56+ Best June Puns and Funny Quotes

The month of June is considered to be the 6th month of the year. June has been named after Juno, the Roman goddess. Lots of celebrations happen in this month, particularly marriages. Incidentally, June ends on the identical day of the week as March every single year. Here, we have mentioned some captivating June puns for your interest.

June Puns and Funny Quotes

  • My small daughter told me in an exciting way to guess how old she is going to become in the month of June.
  • I told to her that I was not aware of that and she should tell it me on her own. She presented me with a big smile and held up 4 fingers. Three hours later when the cops joined in she still did not say from where she procured them.
  • There is no reason to become surprised regarding the fact that Pride month happens to be in June.
  • It always arrives prior to the Fall.
  • I was told by somebody that today happens to be 1st June.
  • However, they May be incorrect.
  • Theresa May will be resigning as the Prime Minister in June’s first week.
  • This implies that the initial week of June happens to be the concluding week of May.
  • The moon became a portion of Mars on 7th June 2019.
  • Thanks POTUS.
  • Is June already over?
  • Julying.
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  • What took place this week in Hong Kong?
  • As per Beijing, it happens to be as calm in the Tiananmen Square as a summer day in the month of June.
  • While the husband admitted that he has cheated once, his wife also told the same thing.
  • While the husband said that it was the 1st of April his wife told that it was the 18th of June.
  • It will be imperative for you to cut individuals from your life who have been born between 21st June and 22nd July because they are actually Cancer.
  • Bear in mind that the Sperm Donor day happens to be 16th June this year.
  • It is similar to Father’s Day although it arrives somewhat early.
  • For what reason is the first day of June popular amongst the truck drivers?
  • Only 4 more slumbers ’til Christmas.
  • Brexit has been requested to be delayed until June by Theresa May.
  • It makes perfect sense since June is going to arrive after May comes to an end.
  • What was told by August when June claimed today to be the month’s last day.
  • Do not July to me!
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  • What is going to be the starting of June and also the conclusion of May?
  • When it happens to be the general election of the UK.
  • June asked Yoda whether she things that April is going to march in that parade?
  • In reply Yoda said to June that March April may.
  • How will you be able to prevent a pooch from barking in the month of July?
  • By shooting him in June.
  • What was told to June by May regarding when they had been fighting?
  • Do not July to me.
  • What are you going to call somebody that does not believe that it is June even now?
  • May-Sayer.
  • A daughter has been born to my wife and me just now and we named our girl as JuneJulyAugust.
  • We will be calling her Summer for short.
  • According to the salt packet it has been manufactured from Himalayan rock salt bed which is 250 million years old.
  • According to the label, the expiry date happens to be June 2018.
  • I’m happy that it was dug up by them just in time.
  • For what reason is NBA going to finish in the month of June?
  • She is fond of it.
  • One night a man comes home and finds that his blonde wife is going through his private journal.
  • He told that he will be able to explain everything. However, the wife interrupted him in the middle and told that her husband should start by explaining her regarding who happen to be April, May, and June.
  • Girl, you’re similar to school in the month of June …
  • No class.
  • June had been sore.
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  • Ward Cleaver was scolded by her.
  • “You have been really hard on the Beaver yesterday night Ward!”
  • I enjoyed viewing “Leave it to Beaver”.
  • Just so I was able to listen to June say “Really Ward, you had been quite hard last night on the Beaver”.
  • January is going to end on 1st February and March is going to end on 1st April. When is May going to end?
  • 7th June.
  • With the present outlook on the exit polls in the UK, it appears like June happens to be the end of May.
  • I question my father regarding his favorite part of being a teacher.
  • He replied to me with June, July, as well as August.
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