much.
  • Soft Serve occupies a soft spot in my heart.
  • Do you know about the latest ‘scoop’.
Ice Cream Puns
  • I don’t de(soft)serve a friend as good as you.
  • Some desserts are worth ‘melting’ for.
  • Live each day like its ‘sherbet’ day.
  • My love for ice cream is ‘un-cone-ditional’.
  • I lose ‘cone-trol’ whenever I see an ice cream.
  • You are my one and ‘cone-ly’.
  • I am sure you ‘cone’ do it.
  • If I ever win the ‘gelato-ry’, I will buy tonnes of ice cream for myself.
  • Summer was ‘gelato’ fun.
  • Gelato my time is spent eating ice cream.
  • There is no point having ‘Breyer’s remorse’ after gorging on ice cream.
  • The ice cream from this shop is ‘legendairy’.
  • You are now an official member of the ‘cream team’.
  • What is the one thing that an ice cream enjoys doing the most? Netflix and ‘chill’
  • Now, you will see me ‘drip’.
Ice Cream Puns
  • Why does everyone want to be friends with the ice cream? Because it is ‘cool’.
  • What kind of a girlfriend is the ice cream? A very ‘sweet’ one.
  • Why can an ice cream never be good in tennis? Because it has a ‘soft serve’.
  • What did the ice cream say to his beloved wife? You make me ‘melt’.
  • A frozen dessert gave birth to a baby. He is a ‘popsicle’.
  • What did the legal advisor of an ice cream say to his client? That you got ‘served’.
  • What will an ice cream say to you on the day of your birth anniversary? It’s ‘sherbet’ day.
  • Which show does an ice cream find to be the most amusing? Game of ‘cones’.
  • Why does an ice cream always take an umbrella with him? Because the chances of ‘sprinkles’ are always high.
  • Why is an ice cream a bad employee? Because it is always ‘chilling’ out.
  • Which dog breed does the ice cream have as a pet? ‘Dashchundae’.
  • What kind of parents will an ice cream couple make? ‘Softy’ ones.
  • Where can you learn to make an ice cream? At a ‘Sundae’ school.
  • What kind of ice cream does an astronaut prefer to have? The like ‘floats’.
  • Why is a green ice cream always so serendipitous? It was always ‘mint’ to be like that.
Ice Cream Puns
  • Which is the favourite ice cream of an electrician? They prefer to have ‘Shock a lot’.
  • With what does Reese have an ice cream? ‘Witherspoon’.
  • What made the ice cream truck to break down? ‘The rocky road’.
  • Why does an ice cream always make a great journalist? Because it always manages to get a ‘scoop’.
  • Which is the favourite ice cream of the Dracula? ‘Veinilla’.
  • Why will an ice cream never be a good athlete? It will eventually get licked.
  • What happened to the ice cream who went to jailed? He got his ‘just desserts’.
  • Why does an ice cream never gets invited to a party? Because he is a ‘drip’.
  • Ice cream is a very healthy food indeed. It is ‘creamed’ with nutrients.
  • Being able to have my favourite ice cream was like a ‘cream’ come true.
  • What would Dostoevsky write if he got fat after eating ice cream? ‘Cream’ and Punishment.
  • Me and my friends are so fond of having ice cream that we are often called Partners in ‘Cream’.
  • We should never dis‘cream’inate between different flavours.
  • ’Waffling’ on and on while having an ice cream the worst thing you can do.
Ice Cream Puns

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