99+ Hilarious Iron Puns to Blow Off the Steam

With these clever ironing puns and jokes, you’ll definitely wrinkle up with laughter! Read these to release some steam; we can assure you that you won’t be bored because they are so smooth.

Funny Iron Puns

“Never go out with a wrinkled shirt!” My mother always said. They wear off your appearance. But not these fun iron puns. They are never going to get wrinkly even after using them a lot. So, keep pressing with these punny iron puns!

  • I’ve heard that Barcelona and their top player are working out a new contract. It may land Messi.
  • “Why are you ironing the bras when there is nothing in them,” a husband asks his wife. “I also iron your underwear, right?” she replies.
  • My wife constantly makes the decision of whether to iron or dry her garments in order to remove creases a lot of thought. I begged her to stop obsessing over her clothes.
  • My wife was carrying a laundry basket full of freshly pressed clothing when she tripped and fell. I observed the whole process.
  • Why is ironing a four-leaf clover a bad idea? You shouldn’t try your luck because of this.
  • My ironing board’s cover was wrinkly. Thus, I made fun of the iron. Then, due to “irony,” I laughed once more.
  • What is the name of an ironing board that creases garments worse? Irony board.
  • I gave up pressing my clothes. My worries are less pressing.
  • I merely steal a shirt when I don’t have time to iron one.
  • What form of illness results in wrinkled clothing? An absence of iron.
  • An ironing board is what? A surfboard that gave up on its aspirations and started working.
  • Interested in some irony? When one cutter commands another to stop, but he is unable to do so.
  • A “Bored Housewife, 32, looking for some action” sent me an email today. She has received my ironing. She’ll be occupied by that.
  • Try ironing garments if you’re feeling anxious. It’s a fantastic method to release tension.
  • I began pressing my clothes to de-crease how ugly I appeared.
  • Why are two ladies unable to play monopoly together? One iron is all there is.
  • What distinguishes Iron Man from Iron Woman? One is a super hero, whereas the other is an order.
  • Heavy metal was the subject of a joke earlier. Pretty ironic, actually.
  • What’s the name of an ironing board that creases your clothes more? A list of ironies.
  • When Iron Man can’t swim, what do you name him? Robert Drowing Jr.
  • My acquaintance got married because he was sick of ironing shirts; he now irons dresses as well.
  • Hey Tony, tell me how you keep your shirts from wrinkling. Iron, dude.
  • My folks work in the steel and iron industry. My father steals, while my mother irons.
  • Why do elephants have such wrinkles? On the ironing board, they won’t fit.
  • I asked a former girlfriend who owns a washing company because I wanted a shirt pressed immediately. She does not, however, provide a press service.
  • What screams in black? The iron was answered by Stevie Wonder.
  • He grinned, “Shall we try switching places tonight?” Great concept! She answered. I’ll sit on the couch and fart while you stand by the ironing board.
  • An ironing board with wrinkles caught my eye. That struck me as being somewhat ironic.
  • What distinguishes a blonde from an ironing board? The legs of an ironing board are difficult to open.
  • What distinguishes Iron Man from Aluminum Man? While Aluminum Man will thwart their schemes, Iron Man stops the wicked guys.
  • Ironically, the attacker of Dave Chapelle had his humerus fractured. Dave, however, did not have any arm done.

Iron Puns

It will be pretty ironic if you don’t get the irony in these hilarious collections of iron puns. Sit back and enjoy these punny iron puns and never miss the irony to it! Hope you like this fun collection!

  • What distinguishes the Catholic Church from a clothes iron? All the church wants to do is burn things until everyone is moral.
  • What is the name of an iron cat? Fe-line.
  • What structure is constructed of steel and iron? Power station.
  • Iron prices are quite high, which is a problem for steel makers. They claim that the mineral deal is awful.
  • Metal is described by the term metallic, whereas iron is not. Ironically, this.
  • I don’t grasp what ironic means, according to a buddy of mine. We were at a bus stop, so it was ironic.
  • What do you call the tire that Iron Man creates? A ferrous wheel.
  • Together, Silver Glider and Iron Man would make awesome ALLOYS!
  • What roast do hairdressers like to eat? Roast on a flat iron.
  • When a cow is struck by an anvil, what do you call it? Flat iron steak
  • Heavy metal was the subject of a joke earlier. Pretty ironic, actually. It was my intention to steal it and post it on this website. That was the only option; the other was to lose it forever.
  • Skin cancer, known as stage 4 melanoma, was discovered in patient number 14. The very ironic way he moves around. He headed to gate 14.
  • The ironic aspect about working at the unemployment office is that you still have to report the following day if you are dismissed.
  • It’s awful to be a teenager. Rather than studying, I’ve jerked off more. Irony abounds here. One of them calls for you to make room, research the subject, eliminate distractions from your environment, and concentrate.
  • The fact that red, white, and blue are symbols of freedom strikes me as ironic up till they begin to flash in your rear.
  • Cast iron is one of my obsessions. You might describe me as pansexual.
  • Wizard: ‘What’s with the barbarian’s skillet?” “He believes it to be his spellcasting concentrate,” the bard says. Wizard: “Does he have spells?” “Just one,” the bard says. “He yells, ‘Cast iron!’ each time he uses it to strike someone.”
  • If you also take an iron supplement, avoid using Viagra. You’ll be looking at the north for a while.
  • My grandfather allegedly boasted that he could use iron sights to smack a man in the buttocks from 200 yards away. What a great shot that is.
  • Why did Iron Man change her gender? she became conscious of her Fe-male identity!
  • What do a toad devoid of iron and roundworms have in common? Both of them are nematodes.
  • Ironically, my American girlfriend Britney recently underwent a knee transplant here in London.
  • What do wizards use to prepare their meals? Cast iron!
  • Grab your one-iron and hold it over your head if you find yourself in a thunderstorm while playing golf. Even God is not able to hit one iron.
  • Did you know that iron and carbon can be purchased for the same price as just one alloy? Such steel!
  • I recently acknowledged my pansexuality. But only cast iron attracts me. Teflon wouldn’t stick to me when I tried to date it. I suppose the adage “Once you go black, you never come back” is accurate.
  • Why don’t Incel’s loyal followers abandon Iron-Man? They simply don’t like Fe-Males very much.
  • You may describe a female wearing fe mail as a female donning iron armor.
  • My father told me, “I believe you are iron deficient.” “How do you know? “I said. You are not a physician. Your shirt is wrinkled, he observed.
  • How do you maneuver a boat made of iron? Utilizing an iron oar.
  • I hired a craftsman to create a set of cast iron alphabet letters for me. The following letters were sent to me: A, B, C, D, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z. I don’t have the iron E.
  • What transpires if Iron Man becomes enraged? He changes into Ferrocious!
  • I’ve heard that they’re looking for a new performer to play Iron Man. I suppose someone will need to be cast.

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