55+ Funny Internet Puns and Wifi Jokes

Internet has become a very vital part of life and life feels partial with it. You can use all your nerdy information and make something fun out of it. So you can just use internet in your conversation making them funny and hilarious. Here are some puns on internet that you can use in your conversations

Internet Puns

  • We tried out best to maintain the relationship but we could not save it because our connection was weak 
  • He and I are very good friends since a very long time. We have that kind of connection since the beginning. 
  • We went to watch wi fi movie with them. It was about space and rocket science. 
  • We saw the LANd. It looked fine and fertile for the crops to grow and prosper in this kind of weather.
  • She bought a LNAd that was worth way more than she could afford at that time during her life. 
  • The fisher man spread the net and waited for a very long time for the fish to come so that he can finally go home. 
Internet Puns
  • The net put on the animals were contaminated. This is the only reason the animals got sick and are dying. 
  • This summers we planned on going to the beach and surf. We have been waiting to do this since a long time. 
  • We were not allowed to surf this year by the sea because of the tide situations that were on the forecast. 
  • The firefox was set in the wild to clear it a little bit but it became wild and we have now lost ,ost of our flora and fauna. 
  • I can’t keep you from harm but I am setting firefox to keep you warm, they sang this and swayed in the air. 
  • The way he told me about the information data we are not allowed to share it with anyone. It was data confidential. 
  • I told them data should go and talk to our boss about the miscommunication that is happnening between co- workers. 
  • They best thing to be around her was that she had such a strong network of people you can count on anytime. 
  • The networking done by them during elections was the major reason that they won with such good votes that year. 
Internet Puns
  • She called me in the evening to tell me that she will be crashing in my place for a night or two but she did not turn up. 
  • I internet that I will win the match no matter who plays against me. I am in this since a very long time and now I am experienced. 
  • The internet was put among them and now the race started. The one who would win gets a lot of money from another. 
  • The farmer was under a lot of internet and when her did not know how to repay, he committed suicide. 
  • She helped me when I really needed some one to back me up. I will always stay in that internet of her. 
  • I wanted a internet so badly but my family will never allow me to get one so I am waiting to  move out now. 
  • Her internet dog was very sick since a week and now she has to hospitalize him. He might need surgery. 
Internet Puns
  • I was just about to internet the call before she started talking about her problems. After that it went on for really long. 
  • The answer she wrote was internet yet she was awarded some marks because the teacher checking the paper was considerate. 
  • The conduct was internet and this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated with us in this organisation from any one. 
  • It was an internet channel. She still made so much fuss about it and made it complicated at the end. 
  • She could internet the entire movie by herself still she hired a few assistants to get some perspective. 
  • I sat down to internet about life and I discovered that I had been whining about such petty things in life. 
  • The method of internet was used by him to deal with his clients. 
Internet Puns

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