95+ Hilarious Jelly Puns to Wiggle You with Laughter!

Browse through this list of hilarious jelly puns to pass some time away from your regular toil and make your buddies jelly. Have a hearty laugh with your friends and family with these amusing jelly puns. Pretty sure they will make you go wiggle wiggle with laughter.

Funny Jelly Puns

For all foodies, food enthusiasts, and everyone else who enjoys jams and jellies, blow your mind with this terrific selection of cheesy, delectable, and humorous jelly puns. This entertaining assortment of jam-related puns, and riddles is kid-friendly and suitable for all ages. Together, you may laugh out loud by sharing these puns about jellies and other foods with your pals.

  • What happens if you add jelly to the water supply in Flint, Michigan? Pb & J.
  • How are jelly and peanut butter related? They share ancestry.
  • Like a bag of jelly beans, life is. Everyone despises people of color.
  • How is apple jelly made? Google maps.
  • What are the benefits of jelly beans for you? Come in various hues.
  • Why did the ants wait to steal the bear’s jelly until his favorite music started playing? Because if he shouted, “Yo! THAT’S MY JAM!” nobody would realize what was happening.
  • I believe that my boss from Flint is intentionally poisoning me by giving me so many Pb and jelly sandwiches.
  • Have you heard about the newlyweds who couldn’t tell petroleum jelly from putty? Their windows disappeared.
  • “Skittles, Starburst, Jelly Babies, Haribo, Wine Gums,” I stepped up to a female and said. She paused, “Um…what?” I remarked, “I’m attempting to charm you into dating me.”
  • What caused the jelly to not release from the squeeze bottle? It was backed up.
  • One was consumed by a young boy. Until death.
  • What takes place when your hand is placed inside a jar of jelly beans? Your watch is stolen by the dark ones.
  • Just a Saddam Hussein jelly mold was used. I believe I have a dangerous president in place.
  • What’s the German term for petroleum jelly, also known as Vaseline? Wienerschleider.
  • The elderly man put jelly beans in his pill organizer for what reason? He had memory loss.
  • What is a retarded jelly known as? a long queue.
  • My coworker was discussing a piece of writing he read over the weekend with me. It’s said that if you strike a certain point on a woman’s body exactly correctly, her legs will turn to jelly. It is known as the chin.
  • An Answer To The Lame “What’s The Variation Between Jam And Jelly pun” That Is Replicated Every Other Day. Because jam doesn’t jiggle like that, your mother must have given you jelly.
  • What kind of jelly is the worst to put on a sandwich? Crowded road.
  • Why isn’t the KY slogan Jelly changed into something cozier!
  • We get along like peanut butter and jelly, your mother and I. I jam while she spreads.
  • What distinguishes jelly and jam from one another? I’ve never been caught in a traffic jam!
  • I’ll go looking for compliments one of these days. I’m crossing my fingers for some peanut butter and jelly.
  • Between jam and jelly, what’s the difference? Jam is produced from fruit that has been crushed and mashed, while jelly is made from fruit juice that cooks into a gel.
  • I prepared some toast to consume while watching my preferred anime. But as soon as I sat down, I saw there was no jelly at all.
  • What is the name of a doughnut devoid of jelly? A don’t.
  • Did you catch the peanut butter and jelly pun? But don’t worry, I’m worried you’ll spread it.
  • Have you heard about the newlyweds who couldn’t tell the difference between silicone caulk and KY Jelly? Their windows were shattered with glass.
  • The twins should be called Peanut Butter and Jelly if a brother and sister get together and have twins. they are in bread, after all.
  • What dish does Alabama call its national dish? From a PB&J sandwich, jelly.
  • What do members of the House Judiciary Committee put on their toast? Just summon butter and remove jelly from the office.
  • Do you know what Y2K jelly is? Whereas before you could only accommodate two digits in your date, you may now insert four.
  • I knew a female who combined superglue and KY Jelly. She refused to answer my question about how it happened.
  • What resides within a jellyfish? He was jelly.
  • What do sweet potatoes consume in the morning? With jam on the toast.
  • What do you call a vehicle crash involving 500 strawberries? Jammed.
  • What do you name a sausage maker-processed yeasted jam pastry? Extrudel!
  • What is the name of blueberries who play the guitar? An assembly.
  • What is a raspberry that trod upon? Foot Jam.

Jelly Puns

Here are some amusing jelly puns from our collection. There are some jelly puns that no one else has heard of and will make you laugh aloud. Read through those puns and riddles slowly. We hope you’ll find these puns on jelly amusing enough to share and make folks laugh.

  • The new strawberry jelly did not appeal the vegetarian. It was just not his thing.
  • When two people are having sex but are unaware that they are related, what do you call it? Inbread.
  • What makes jam and jelly different from one another? No such thing as jamfish exists.
  • What dessert does an automobile like best? Petroleum Jelly.
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwich served as the material for my suitcase. It’s overflowing.
  • In the middle of the Y2K scare in 1999, KY Jelly said that it was now Y2K compliant: You could now enter your date with all four digits using the “Y2KY Jelly” program.
  • Why should you request an anti-masker to prepare you a peanut butter and jelly toast? since they are an excellent spreader!
  • Why did the man toss the jelly into the road? He intended to cause a backup.
  • I’ve heard Kentucky produces delicious jelly. KY gelatin.
  • What makes jam and jelly different from one another? Judge Barrett cannot be persuaded by Senate Republicans to join the Supreme Court.
  • The jelly rolled; why? since it witnessed the fruit turning around!
  • As a practical pun, I changed all of my grandma’s prescription medicines with jelly beans, and now she’s playing a practical pun on me by acting as though she’s passed away.
  • What makes jam and jelly different from one another? Every time I try to print something at the office, the printer ‘jellys.’
  • How come the jelly crossed the street? To cause a backup in traffic.
  • How can a jellyfish be threatened by a vintage gangster from the 1930s? You are transparent.
  • The mint jelly was quite anxious, why? since the lamb was always the recipient.
  • What are the profits of jelly beans for you? They show different colors.
  • “What distinguishes jam from jelly?” my girlfriend, who resides in the north, just asked me. “Well, Andrea, I can’t jelly my dick up your arse, for one thing,” I remarked.
  • My mother yelled, “Just put the jelly in the fridge.” I tried to jam it in and said, “There’s not enough room.”
  • How is it possible to get unwell after eating a Pb & J sandwich if you don’t have a nut allergy? Poisoned with lead.
  • What came to the maker of jam or jelly’s mind first? I have to keep my legacy alive.
  • Do you understand why Bill Cosby prefers Jam to Jelly? He can’t get his dick jelly in anyone, thus.
  • What’s the name of the aquamarine aquatic mammal that shows a sincere desire for gelatinous foods? A teal seal with a strong need for congealed food.
  • My wife enquired as to the distinction between jam and jelly. I told her I couldn’t exactly jelly her mouth with my dick. She remarked, “Oh, so there’s no real difference.”
  • What is a retarded jelly known as? A long queue.
  • Why was the Gelatinous Cube resistant to Bard’s advances? Due to the solid platonic nature of cubes.
  • A man who had a gelatin-made gun was once apprehended. accused him of having a frozen weapon on him.
  • How did the postal worker know the package was for the gelatin fan? The parcel was sealed, signed, and handed over.
  • I used to replace the jelly in my PP&J with honey since I loved it so much. That was my favorite stuff.
  • How to escape ANY jam. Go with jelly.
  • What do you call a gelatin-based musical instrument? The jello!
  • What dialect does jellyfish use? Gelatin.
  • Have you heard about the pairing of strawberry jam and grape jelly? They received marmalade.
  • A friend gave me a jar of jelly, which I took. He runs after me while I’m blaring some Daft Punk, shouting, “That’s my jam!”
  • What was said between the two raspberries? We wouldn’t be in this bind if you weren’t such a kind!
  • When he noticed some butter and jam on the table, what did one slice of bread say to the other slice of bread? We are done!
  • What was the police officer’s lunch made of? Quite the gridlock!
  • What do bus drivers put on their pancakes in the morning? Traffic backup!
  • How did Bob Marley feel about his subs? With jam-in.

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